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FGS 2019 Selected Sessions Conference Recordings

Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

Recorded at the 2019 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference held August 21-24, 2019 – Washington, DC.

MP3 Audio recordings
Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features audio of all sessions recorded live during the conference. Plays on any computer. MP3 audio files of each session to listen to on your MP3 player.



Session Title Speaker
W-103 Courting the Nation’s Capital: The Courts of Washington, D.C. Judy G. Russell
W-106 Passing: Crossing Racial Borders Linda Crichlow White
W-107 Spies Among Us: Tracing WWI Era Ancestors through FBI and American Protective League Records Debra M. Dudek
W-112 Maryland State Archives Website Decoded Rebecca Whitman Koford
W-115 On the Frontiers of Freedom: The Baptists in the South Barbara Vines Little
W-123 Our Ancestor's Experiences of 18th & 19th Centruy Financial Crises Katherine R. Willson
W-124 Researching LGBT Ancestors Mary McKee
T-202 Advanced Search Techniques Robert Raymond
T-204 Mining a Goldmine: Research in Courthouse Records Teri E. Flack
T-205 Using DNA to Unravel an Unknown Parentage from 1865 Billie Stone Fogarty
T-206 Who Fathered Jacob and William Northamer? Pennsylvania Tax Records Help Determine Kinship Catherine W. Desmarais
T-207 Moving, or Perhaps, Dragging Your Society Into the 21st Century Jill K. Morelli
T-208 Records of the US Coast Guard: Beyond the Service Records Donna J. Weathers
T-210 Proving a Negative, Genealogically Speaking Thomas W. Jones
T-216 Registers, Newspapers, the Enslaved and More: Showcasing Essential Catholic Records Jen Baldwin
T-217 Create an Attractive Education Plan for Your Society Cari A. Taplin
T-218 Federal Depository Libraries and Your Genealogical Research Lori Thornton
T-220 Indirect Evidence: Finding What Was Not Written Rebecca Whitman Koford
T-262 Ireland Poverty Relief Loans Mary McKee
T-222 Identifying and Using the correct County, Diocesan and Specialized Archive in England Paul Milner
T-226 Carl Ludwig Richter: "Non-Genealogical" Records Portray a 19th-Century Immigrant to Washington, D.C. John Philip Colletta
T-232 Unfamiliar Territory: Researching in a New (to you) Geographic Area Cari A. Taplin
T-234 “Death by Undue Means”: Coroners’ Records Judy G. Russell
T-236 The Heyday of Insuring Slaves and What That Means for Genealogists Diane L. Richard
T-237 Volunteer Management: A deep dive into managing and retaining volunteers Donna J. Weathers
T-238 What Else the CCC Built Lisa Reed
T-239 Get More from Your DNA with GEDmatch Shannon Christmas
T-241 Effective Use of England’s National Archives Website Paul Milner
T-243 Journey into Your Past: African American Genealogy at the Library of Congress Ahmed Johnson
T-244 RPAC Works with Congress, NAPHSIS, and Federal Agencies to Keep Records Accessible Jan Meisels Allen; Janet A. Alpert; Frederick E. Moss
T-245 Native American Ancestry and DNA Testing Janine Cloud
T-248 Adopting the Regiment: Learn more about your ancestor’s military service David Allen Lambert
F-361 Using Photographs To Illustrate Deborah E. Wilbrink
F-311 Finding Treasures in Academic Libraries Jill K. Morelli
F-314 Digital Library on American Slavery and Friends -- Invaluable to African-American Research Diane L. Richard
F-317 Chasing the Elusive Religions Jen Baldwin
F-318 Finding Families: The Genealogist’s Role in MIA/POW Repatriation Catherine W. Desmarais
F-319 Identifying Woman: The Ultimate Brick Wall Barbara Vines Little
F-326 Philip Reid, Enslaved and Free: Tracing Families of Color in the District of Columbia John Philip Colletta
F-331 The Jones Jinx: Tracing Common Surnames Thomas W. Jones
F-335 Blasting Brick Walls with Legislative Records Rick Sayre
F-336 Seafaring Ancestors – Early 19th Century Port Records That Document Mariners Diane L. Richard
F-338 Community Project: Preserving Veterans' Voices Katherine R. Willson
F-340 Using Quaker Records for a Colonial New Jersey Family Billie Stone Fogarty
F-341 From the 18th to the 21st: The Records of Prohibition Judy G. Russell
F-368 Baltimore's Enslaved Catholics: Sacramental Registers Jen Baldwin
S-402 Adding Documents, Sources, and Citations to FamilySearch Family Tree Robert Raymond
S-460 In a Flash! Using Surveys: A quick guide to asking the right questions Donna J. Weathers
S-411 Federal Land Laws and the settlement of early America Rick Sayre
S-412 A Vermont Home for a Maryland Man: Assembling Indirect Evidence Catherine W. Desmarais
S-414 National  Youth Administration (NYA): the New Deal for Young People Lori Thornton
S-416 Giving Back – Expressing Appreciation to Sponsors and Benefiting Society Members Edgie Donakey
S-418 Seeing the Patterns: Organize, Visualize, and Evaluate the Evidence Teri E. Flack
S-424 Your British and Irish suffragist ancestors Mary McKee
S-426 The Genealogical Proof Standard According to Sherlock Holmes Jill K. Morelli
S-429 Hidden Treasures on Ancestry Juliana Szucs
S-431 Boldly She Stepped Out Lisa Reed
S-432 Vignettes of Immigrant Military Service Rick Sayre
S-433 England’s Quarter Sessions Records Paul Milner
S-434 When, Why, and How to Fire a Volunteer Billie Stone Fogarty
S-438 Research in Virginia’s Burned Counties Barbara Vines Little
S-442 Tracing Female Ancestors in WWI Military and Non-Combatant Records Debra M. Dudek


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