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 16790 - Complete 2011 NFPA Conference Audio Recordings MP3 CD-ROM

Complete NFPA 2011 Conference Audio Recording Package on CD-ROM !

Complete NFPA 2011 Annual Conference audio recordings on MP3 CD-ROM - 2 Disc Set.
Presentions Audio Recordings in MP3 format PLUS all available PowerPoint slide presentations!

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM features All sessions live audio as MP3 files! You can listen to the presenter audio, exactly as is happened live on your computer, iPod or MP3 player.. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource. Plus this package includes the PowerPoint slide presentations.


Item ID Sunday, June 12, 2011
16791 CLC Committee Leadership Conference
16792 S02 NFPA 13R – Application, Use and Limitations –Panel Discussion
16793 S03 Proposed Changes to NFPA-720,  2011
16794 S04 Conflagration to Code: How Historic Building Fires Shaped Modern Codes
16795 S05 HVLS Fans and Sprinkler Operation: Results of a Three-Year Comprehensive Assessment of Performance
16796 S06 Hazard Analysis and Flammable Liquid Protection Coverage
16797 S07 Developing Emergency Communication Strategies for Buildings
16798 S08 NFPA 1600 - Business Continuity and Emergency Management: Partners in Preparedness and Response
16799 S09 Protecting Scotland's Heritage:  Managing the Contract
16800 S10 Dust Explosions 101
16801 S11 Fire Performance Evaluation of Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Systems for Protection of High Rack Storages of Class lll
Commodity Using K-25.2 Sprinklers
16802 S12 Using Infrared Thermography to Prevent Electrical Failures
16803 S13 Fire Education Designed for People with Developmental Disabilities
16804 S14 Fire Prevention & Protection Guidance for Renewable Energy Industries - NFPA 850 Update
16805 S15 Brush and Wildland Fires: The Surprising Facts You Need to Know
16806 S17 Solar Photovoltaic Systems and the U.S. Regulatory Environment
16807 S18 The Culture of Poverty
16808 S20 Developing Friction Loss Coefficients for Modern Fire Hose
16809 S21 A History of Smoke Control Requirements in High-Rise Buildings
16810 S22 Reliability of Sprinkler Systems
16811 S23 Evaluation of Extended Coverage (EC) Sprinklers for Nonstorage Applications
16812 S24 The 17 Mistakes Made in Emergency Plans  – How to Avoid and Correct Them
16813 S25 A Simplified Approach for Assessing Initial Fire Development and Spread
16814 S26 What You Can’t See, Can Kill You: Properly Managing the Risks of Air and Nitrogen
16815 S27 Making Fire and Life Safety Presentations Accessible for People Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision
16816 S28 Townhouse Fire Experiments
16817 S29 EV Charging Systems and the 2011 NEC® Requirements – Be Ready!
16818 S30 Changes in the 2011 Edition of NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
16819 S32 Liquid Fuel Fires:  Fire Dynamics and Forensic Analysis
16820 S33 The Hazards of Combustible Metals - What You Don't Know May Injure or Kill Someone
16821 S34 Strategic Leap in Residential Fire Safety: Wide-Scale  Home Visits
16822 S38 Fire Cause Determination Using the Revised Chapter 18, NFPA 921
16823 S40 Strategies and Tools for Planning, Design, and Use of Emergency Communications Systems
16824 S41 Bigglestone Award Retrospective:  25 Years of Advances in Fire Protection Engineering and Research
16825 S42 Mythbusters: Residential Sprinkler Messages for the Fire Service and Public Educators
16826 S43 Smoke Detection in Computer Rooms and Data Centers
16827 S44 Full Building Evacuation Strategies: The  Precedents Set Globally
16828 S45 The 2012 Edition of NFPA 99
16829 S46 Natural Gas Piping and Purging: Safe Work Practices
16830 S47 Sprinkler Plan Review - Avoiding the Usual Mistakes
16831 S48 Updated FSRS to be Deployed Countrywide
16832 S49 Effect of Propylene Glycol/Water Solution on Suppression of Corrugated Cardboard Cartoned Commodities
16833 S50 Electrical Grounding and Bonding Revisions in the 2011 NEC®
16834 S51 Firefighter Safety Considerations for Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) System Installations
16835 S52 How Fire History Has Shaped the Fire Protection Environment of Today
Item ID Monday, June 13, 2011
16836 FP Lessons Learned Regarding Industrial Gas Safety Practices
16837 M01 Voice Intelligibility Requirements of the 2010 Edition of NFPA 72®
16838 M02 Safety and Industrial Hygiene Professionals: Critical Elements in Preparedness and Emergency Management
16839 M03 Building Material Certification for Sustainability
16840 M04 Reconstructing the Sofa Super Store Fire – Understanding the Fire Dynamics
16841 M05 Proving Public Education Works: Raising a Fire Safe Generation of Children
16842 M06 Proper Fire Protection For Unique Construction Features
16843 M07 Safety Programs, Safe Workers
16844 M08 Fire Safety Education and the Web: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
16845 M09 Assessment of the Thermal Hazard from Fire Service Training Fires
16846 M10 Water Application Rates for Fixed Firefighting Systems in Road Tunnels
16847 M11 Health Care Hot Topics and AHJ Interpretations
16848 M12 Ambulance Crash Safety Research
16849 M13 NFPA 13 - 2010 Edition Technical Changes for Storage Occupancies
16850 M14 Locating Fire-Resistance Designs Using New UL Online Application
16851 M15 Understanding Risk Analysis Concepts and Their Requirements in NFPA 72®  –  2010 Edition
16852 M20 AFG Fire Prevention and Safety Grants: The Reverse Panelist Experience
16853 M21 Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919*
16854 M22 Improving Stairway Usability and Safety to Enhance Life Safety
16855 M23 Life Safety Code® for Health Care Occupancies 2000 to 2012
16856 M24 Understanding the U.S. Firefighter Fatality Problem in 2010
16857 M25 Flames in the W/UI: How Wildfire Mitigation Planning Can Minimize Risk to People and Property
16858 M26 Commissioning of Smoke Control Systems - A Multi·Discipline Approach
16859 M27 Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Plastic Containers:  Understanding the Code, Case Study Implementation, and New Research
16860 M28 New Requirements in the 2012 NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®
16861 M29 The Three E's: What Your Mother Never Told You about Engineering, Education, and Enforcement
16862 M30 The 2010 and 2013 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code – A Panel Discussion of Strategic Changes and Possible New Material
16863 M31 The Relative Role of Smoke Detectors and Sprinklers in Providing Life Safety in Residential Occupancies
16864 M32 NFPA Combustible Dust Standards Update
16865 M40 NFPA Standards Forum
16866 M41 Variable Orifice Multi Application Fire Sprinkler
16867 M43 Residential Fire Tenability
16868 M44 Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis: A Foundation of the Emergency Management and Business Continuity Program
16869 M45 Do You Have Evaluation Phobia?  We Have the Cure
16870 M46 NFPA 3, Commissioning: What to Expect
16871 M47 Review of Significant Gas Accidents
16872 M48 Investigation, Mitigation, Spoliation, Litigation and Compliance with NFPA 921: The Forensic and Legal Response to a Large Loss Fire
16873 M49 NFPA 25:  Change is Good
16874 M50 National Trends in Delivery of Health and Long-Term Care: Implications for Safety Codes and Standards
16875 M51 Flammability of Upholstered Furniture
16876 M52 Renewable Energy Requirements in the 2011 NEC®
16877 M53 Using Social Media to Expand Your Safety Message Outreach
16878 M55 NFPA and APCO: Building a Better Future for Public Safety Personnel
16879 M60 Developing and Maintaining a Comprehensive Medical Gas System Operation & Management Program
16880 M61 NFPA 72 2010, Chapter 24 - Emergency Radio Communications Systems: Developing the Requirement Specific to the Needs of Your AHJ
16881 M62 2011 Edition of NFPA 96: An Update on Commercial Cooking
16882 M63 Evacuation Planning Awareness
16883 M64 Fire Safety Research: Amsterdam’s Cross Tower Building
16884 M65 NFPA 110/111: Proposals for the 2013 Editions
16885 M66 A Critical Review on the Estimation Methods for the Flammability of a Mixture
16886 M67 Reinvigorating Electrical Safety
16887 M68 My Child Knows Better. . .Exploring Parental Myths
16888 M69 RENI National Statistics System in Argentina
16889 M70 NFPA 1124 - Application to Consumer Fireworks Retail Sales Facilities
16890 M71 Performance-Based Design of Smoke Control Systems Using FDS
16891 M72 Fire Protection Challenges in Data Centers
16892 M73 Report of U.S. National Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit
16893 M74 Social Media Open Forum
Item ID Tuesday, June 14, 2011
16894 T01 Autism Awareness for Fire and Life Safety Education
16895 T02 Validation of Fire Loads Survey Methodologies Used for Structural Fire Protection Design
16896 T03 Smart Grid and NFPA Electrical Safety Codes and Standards
16897 T04 Barriers and Incentives Related to the Installation of Home Fire Sprinklers
16898 T05 Stress and Heart Disease in Firefighters: An "Athletic" Approach to Prevention
16899 T06 Building Information Modeling for the Fire Protection Engineer
16900 T07 Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire/Life Safety Systems - An AHJ Perspective
16901 T08 Fire and Explosion Incidents Involving the Return of Filtered Air to a Manufacturing Facility
16902 T09 Emergency Message Intelligibility - A Review of Design Strategies, in Achieving What Is Required by Code and Standard
16903 T10 Fighting Fires with Facts: It’s Time for the Fire and Emergency Services to Open Its Eyes - Information Sharing via NFIRS
16904 T11 Occupancy and Commodity Classifications for NFPA 13, Sprinkler System Design
16905 T12 Threat Assessment for Emergency Planning
16906 T17 Heliport Design & Safety I/A/W NFPA 418
16907 T18 Get Real Using NFPA’s Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities
16908 T19 Fire Pump Testing: Does Your Test Meet NFPA 25 - 2011?
16909 T20 Safety Evaluation of Nonmetallic Cable Damaged During Installation
16910 T21 Photovoltaic Systems – A 2011 NEC® Compliant Installation
16911 T22 Advancements in Aerosol Packaging and Associated Fire Protection Strategies
16912 T23 Evaluation of Health Care Operating Rooms as Wet/Dry Locations
16913 T24 Characterizing the High Temperature Performance of SCBA Facepieces
16914 T25 We Have a Residential Sprinkler Code Adoption or Ordinance – Now What?
16915 T26 How to Meet the Educational Challenges of Large Cities
16916 T27 Litigation on Fire: NFPA 921 in the Eyes of the Judicial System
16917 T28 Smoke Alarm Research and Certifications: A UL Perspective
16918 T32 Strengthening the Impact of Fire and Life Safety Messages on Children
16919 T33 The Relationship between the OSHA Electrical Regulations and NFPA 70E®
16920 T34 The High Cost of Fashion at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
16921 T35 Antifreeze Solutions and Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems – Panel Discussion


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