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 28731 - Plenary 4 ? Practice Makes Perfect? $16.00   
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Presenter: Norma Barretta, PhD

Legend has it that the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis came into existence because Milton Erickson and several other members of that other - older - professional society was so much into the theory and research that the application of hypnosis - the clinical side - was being neglected. As a result, more than a half century ago, the ASCH was founded and that small group of rebels began to teach ?applied? hypnosis and we arer here today celebrating that rebellion. Some of us are doing the Theory and Research part....and looking for a definition of hypnosis.

Some of us are dedicated to APPLYING the skill and artistry of tapping into the creative unconscious as a means of enhancing the quality of life for the people with whom we work.

The research serves to validate our work. Does it really matter how we define hypnosis? What?s really important is how we make use of it and how we apply it so that the people with whom we use it get the maximum benefit from it.

Hypnosis is REALLY old. The ancient Egyptians had ?sleep temples? where people went to heal themselves. And there was Lazarus...was he really dead or merely in a very deep somnambulistic trance?

Our mission here is to teach our fellow professionals what they need to know so that they can, indeed, prescribe and APPLY hypnosis as needed.

Perhaps another title for this talk could be ?The Second Ninety Should Be Easier?...considering that I have been doing (NOT just ?practicing?) hypnotic work for just about half my life so far, and I think I?m beginning to get the hang of it finally....at least the people I do this with seem to think so....otherwise I?d be broke!

So I?m going to tell you about some of the adventures I have encountered on this journey. If I slip in a few metaphors you?ll understand and you might enjoy them. The model that I, together with Phil, have been developing since the early 70?s we call Competency Based Brief Therapy. Hypnosis applied with the presupposition that the patient has all the resources needed in order to bring about change most certainly does have a positive effect.

I?d like you to be as excited as I am about this as I tell you how I apply hypnosis to my work and my life.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
1. Experience several enTRANCing metaphors;
2. Explain the positive application of hypnosis in bringing about change; and
3. Explain LIAOIYIJ.

Norma Barretta spent 68 years partnered with her husband, Philip Barretta. They worked together professionally for 43 of those years, teaching; lecturing, creating workshops and maintaining a private practice when they were not ?on the road?. Phil died on May 7,2015. Norma is now flying ?solo?, continuing the work they began in 1973. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (the home of Positive Psychology and the Optimistic view of life), Rutgers University and the University of Southern California. She often sat with Milton Erickson from 1977 until his death in 198?.She was a master trainer of NLP for Grinder Delozier from 1982 until 1989, and has been using the ?positive resources/personal power? approach to therapy since 1973. She has taught in Australia.Costa Rica, Mexico, throughout the USA and Canada, England,Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, The USSR - in Novosibirsk, Kiev, Moscow and Leningrad, and now welcomes students to her home base on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. 20 minutes south of the Los Angeles International Airport, where they can observe her at work and bring their own cases for discussion/intervention. More recently, Norma has become enthusiastically Dedicated to designing Personal Power/Personal Growth workshops for Professionals These have been enthusiastically received in Spain,Italy and Poland. She plans to continue working and teaching until 2032. Then she will decide what comes next.


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