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 20922 - Mindfulness-Based Hypnotherapy: How to Blend Science with Beliefs and Wisdoms to Catalyze Healing $12.00   
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Presenter: Assen Alladin, PhD

This is an innovative and cutting-edge workshop that demonstrates how to integrate evidence-based mindfulness techniques with hypnotherapy to promote healing, enhance outcome and prevent relapse. Western psychotherapy, with its central focus on the mind, ignores the role of the heart in psychotherapy. In contrast, Non-Western societies attach more importance to the heart. The heart is central to producing changes in psychotherapy because a person validates reality by how the person feels (affect) and not by how one thinks (cognition). Moreover, Western psychotherapies do not usually embrace such concepts as acceptance, sense of gratitude, and spirituality in healing.

This workshop will demonstrate how to integrate Western and Non-Western values, beliefs and wisdoms in hypnotherapy to help clients understand, analyze and question the validity of their unbalanced constructed inner reality. A simulated hypnotherapy session will be role-played to demonstrate how acceptance and gratitude can be easily integrated with hypnotherapy to empower the clients.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Establish theoretical and empirical rationale for using mindfulness in hypnotherapy;
-> Integrate Western and Non-Western values, beliefs and wisdoms in therapy;
-> Harmonize the mind (cognition) and the heart (affect) in hypnotherapy; and
-> Develop methods to Integrate the above information in clinical practice.


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