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 30067 - Drones in Roofing: Realizing Economic Benefits, Enhancing Safety, and Navigating Regulations $28.00   
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Presenter: Brendan Schulman

Civilian drones are poised to revolutionize how industries do business.? Roofing is one of the key industries that can take advantage of drones, not only to increase the efficiency of inspection, construction, and repair, but also to make the work safer by keeping people on the ground when they don't need to be on the roof.? This session will explore the safety and economic benefits of drones, and provide valuable education on how roofing companies can incorporate drones into their business in compliance with the new federal regulations and with a view to emerging state and local laws.? The session will also explore what is on the horizon for drone applications and future regulations.?

1.? Introduction to Drone Technology

What is a drone?? Where did this technology come from?? What does it do?? What are some of its current and future applications?

2.? Drones in roofing applications
How can small drones be used in roofing inspection applications?? What are the efficiency and safety benefits?? What do the visual and thermal images from a drone roof inspection look like?

3.? Brief Legal History of Aircraft and Drones

Using drones in roof applications involves flying close to property. We will explore early aviation concepts of property law and the right of the public to transit airspace.? Some of the same fascinating concepts our nation wrestled with 100 years ago when airplanes were invented are being revisited today.? We will also explore the Federal Aviation Administration’s early efforts to regulate drones and some of the notable early advocacy work leading up to the new commercial rules that came into effect in 2016.

4.? How to operate drones legally and safely today

We will cover the FAA Part 107 (commercial drone license) examination, including testing requirements, background check, the basic rules of operation, drone registration requirements, as well as important operating limitations. The good news is that the barrier to entry is reasonable, and roof inspection is a terrific application to conduct within existing rules, with only a few complications when you are near airports or other airspace restrictions.

5.? Emerging State and Local Laws

While the FAA governs the permit process for your commercial drone flight, a variety of state and local laws have emerged to govern everything from privacy to safety to nuisance.? This portion of the program will provide an overview of those laws, a discussion on which might be enforceable, and how to navigate them when using drones for roofing work.? We will also cover potential “best practices” for operating drones near buildings in ways that do not disturb neighbors or raise unwarranted concerns.?
6.? On the Horizon:? Drone Laws and Policies?

The uses of drone technology will very much depend on the regulatory policies being written today.? We will explore FAA plans for expanded ways of operating (such as flight over people), the work of the FAA Drone Advisory Committee, future technologies for Remote Identification (a “license plate” for drones), recent proposed legislation in Congress, and discuss how people who value the benefits of drone technology can become engaged with media and policymakers at the local level to support good outcomes for roofers.


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