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 26815 - Hypnoanalysis in Vexing Dental Problems $16.00   
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Presenter: Joseph Zastrow, MD

This advanced workshop will provide an alternative treatment scheme for treatment of dental disorders often rooted in trauma and manifest with somatic complaints such as pain and anxiety. This workshop will provide a framework for the use of hypnoanalysis for temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), burning mouth and parafunctional habits often treated in an oral medicine practice. This workshop is squarely centered on dental application; but psychosomatic continuum of care presented in this case format will make this an appropriate workshop for all members of ASCH. This workshop will contain a brief group hypnosis to demonstrate the rapid induction and deepening techniques used in the oral medicine clinic. There will be a brief background didactic lecture, technique discussion, case and data presentation with time for discussion of this clinical technique.

This is a cutting edge workshop where formal hypnoanalysis is applied to (TMJ), burning mouth and parafunctional habits in a systematic manner. This topic is relevant to nearly all ASCH members as these dental issues are seen by dentists but also primary care, specialty medical care and psychologists at all levels. The psychologic component of TMJ is poorly understood and this workshop will close this gap by demonstrating how a known hypnotic technique can be applied in a routine manner. Parafunctional habits bridge the shared information gap of dentist and psychologist and as such this workshop will also provide a forum for these two specialties to collaboratively and synergistically share their experiences.


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