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 20940 - Utilizing Gender Differences Regarding Body, Mind and Spirit In The Therapist’s Hypnotic Language $12.00   
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Presenter: Consuelo Casula & John Lentz, DMin

When in need, some people select the therapist according to gender, some preferring the same gender, others the opposite. In order to create a therapeutic alliance and be good therapists, we try to be as asexual as possible and show our neutrality. However, despite our good intentions and volition, our body reveals sex differences and our posture unveils gender differences. Men and women differ in many aspects such as body and shape, voice and hormones, attitude and behaviors, task or relationship orientation, emotion and coping styles, belief system and leadership style. Men and women also differ in their specific way of searching for and practicing their spiritual path.

Moreover, the specific problems, fears, worries of women are not the same as those of men. Body, mind, and spirit differ according to gender: this explains why the therapist needs to use specific hypnotic gender language. A therapist who is aware of the implication of gender language is better able to listen to the hidden messages and talk the same language of each patient. Furthermore, hypnotic language may use spiritual universal sentences coming from western ancient philosophers, Zen masters, eastern and western religions, meditation practices, rituals and rites. The precise language of hypnotic methodology gives therapeutic power to the language utilized by spiritual leaders to convey words of wisdom to their scholars.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Describe inductions, suggestions, metaphors and meditations on body, mind, and spirit according to the gender of the patient;
-> Demonstrate different inductions, suggestions, metaphors and spiritual meditations to facilitate the trance with patients of the opposite sex;
-> Establish a better rapport and improve the therapeutic resonance with patients both of the same and of the opposite sex; and
-> Experience inductions, suggestions, metaphors and spiritual meditations that empower gender identity


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