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 16482 - Alert Hypnosis: Using Hypnotic Phenomena with Your Eyes Wide Open $48.00   
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Alert Hypnosis: Using Hypnotic Phenomena with Your Eyes Wide Open
David M.Wark, PhD, ABPH

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The instructor will briefly review alert hypnosis research, and the possible neuroscience mechanisms underlying the phenomena, then conduct and explain a standard alert induction. Participants will observe and discuss their own experience with the induction and suggestions for better reading and listening. The instructor will present a variety of applications and cases. Finally, participants will pair up and do extensive and carefully constructed exercises for inducing alert, eyes open self-hypnosis in clients. Attendees will be able to teach clients and patients how to use hypnotic phenomea while active in a variety of circumstances. Applications include learning and education, athletic performance, emotional control, habit change, empathy enhancement, and health care.

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to…

- Induce alert self hypnosis using one standard technique presented in the workshop;
- Summarize and discuss the research background of alert hypnosis;
- Generate appropriate suggestions for alert hypnosis; and
- Identify four applications for alert hypnosis.


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