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 17200 - Complete Conference ASRW NACE 2011 MP3 CD-ROM

Take the conference home with the
Complete NACE 2011 MP3 Audio Recordings on CD-ROM !

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM features Audio Presentations from all recorded sessions from the NACE 2010 Conference plus all availiable PowerPoint slides! Plays on any computer. MP3 audio files of each session to listen to on your MP3 player. NACE is and continues to be the world's collision repair event -- the only event specifically created and designed for the collision repair industry professional. Education at ASRW is carefully thought, crafted and put together by industry leaders for industry professionals just like you.


Item ID Wedneday, October 5, 2011 Speakers
17201 WE01NC How to Build a Better You Bryan Dodge
17202 WE04N Post Repair Problems Related to Undercarriage Issues, TPMS and ESC Lights John Shewbridge
17203 WE05C Ignite the Internet!  Internet Marketing for Auto Repair Professionals Danny Sanchez
17204 WE06NC Creating Raving Fans for Your Business Chris Chesney
17205 WE07N The Mechanics of Estimating Mike Anderson
17206 WE08C Sherlock Holmes Diagnosis Jim Morton
17207 WE09C Hybrid Technology (CARQUEST Technical Institute) George Lesniak
17209 WE11N Give Me Your Keys Please Tony Nethery
17210 WE12N Why Lean Implementations Fail in the Collision Repair Industry Tony Passwater
17211 WE13N Design-Based Repairs  Richard Perry
17212 WE14NC Building a Team That Works Without You Bryan Dodge
17213 WE15NC Game On: Engaging the Gen Y Customer Ryan Schneider
17214 WE17NC Winning With a Professional Road Map Becky Glauser
17215 WE19N Lean 3.0 – Flow = A Practical Path to Using Lean to Improve Process Flow John Swiegart and
Steve Trapp
17216 WE20C I Object! Maylan Newton
17217 WE21C Farming Your Industry Aaron Clements
17218 WE22C Variable Valve Timing System Diagnosis (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Glenn Young
17219 WE23NC Creating a Business That Works FOR You, Not Just BECAUSE of You Robert Clements
17220 WE24NC Positioning Your Shop for Success in the Internet Economy Maurice Sternemann
17221 WE25NC GREEN – It Benefits People and Business (Panel) Trish Serratore
17222 WE27N The Changing I.T. Environment – The Clouds Are Rolling In Fred Iantorno
17223 WE28N Stop Guessing and Start Knowing Tom McGee
Item ID Thursday, October 6, 2011 Speakers
17224 TH01C Accessory Belt Drive System Diagnosis Bobby Bassett
17225 TH02C TPMS Update (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Vince Manship
17226 TH03N Introduction to Lean Bernie Blickenstaff
17227 TH13N Crash Course in Internet Marketing!  Internet Marketing for the Collision Industry Danny Sanchez 
17228 TH04C Increasing Technician Efficiency – It’s a Team Effort Ryan Kooiman and 
Jeff Masterman
17229 TH06C Essential Electronics (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Carl Schweikert
17230 TH07NC Attitude is Everthing! Maylan Newton
17231 TH10N Why Lean Implementations Fail in the Collision Repair Industry Tony Passwater
17232 TH11N Parts Procurement Tips for Estimators Mike Anderson and
Ron Kuehn
17233 TH14N Electrical Troubleshooting for the Body Shop Technician Jim Morton
Item ID Friday, October 7, 2011 Speakers
17234 FR01NC The Power of Change Richard Flint
17235 FR02N Simple Cycle Time Solutions Ron Kuehn
17236 FR04C Gas Direct Injection (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Jason Virdin
17237 FR06NC Dismantle the Social Network!  Social Media Marketing for the Automotive Industry Danny Sanchez
17238 FR07N Blueprinting Basics Bernie Blickenstaff
17239 FR08N Practical Uses for eLearning in Collision Repair Dick Elder and
Steve Trapp
17240 FR09N Understanding Continuous Improvement Mike Anderson
17241 FR10N Design-Based Repairs Richard Perry
17242 FR11NC Ready, Set, Simplify: Tips to Simplify Your Work (and Your Life) Becky Glauser
17243 FR12C Reality Repair Shop – What Would You Do? (Panel) T. J. Reilly
17244 FR13C Immobilizer Service Opportunities (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Mark Olinger
17245 FR14NC Survival Skills for Today’s Employer:  HR Best Practices Cory King
17246 FR15C Finding the Opportunity in Every Challenge (Panel) Aaron Clements
17247 FR16C Hybrid Vehicle Service (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Adam Robertson
17248 FR17NC Understanding Legal Structures: The Key to Asset Protection and Tax Reduction Dan McNeff
17249 FR18NC Leadership Best Practices – How to Inspire, Delegate, and Coach your Team to Success Mike Anderson
17250 FR19NC Confident Selling – Do You Believe? Maylan Newton
17251 FR21N Customer Service Done Differently Tony Nethery
17252 FR22C New Marketing Technologies to Level the Playing Field Joe Gibson
17253 FR23N The Alignment Printout as a Diagnostic Tool John Shewbridge
17254 FR24NC Market & Grow with Pizazz & Personality Suzanne Shafer
Item ID Saturday , October 8, 2011 Speakers
17255 SA01NC Wanted: Leaders That Lead! Richard Flint
17256 SA02NC Survival Skills for Today’s Employer: Compliance with Wage/Hour Laws Cory King
17257 SA03C Fluid Technology (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Louie Nelson
17258 SA04C Developing a Diagnostic Game Plan (CARQUEST Technical Institute) Jim Garrido
17259 SA05N Strength Training – Meeting the Current & Future Demands of Your Business Larry Baker
17260 SA07N Pre-Production Processes to Increase Sales and Improve CSI and Cycle Time Robert Rick
17261 SA08C Accessory Belt Drive System Diagnosis  Bobby Bassett
17263 SA10N Simple Front Office Staffing Solutions Ron Kuehn


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