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 *Complete 2017 ASCH Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops Audio MP3 recordings $350.00   
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This package features audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the All sessions live audio from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis 2017 Scientific Meeting and Workshops held March 18-21, 2017 in Phoenix, AZ

Includes MP3 files of every session plus non synchronized slides in PDF format. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.




Item Code Saturday, March 18, 2017  
28691 SP1 Top Gun Sessions Joseph Zastrow, MD;
Jeffrey Zeig, PhD
28692 SP2 Future Focused Therapy With and Without Formal Hypnosis Moshe Torem, MD
28693 SP3 Accessing and Healing Emotional Injuries in Anxiety Disorders Assen Alladin, PhD
28694 SP4 Hipponosis:  Helping Children Help Themselves Linda Thomson, MSN, CPNP, ABMH, ABNH
Item Code Sunday, March 19, 2017  
28696 P2 Plenary 2: Celebrating Histories of Hypnotic Practice and Research: Six Generations of Phenomena, Ideas and Puzzles Amanda Barnier, PhD
28697 D1 Lessening Pre-surgical Anxiety and Enhancing Positive Surgical Outcomes Carolyn Daitch, PhD;
KentMassie, LPC
28698 D2 Reorienting Hypnosis Education: Relearning What You Always Knew That You Didn't Know That You Always Knew Laurence Sugarman, MD, ABMH; David Alter, PhD, ABPH;
David Reid, PsyD
28699 DA1 Age Regression for Working through of Trauma D. Corydon Hammond, PhD, ABPH
28700 DA2 Heal in the Space between the Words; Exploring the Intersection of Hypnosis, Neurobiology, and Quantum Physics Susan Pinco,LCSW
28701 DA3 Transpersonal Dimensions of Hypnosis and Healing Moshe Torem,MD; Philip Appel, PhD
28702 DP1 Writing and Publishing Your Hypnosis Articles in AJCH Stephen Lankton, LCSW, DAHB
28703 DP2 From Real Life to Cyberspace and Back Again: Helping Adolescents/Young Adults Develop a Strong Inner Selfie (Utilizing Hypnotherapy/Ego States) Tobi Goldfus, LCSW
28704 DP3 Doctor, I Know What I Need to Do, but I'm Just Not Doing It: Applying the ACE Study Findings to Refine Suggestions to Bring Different Results Bernard Plansky, MD
28705 DP4 Hypnosis Research—the Ingredients of Hypnosis: A Guide to Research for Clinicians Amanda Barnier, PhD
28707 DP6 How to Integrate Hypnosis in Pediatric Hospital and Clinical Settings Daniele Lonchamp, PhD
28708 DP8 Induced Altered States of Consciousness Experiences Related to Spiritual and Religious Aspects of Skin and Skin Disorders Philip Shenefelt. MD. ABMH
Item Code Monday, March 20, 2017  
28709 P3 Plenary 3: Milton Erickson: Hypnosis As a Co-created Relationship Betty Alice Erickson, MS, LMFT
28710 M1 Musical Voyage: Inspire and Motivate by Adding Musicality to your Sessions Anita Jung, LPC
28711 M2 Tools of Intention in Hypnosis Stephen Lankton, MSW, DAHB
28712 MA1 Lessons of Transformation from EFT, EMDR and NDEs to Enhance Your Clinical Hypnosis Practice Larry Burk, MD, CEHP;
Patricia Lyerly,LCSW;
Angelina Kauffman, LPC
28713 MA2 Rapid, Deep Stucture Resolution and Restructuring of Traumatic Memories; James Straub, EdD
28714 MA3 Age Regression Dabney Ewin, MD, ABMH
28716 MP3 A Few of My Favorite Things Wendy Lemke, MS, LP
28717 MP4 Core Healing Techniques Supportive of Healthy Attraction Joyce Glasser, PhD
28718 MP5 Integrative Therapy with Gay Men: The Use of Clinical Hypnosis for Optimizing Treatment Success Richard Miller, LiCSW
28719 MP6 Self, Other and Circumstance; Deconstructing utilization Robert Staffin, PsyD, ABPH
28720 MP7 Application of Hypnosis within a 4-Step Solution Method and a Self Directed Neuroplasticity Model to Treat Emotional/Behavioral Problems Gary Kelley, PhD
28721 MP8 Clinical Hypnosis in Psychosocial Oncology and in Palliative Care: Neural Correlates, Taxonomy and Techniques, a Scientific Perspective M. Paola Brugnoli, MD
Item Code Tuesday. March 21, 2017  
28722 T1 Utilizing Hypnosis in the Treatment of Narcissistic Wounds in Psychotherapy: A Relational Approach Eric Spiegel, PhD
28723 T2 Motivational Interviewing and Directive Hypnosis for Change Michael McGee,MS, LPC
28724 TA1 Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul: Application of Infertility-Tested Mind-Body Stress-Reduction Strategies to Any Adversity Helen Adrienne, LCSW
28726 TA3 Hypnotically Enhanced Addictions Treatment: Alcohol Abuse, Dug Abuse, Gambling Addiction and Weight Loss Joseph Tramontana, PhD
28727 TP1 Trance Ratification in Traditional Healing Ceremonies: Lessons for Contemporary Practice Lorna McKenziePollock, LICSW
28728 TP2 Hypnosis and Poetic Dialogue: A Multimodal, Whole Person Approach to Healing and Transforming Trauma Utilizing the Grounding & Resource Development Protocol (GRDP), Hypnotherapeutic Drumming and Embodied Writing Lawrence Graber, MA, C-BT;
Katherine Rosemond, M. Ed., LPC


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