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Audio recordings of the presentations from the 2017 International Roofing Expo held March 1-3, 2017
in MP3 format. Includes all recorded sessions plus all available handouts.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from these sessions. Available Session Slide Materials Also Included! Recorded exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from these sessions.


Item Code Wednesday, March 1, 2017  
28611 WE02 Wind Design for Roof Assemblies: ASCE, FM, IBC and UL Mark Graham  
28612 WE03 Developing a Site Specific Fall/Rescue Plan Daniel Nowak
28613 WE05 Successful Career Path Case Studies for Women in Roofing Heidi Ellsworth, Diana King, Shelly Duhaime, Frann Nichols, Jennifer Stone
28614 WE06 Comparison of Metal and Non-Metal Recover Systems W. Lee Shoemaker,
Vincent Sagan
28615 WE07 Single Ply Membranes – Catching Up on What You May Not Know Helene Hardy Pierce
28616 WE08 Planning for Profits John DeRosa
28617 WE09 Building a Plan to Control the Online Reputation of your Roofing Business Aaron Hockel
Item Code Thursday, March 2, 2017  
28618 TH01 Effective Leadership for Owners, Managers & Project Supervisors!   George Hedley
28619 TH02 Roof Coatings Technology Update Chris Salazar
28620 TH03 Employment Law Questions and Answers Wendy Christie
28621 TH04 Sales Dynamics for Residential Contractors John DeRosa
28622 TH05 Understanding Metal Roofing: Part I  Rob Haddock
28623 TH06 From Today to Tomorrow: Keeping Pace with the Changing World of Drones and 3D Technology Bill Wilkins, Geoff Mitchell 
28624 TH07 Development of an Effective Safety Program Peter Shackford, Adam Ziff
28625 TH08 Connecting the Dots: From Building Codes to Test Standards to UL Certifications Dwayne Sloan
28626 TH10 NRCA Technical Operations Committee: Technical Programs and Issues Mark Graham, Matt Dupuis
28627 TH11 Lose a Key Employee; What's Next? Steve Little, Jayne Williams
28628 TH13 Understanding Metal Roofing: Part II Rob Haddock
28629 TH14 Winning Estimating & Bidding Strategies to Overcome The Low Bid Process! George Hedley
28630 TH15 Legal Issues Pertaining to the Use of Roofing Subcontractors Trent Cotney, Anthony Tilton
28631 TH16  Property Insurance Claims & Disputes: How To Navigate The Insurance Claim Process as a Restoration Contractor Lindsey Douglass
28632 TH17 Blowing the roof off of your competition: Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your Business Lance Bachmann
Item Code Friday, March 3, 2017  
28633 FR01 OSHA’s New Crystalline Silica Construction Regulation—How It Affects Roofing Operations Harry Dietz
28634 FR02 Leadership Skills for Construction Contractors  Jeff Stokes
28635 FR04 Fifty Shades of Confused...Taking the Grey Out of Lien Waivers, Joint Checks and Other Instruments of Profit Thea Dudley
28636 FR05 Five Secrets of Effective Team Work  Brad Humphrey
28637 FR06 How to Sell Preventative Maintenance (And Why You Need to) Greg Hayne
28638 FR07 Marketing Technology: Incorporating Web- Based Systems Heidi  Ellsworth
28639 FR08 Venting Air or Venting Vapor or Not Venting at All? Joe Lstiburek
28640 FR09 Roof Construction Waste Management and Recycling – A Panel Discussion Jason Wilen, Marty Grohman,
Joe Schwetz, Joanne Rodriguez
28641 FR11 How You Run Your Business: Capitalize on the Changing World Greg Hayne
28642 FR12 How to Measure Your Performance and Productivity Brad Humphrey
28643 FR13 What Roofing Contractors Should Expect and Insist Upon from their Insurance Carriers Stephen Phillips
28644 FR14 Keeping Your Price - Determine Your Real Value and Hold it in Any Market Chris Mooney
28645 FR15 7 Non-Negotiables of a Successful Roofing Contractor Jeff Stokes
28646 FR16 Update for FM Approvals and FM Global Data Sheets Richard Davis, Philip Smith
28647 FR17 Air Barriers- What Roofing Contractors Really Need to Know Jason Wilen, Maciek Rupar


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