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 25570 - Complete 2015 Florida Dental Convention - slides and synchronized audio $329.00   
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Take the conference home with the Complete Conference Package!

Complete 2015 Florida National Dental Convention Recordings

Available on DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

This package features video of PowerPoint slides with Synchronized live Audio for most sessions. Listen to the presenter audio and watch the slides, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource. Plus this package includes the MP3 Audio files of all sessions to listen to on your computer iPod or MP3 player.


Item Code Thursday, June 11, 2015
25571 NC01 Living Your Dreams
25572 EX21 Preventive Maintenance
25573 EX31 Restoring Function and Esthetics with Dental Implants
25574 C01 Surgical Anatomy Essential to Successful Insertion of Dental Implants and Bone Grafting of Atrophied Jaws
25575 C10 Jewels You Can Use on Monday
25576 C08 Designing an Occlusion — Where Do I Start?
25577 C02 Fill Up or Cover Up — The Real Story of Root Exposure
25578 C06 Xylitol and Oral Health
25579 C09 Endodontic Emergencies I — Toothache
25580 C05 10 Solutions for 10 Everyday Problems
25581 C04 Coding with Confidence
25582 C12 Cone Beam CT Anatomy
25583 NC03 Behavior Modification
25584 C13 Comprehensive Treatment of Aggressive Periodontitis
25585 C11 HPV and Oral Cancer
25586 NC02 Calm Mind, Fit Body, Inspired Practice!
25587 C03 Dealing with Difficult Patients
25588 C07 Lesions and Lifestyles
25589 EX11 Beautiful, Economical Alternatives to Porcelain Veneers
25590 NC04 Dental Software Tips and Tricks
25591 C14 Are You HIPAA Compliant?
25592 C16 Butt Out ... Tobacco Cessation and Prevention
25593 C18 Endodontic Emergencies II — Trauma
25594 EX12 Atraumatic Extraction and Socket Grafting for Implant or Pontic Site Development - A live Patient Surgical Presentation
Item Code Thursday, June 11, 2015
25595 EX22 Checking the Pulse of Your Practice with Eaglesoft
25596 EX32 Restoring Function and Esthetics with Dental Implants (Repeat)
25597 C22 Cone Beam Incorporation into Daily Practice, Implant Planning Surgical Guides and so Much More
25598 C17 Advocacy in Dentistry ... Why Should This Matter To Me?
25599 C21 Antibiotic Prophylaxis
25600 C15 The Epidemic of Cracked Teeth — Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
25601 NC09 Getting to "Yes"
25602 C37 Formulating the Ultrasonic Debridement Treatment Plan
25603 NC08 Dominating Dentistry in Today's Economic Climate
25604 NC06 The Seven Strategies of Modern Dental Marketing: Using New Technology and Social Media to Welcome New Patients
25605 NC05 Your Mouth, Your Body, Your Life
25606 NC07 High-Impact Communications
25607 C19 Managing Dentinal Hypersensitivity: A Continuous Care Strategy
25608 C20 Micronutrient Impact on the Oral Cavity
25609 C23 Management of Periodontal Treatment in the Diabetic Patient
25610 C26 Board Laws and Review
25611 C24 HIPAA 365 and Beyond
25612 C25 What’s on This X-ray?
25613 NC10 You Want Me to Sign What?
25614 NC11 Building and Managing Your Financial Profile
Item Code Friday, June 12, 2015
25615 NC12 Overcoming Life's Goliaths
25616 EX23 The Virtual Patient Flow: Eaglesoft Nuts and Bolts
25617 EX33 "Real World" Dentistry for the Aesthetic/Restorative Practice
25618 C32 Cranio-mandibular Evaluation and Bite Splint Therapy in the Restorative Practice
25619 C30 Larell One-step Dentures in One Hour
25620 C29 Implant Dentistry: Enhancing Diagnosis, Case Acceptance, and Restorative Outcomes Using the Latest Technology
25621 C28 Today’s Top Clinical Tips
25622 C27 Practical Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner
25623 C36 Local Anesthetics and Drug Interactions
25624 C33 Endodontic Emergencies I - Toothache (Repeat)
25625 C34 Micronutrient Impact on the Oral Cavity (Repeat)
25626 C31 Biofilms You Must Meet
25627 NC15 The Winner in You: Raising the Bar on Patient Care and Customer Service
25628 C35 Digital Dental Photography for the Whole Team
25629 NC13 Total Team Concept for Effective Scheduling
25630 NC14 Nine Essentials of a Successful Practice
25631 EX13 Digital Dentistry for the Surgical and Restorative Practice
25632 EX14 Realizing the Impact of Quality One-visit Restorative Dentistry
25633 EX24 "Yes We Can"- Treatment Options to Effectively Cover Exposed Root Surfaces
Item Code Friday, June 12, 2015
25634 EX34 Principles for a Productive Dental Office
25635 C61 The Down and Dirty Tips to Living a Clean and Healthy Life
25636 C44 Managing Acute Pain in Chronic Pain Patients
25637 C39 Endodontic Emergencies II — Trauma (Repeat)
25638 C38 Functional Esthetics
25639 C42 HPV and Oral Cancer (Repeat)
25640 NC19 Sticks and Stones Exposed: The Truth about Words and Relationships
25641 C41 Aiming For Success: Radiographic Techniques From Analog to Digital
25642 C40 Hypnosis 101 for Dentists and Health Professionals
25643 NC18 New Dentist Program: "Start Smart — Stay Smart"
25644 NC17 Set Your Practice on Fire!
25645 NC16 Insurance Strategies That Work
25646 RM1-4 Prevention of Medical Errors
25647 C43 Digital Dental Photography for the Whole Team (Repeat)
25648 C45 Your Guide To A "Legal" Dental Chart!
Item Code Saturday, June 13, 2015
25649 NC20 Lead-ur-ship Starts with You!
25650 EX25 Extrinsic Stain Removal
25651 EX35 Restorative Options for Implants
25652 C46 The Exceptional Dental Team: Gatekeepers for Systemic Inflammation and Total Wellness
25653 C48 Differential Diagnosis of Oral Lesions Using Audience Response Polling
25654 NC21 Practice Transitions — Part One
25655 C50 Orthodontic Considerations for the Pediatric and Adolescent Patient
25656 C62 The Down and Dirty Tips to Living a Clean and Healthy Life (Repeat)
25657 NC23 Can You Play? How to Play at Your Highest Level as a Dental Professional
25658 C53 HIPAA 365 and Beyond (Repeat)
25659 C52 Dentists Savings Lives by Treating Sleep
25660 C55 Healing Dental Caries: The Minimal Intervention Approach
25661 C49 Mastering Esthetic Techniques and Materials
25662 NC22 Keeping Your Practice Pulse: The Administrative Team's Guide to Keeping Your Doctor Happy
25663 C54 Whitening and Esthetic Maintenance
25664 C51 Endodontic Surgery
25665 EX15 Treating Post Orthodontic Black Triangles and Undersized Teeth
25666 NC24 Practice Transitions — Part Two (Buyers)
25667 NC25 Practice Transitions — Part Two (Sellers)
25668 C59 New Paradigms in Orthodontic Care
25669 C56 The Exceptional Dental Team: Gatekeepers for Systemic Inflammation and Total Wellness (Repeat)
25670 C58 Keys to Success with Direct Adhesive Restorations
25671 NC26 Dentrix Insight: Tips and Tricks to Help You and Your Practice Achieve New Levels of Productivity and Profitability
25672 DV1-4 Domestic Violence
25673 RM5-8 Prevention of Medical Errors (repeat)
25674 NC27 Convince Yourself First


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