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 25130 - Complete 2015 ASCH Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops Audio MP3 recordings $249.00   
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Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

This package features audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the All sessions live audio from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis 2015 Scientific Meeting and Workshops held March 27-31, 2015 in Jacksonville, FL

Includes MP3 files of every session plus non synchronized slides in PDF format. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.




Item Code Session Speaker
25131 P1 Healing Ceremonies of Shamans & Survival of the Suggestibles Stanley Krippner, PhD
25132 S1 Activating Epigenetic Change: Interweaving Neuroscience & Intuitive Knowing through Clinical Hypnosis George Glaser, MSW, DAHB, FASCH & David Alter, PhD
25133 S2 Integrating Hypnosis Into the Treatment Psychophysiological Disorders: A Better Approach for Low Back Pain Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP, FASCH & Alfred Clavel, Jr., MD
25134 S3 Healing in the Romantic Dyad: Using Hypnosis to Manage Anxiety, Reduce Conflict, and Enhance Attuned Connection Carolyn Daitch, PhD, FASCH
25135 S4 Hypnosis Meets Mindfulness: Kissing Cousins from the East and the West Reunite Akira Otani. EdD, ABPH, FASCH
25136 SA1 Helping Youth Help Themselves with Self-Hypnosis: Self-Regulation Training for Children and Adolescents with Chronic, Recurrent, or Constant Headache Daniel Kohen, MD, ABMH, FASCH
25137 SP1 The Use of Hypnosis in Sleep Medicine William Kohler, MD
25138 SP2 Mindfulness-Based Hypnotherapy for Emotional Disorders Assen Alladin, PhD
25139 SP4 Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy for Relief of Hot Flashes and Improving Sleep Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH, FASCH
25140 SP5 Transforming Words: Entering Into “The Peace of Wild Things” Sally Bowden-Schaible, MS, LCPC
25141 SP6 Minding the Couple, Coupling the Mind: The Therapeutic Use of Shifting States of Consciousness in Hypnosis with Couples Antonio Bustillo, PhD
25142 P3 Spiritual Elements in Mind-Body Healing Dabney Ewin, MD, ABMH
25143 D1 What’s a Meta For?: The Function of Functional Disorders Linda Thomson, MSN, CPNP, ABMH, ABNH, FASCH & Dabney Ewin, MD, ABMH, FASCH
25144 D2 Indigenous Energy Medicine Practices: Heal the Spirit and the Body, Mind and Behaviors Will Follow More Easily Philip Accaria, PhD, FASCH
25145 DA1 Bonding Therapy: The Four Part Repair Antonio Madrid, PhD
25146 DA2 Envisioning Wellness: A Toolkit for Targeting Hypnotic Healing Carol Ginandes, PhD, FASCH
25147 DA3 Hypnoanalysis in Primary Care for the Treatment of Psychosomatic Illness Joseph Zastrow, MD
25148 DP1 Advances in Dental Hypnosis for Dentists and Psychology
Ashley Goodman, DDS, ABHD, FASCH; Gabor Filo, DDS, ABHD, FASCH & Edward Mackey, Jr., PhD, MSN, ABHD
25149 DP2 Fight, Flight, or Freeze: Clinical Hypnosis Enhances Self-Regulation and Healing Response in Children and Teens with Anxiety and Chronic Illness Lisa Lombard, PhD & Robert Pendergrast, MD, MPH
25150 DP3 In the Room with Milton H. Erickson, MD Jane Parsons-Fein, LCSW, DAHB, FASCH
25151 DP4 Kasnazan Sufi Rapid Wound Healing: A Scientific Study Of Healing of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Beyond Howard Hall, III, PhD, PsyD
25152 DP5 Integration of CBT and Hypnosis for Pain Control: Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning Mary Wells, PhD & G. Lane Wagaman, EdD
25153 P4 Mind-Body Hypnotic Healing of Conversion Disorders Camillo Loriedo, PhD, MD
25154 M1 Being Together is Building Together: Attachment and Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Utilizing Hypnosis and the
Therapeutic Relationship to Build Developmental Structure in Psychotherapy
Elgan Baker, Jr., PhD, ABPH, FASCH & Eric Spiegel, PhD
25155 M2 The Alchemy of Hypnosis, the Wisdom Traditions, and Epigenetics Catherine Stallworth, MD; Sally Bowden-Schaible, MS, LCPC, Harvey Zarren, MD
25156 M3 Advances in Children’s Trances:
Utilizing the hypnosis in the encounter
Laurence Sugarman, MD, ABMH, FASCH & Daniel Kohen, MD, ABMH, FASCH
25157 M4 Care Beyond Cure: Hypnotic Strategies for Address Symptoms and Improve Quality of Life Daniel Handel, MD, FASCH & Sylvain Neron, PhD
25158 MA1 More than words: Using Will and Structured Intention Stephen Lankton, LCSW, DAHB
25159 MP1 The use of Hypnosis as an adjunct to Dream Interpretation: A Jungian Perspective Peter Demuth, PsyD
25160 MP2 Integrating Hypnosis and Biofeedback in Pain Management Eric Wilmarth, PhD
25161 MP3 Motivational Enhancement Hypnosis: Using Motivational Interviewing to Improve Hypnosis Outcomes Michael McGee, MS, LPC
25162 P5 Developing Hypnotic Minds:
Investing in Skills for Psychophysiological Adaptability & Resilience
Laurence Sugarman, MD, ABMH, FASCH
25163 TA1 Hypnotically Enhanced Addictions Treatment: Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Gambling Addiction, Smoking and Weight Loss Joseph Tramontana, PhD
25164 TA2 Clinical Hypnosis and Gene Expression Modulation: Theoretical, Empirical, and Clinical Insights into the “Top-Down” Pathways to Healing and Wholeness Marina Smirnova, PhD, LPC & Eric Willmarth, PhD
25165 TA3 Using Hypnosis to Improve Focus, Attention
and Emotional Intelligence
Thomas Barr, PhD
25166 TA4 40 Year Review of the Scientific Literature Consistent with the Concept of Reincarnation and the Resulting Clinical Implications Paul Schenk, PsyD
25167 TA5 The Rhythmic Finger Focus Hypnotic Induction Technique:
The Utilization And Entrainment Of Interacting Neurological
Processes To Transform Sympathetic To Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation And Coherence
Jeffrey Feldman, PhD
25168 TP1 Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis Groups with Cancer Patients Holly Forester-Miller, PhD & Charles Srodes, MD
25169 TP2 Precision Cognitive Therapy: An Integrative, Deep Structure, Hypnotic Approach Helping People Modify Beliefs, Behaviors,
Emotions and Existential Meaning in Life
James Straub, EdD
25170 TP3 Another Way of Looking at Chronic Unexplained Illness to Enhance Treatment Utilizing Clinical Hypnosis Harvey Zarren, MD
25171 TP5 Working with Anger: An Integration of Hypnotic and Mindfulness Approaches Susan Dowell, LCSW


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