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 21578 - Complete FGS 2013 Conference MP3 CD-ROM
[CD-ROM Set]

Take the conference home with the Complete FGS 2013 MP3 Audio Recordings on CD-ROM !

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM features audio of all sessions recorded live during the conference. Plays on any computer. MP3 audio files of each session to listen to on your MP3 player.


Item Session Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Speaker
21580 W-100 Is Your Society Web Site All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Cyndi Ingle Howells
21581 W-101 Twenty-First Century Strategies for Handling Society Correspondence Paula Stuart-Warren CG, FMGS, FUGA
21582 W-102 Creating Master Databases from Local Genealogical Resources Dana Ann Palmer CG
21583 W-103 Finding and Keeping Volunteers Amy Johnson Crow CG, MLIS
21584 W-104 Community Trees: A Win-Win Project for Societies David S. Barss AG
21585 W-106 RPAC: Strategies for Protecting Access to State Vital Records Jan Alpert, Jan Meisels Allen,
Frederick E. Moss
21586 W-108 Dog Pile! Energizing Your Society Through Projects and Causes Devin Ashby
21587 W-109 Overcoming "We Have Always Done It That Way" Syndrome D. Joshua Taylor MA, MLS
21588 W-110 Printed vs. Online Publishing for Societies Donna M. Moughty
21589 W-111 Preserving Genealogical Society Records Diane VanSkiver Gagel MA
21590 W-112 Organizing a Society Seminar or Conference C. Ann Staley CG, CGL
21591 W-114 Breaking Out of the Box: Creative Thinking for Your Society Amy Johnson Crow CG, MLIS
21592 W-115 Social Media for Our Societies Tina Lyons
21593 W-117 Collaborate! Projects of the Chicago Genealogical Society and Newberry Library Ginger Frere MLIS
21594 W-118 Survive and Thrive Cherie Bush, Fran Jensen BA, MPA
21595 W-120 Funding Projects Large and Small Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens CG
21596 W-122 Reaching Out Online: How to Grow Your Society Through Social Media Devin Ashby, Courtney Connolly
21597 W-123 Developing a Virtual Cemetery Project Dana Ann Palmer CG
21598 W-124 Planning for the Future: Creating Your Society's Long-Range Strategic Plan D. Joshua Taylor MA, MLS
21599 W-125 Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Society Sponsored Research Trip Billie Stone Fogarty M.Ed
21600 W-127 Your Society and the Internet Linda Woodward Geiger CG, CGL
21601 W-129 Starting and Maintaining a Pioneer Descendants Program C. Ann Staley CG, CGL
21602 W-130 Society Partnership Opportunities Ed Donakey, Elaine Hasleton BA, AG
Item Session Thursday, August 22, 2013 Speaker
21603 T-201 They Went Down with the Ship—Do Their Records Survive? Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens CG
21604 T-202 Planning and Executing Efficient and Effective Research: A Case Study Thomas W. Jones PhD, CG,
21605 T-203 Jewish Given Names and Naming Patterns Debra Braverman
21606 T-204 Hometown Heaven: Discovering European Hometowns in the Immigrant
Ancestors Project
Jill N. Crandell MA, AG
21607 T-205 Did Your Ancestor Follow the River? The Inland Rivers Library Patricia Moseley Van Skaik MA, MLS
21608 T-206 DNA Testing for Genealogy: The Basics Robert D. McLaren
21609 T-207 Michigan Roots: Genealogy Research in the Wolverine State Kris W. Rzepczynski MLS, MA
21610 T-208 Records of Forts and Posts Craig Roberts Scott MA, CG
21611 T-212 Finding a Needle in the Haystack of Territorial Papers Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens CG
21612 T-213 Smiths and Joneses: Success with Families of Common Name Elizabeth Shown Mills CG,
21613 T-215 Online Resources for Eastern European Research Lisa A. Alzo MFA
21614 T-216 Low Bridge, Ev’rybody Down: Navigating the Erie Canal Records Karen Mauer Green CG, FGBS
21615 T-217 Going Nuclear: DNA Discoveries to Trace All Lines of Descent Debbie Parker Wayne CG
21616 T-218 Beginning Kentucky Research at The Genealogy Center Delia Cothrun Bourne
21617 T-219 The Homestead Act & Land Entry Files Billie Stone Fogarty M.Ed
21618 T-222 Pulled from the Shadows: The Life of Free Black Delphi Benson Patricia Moseley Van Skaik MA, MLS
21619 T-223 The Development of Eastern European Jewish Surnames Debra Braverman
21620 T-224 Will the Real Sven Larsson Please Stand Up? Daniel Hubbard 
21621 T-227 Buckeye Beginnings: An Introduction to Ohio Research Amy Johnson Crow CG, MLIS
21622 T-228 The Postman Cometh: Using Federal Postal Records (RG 28) Linda Woodward Geiger CG, CGL
21623 T-229 Who, What, Why, When, Where and How of American Divorce Judy G. Russell JD, CG, CGL
21624 T-230 Research Reports for Ourselves: More than a Research Log Paula Stuart-Warren CG,
21625 T-231 Huguenots in New Amsterdam and Early New York Karen Mauer Green CG, FGBS
21626 T-233 Focusing on Pathways ‘cross the Ohio River J. Mark Lowe CG, FUGA
21627 T-234 Once You Have Your DNA Results, What Next? Robert D. McLaren
21628 T-235 First Steps in Indiana Research Harold Henderson CG
21629 T-236 Federal Records Relating to Rivers and Canals Pamela Boyer Sayre CG, CGL
21630 T-237 BCG Certification Seminar Jeanne Larzalere Bloom CG,
Elissa Scalise Powell CG CGL,
David McDonald CG,
Debbie Mieszala CG
Item Session Friday, August 23, 2013 Speaker
21631 F-300 Getting the Most out of Historical Newspapers Peter Drinkwater 
21632 F-301 Trousers, Beds, Tacks & Housekeeping Bills: Problem Solving with ‘Trivial Details’! Elizabeth Shown Mills CG, CGL, FASG
21633 F-303 Finding Your German Ancestors Using U.S. Resources  G. David Dilts AG
21634 F-304 The 17,000,000 Stories of Ellis Island: What’s Fact? What’s Myth? John Philip Colletta PhD
21635 F-305 Forgotten Beneficiaries--Finding Southerners White and Black Served by the
Freedman's Bureau
Angela Y. Walton-Raji
21636 T-306 Research in the Hawkeye State: Records and Repositories of Iowa Jill N. Crandell MA, AG
21637 F-307 Effective Use of ScotlandsPeople Website Paul Milner
21638 F-309 Mapping the Past: Navigating Your Family History with Maps Daniel Hubbard
21639 F-310 Genealogical Documentation: The What, Why, Where, and How Thomas W. Jones PhD, CG, CGL,
21640 F-311 Getting to Know Fold3 Gordon Atkinson
21641 F-312 Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Hanover Military Records Teresa Steinkamp McMillin CG
21642 F-313 Finding Ethnic Origins and Naturalizations in the Midwest Loretto (Lou) Dennis Szucs
21643 F-315 The Ohio Historical Society as a Repository of Genealogical Records Elizabeth L. Plummer
21644 F-316 Researching Michigan Ancestors Online Kris W. Rzepczynski MLS, MA
21645 F-317 Lost Children: Orphans, Vagrants, Delinquents, Half-Orphans, Dependents,
Surrendered, Adopted
Jeanne Larzalere Bloom CG
21646 F-318 Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Research: Resources, Methods, and Skills Debbie Mieszala CG
21647 F-319 Image Organization Made Easy Eric C. M. Basir
21648 F-321 Immigrant Cluster Communities:  Past, Present, and Future Lisa A. Alzo MFA
21649 F-322 Overcoming Brick Walls in African American Research G. David Dilts AG
21650 F-323 Researching at The Genealogy Center Melissa Shimkus MLS
21651 F-324 Discovering the Past Block-by-Block: Using ChicagoAncestors.org Ginger Frere MLIS
21652 F-328 Roadblocks, Red Lights and Detours: Records Access Issues Judy G. Russell JD, CG, CGL
21653 F-329 Getting the Most from the Records: Wring Them Dry Linda Woodward Geiger CG, CGL
21654 F-330 Using Your Word Processor to Create a Publication Pamela Boyer Sayre CG, CGL
21655 F-331 German Marriage Laws and Customs F. Warren Bittner CG
21656 F-332 Passenger Arrival Records, Colonial Times to Mid-20th Century John Philip Colletta PhD
21657 F-334 Beyond Fort Wayne, Madison, and the Newberry: Lesser-Known
Midwestern Archives
Harold Henderson CG
21658 F-336 War of 1812 Bounty Land in Illinois, Missouri, & Arkansas Billie Stone Fogarty M.Ed
21659 F-337 Identity Crises: Right Name, Wrong Man? Wrong Name, Right Man? Elizabeth Shown Mills CG, CGL, FASG
21660 F-338 Evernote for Every Genealogist Cyndi Ingle Howells
21661 F-339 He Took Her Name:  Understanding German Farm Names Teresa Steinkamp McMillin CG
21662 F-340 Whiskey, Brandy and Family Migration J. Mark Lowe CG, FUGA
21663 F-341 Discovering Your Community Through the Black Benevolent Societies Angela Y. Walton-Raji
21664 F-342 The Newberry: Chicago’s Independent Research Library Ginger Frere MLIS
21665 F-343 HeritageQuesttm Online – The Ins and Outs C. Ann Staley CG, CGL
21666 F-344 Scanning+Image Editing+Placement [2-hour workshop] Eric C. M. Basir
21667 F-345 Options in Post-Adoption Research  Debbie Mieszala CG
21668 F-346 Tips and Tools for Planning and Tracking Research Debbie Parker Wayne CG
21669 F-349 Settling the Midwest: Migration to the Great Lakes Region Kris W. Rzepczynski MLS, MA
21670 F-350 Following Slaves & Slaveholders Using Estate and Settlement Records  J. Mark Lowe CG, FUGA
21671 F-351 Midwestern Archives and Libraries: Keeping Up With Changes Loretto (Lou) Dennis Szucs
21672 F-352 Digital and Online Resources of the DAR, Washington, DC Stacie Newton
Item Session Saturday, August 24, 2013 Speaker
21673 S-400 Sixteen Repositories, One Life: Uncommon Sources Portray a 19th-Century Immigrant John Philip Colletta PhD
21674 S-401 Finding Fathers: Bridging the Generation Gap Elizabeth Shown Mills CG, CGL, FASG
21675 S-402 eBooks for Genealogists Pamela Boyer Sayre CG, CGL
21676 S-403 Irish Maps and Tools for Finding the Right Place Paul Milner 
21677 S-404 Three Ways to Improve Your Speaking Ideas Harold Henderson CG
21678 S-405 Researching Your Union Ancestor at The Genealogy Center Delia Cothrun Bourne
21679 S-406 Society of Separatists of Zoar Elizabeth L. Plummer, Lisa Wood
21680 S-408 Ours and Theirs: Tax and Land Laws Debbie Parker Wayne CG
21681 S-409 “A Wife, Or Rather a Woman”: Identifying the Wife of Edward Worthington,
Kentucky Pioneer
Karen Mauer Green CG, FGBS
21682 S-410 Introduction to FamilySearch Community Trees David S. Barss AG
21683 S-411 Using the Internet to Research Scottish Ancestry Robert D. McLaren
21684 S-412 Creating Family Histories for Future Generations Thomas W. Jones PhD, CG, CGL,
21685 S-413 Compiling a Military Service Record Craig Roberts Scott MA, CG
21686 S-414 Finding Catholic Church, Cemetery, School, and Religious Order Records Loretto (Lou) Dennis Szucs
21687 S-416 Researching Midwestern American Indians Paula Stuart-Warren CG, FMGS, FUGA
21688 S-417 Unlock the Treasures of Public Land Records Richard G (Rick) Sayre CG, CGL
21689 S-418 Truth Or Fiction? Unraveling a Family Yarn Teresa Steinkamp McMillin CG
21690 S-419 Scanning 101 Eric C. M. Basir
21691 S-420 American Records Overseas: The U.K. National Archives (Kew) D. Joshua Taylor MA, MLS
21692 S-421 It Takes a Human: Genealogists and Writing Jeanne Larzalere Bloom CG
21693 S-422 Discovering Civil War Nurses & Matrons--Their Records and Their Stories Angela Y. Walton-Raji
21694 S-423 Finding the Inner Light: Researching our Quaker Ancestors Diane VanSkiver Gagel MA
21695 S-424 Researching Indiana Digital Collections Online Melissa Shimkus MLS
21696 S-429 Organizing Evidence to Overcome Record Shortages Thomas W. Jones PhD, CG, CGL,
21697 S-430 Getting the Most of FamilyTree Maker Duff Wilson
21698 S-431 The Irish Diaspora: The Famine Irish in America Diane VanSkiver Gagel MA
21699 S-432 Speak, Write, and Publish Safely – Staying Out of Copyright Trouble  Judy G. Russell JD, CG, CGL
21700 S-433 Researching Your Confederate Ancestor at The Genealogy Center Delia Cothrun Bourne
21701 S-434 Finding Baptist Ancestors in Midwestern Manuscripts J. Mark Lowe CG, FUGA
21702 S-435 The Polished Gems: Cook County, Illinois Property Records Jeanne Larzalere Bloom CG
21703 S-437 Overlooked and Undervalued: Local Government Records in New York State Karen Mauer Green CG, FGBS
21704 S-438 Lessons from a Snoop: Collaterals and Associates Debbie Mieszala CG
21705 S-439 Finding Answers in the Census Crista Cowan
21706 S-440 Researching Irish Ancestors Online Marie Daly
21707 S-442 Why Should I Look at Revolutionary War Pension Records? Melissa Shimkus MLS
21708 S-444 History and Records of Indiana’s “Gore” Tina Lyons
21709 S-445 U.S. Territorial Pappers, 1798-1907  Linda Woodward Geiger CG, CGL
21710 S-446 Finding the Only Child’s Niece Debra Braverman
21711 S-447 Advanced Googling for Grandma Cyndi Ingle Howells
21712 S-448 English Parish Registers: How to Access, Use and Interpret Paul Milner 
21713 S-449 Family History Writing Made Easier: Cloud-based Tools Every Genealogist Can Use Lisa A. Alzo MFA
21714 S-450 The Indian Wars Craig Roberts Scott MA, CG
21715 S-451 Researching Mormon Ancestors in the 19th Century Midwest Jill N. Crandell MA, AG


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