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 2020 International Roofing Expo Complete Conference MP3 Audio Recordings $249.00   
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Audio recordings of the presentations from the 2020 International Roofing Expo held February 4-6, 2020 in Dallas, TX in MP3 format. Includes all recorded sessions plus all available handouts.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from these sessions. Available Session Slide Materials Also Included! Recorded exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from these sessions.


Item Code Tuesday, February 4, 2020  
33131 TU01 Issues Most Commonly Missed by Designers Specifying Roof Assemblies Maciek Rupar
33132 TU02 Stop Selling Products, Start Selling You! John DeRosa
33133 TU03 Top Reasons Roofers Succeed: 8 Risk Management Practices of Elite Roofers Wilson Long, Chad Collins, Scott Kawulok
33134 TU04 Service Metrics for Performers (And How To Get Them) Greg Hayne
33135 TU05 Contractor to Contractor: Technology Innovation Panel Heidi Ellsworth, Ken Kelly, Steve Little, Michelle Boykin, Josey Parks
33136 TU06 NRCA Legal Resources: 50 Contract Provisions to Add to Roofing and Re-Roofing Contracts Stephen Phillips
33137 TU07 What Goes into Making a Good Shingle Roof Perform?  (Steep Slope) Joan Crowe
33138 TU08 Principles of Roof System Selection for Negotiated Re-Roofing Projects Christian Ortega, Ben George
33139 TU09 People, Process & Profit: Make the Needle Jump in your Company Taylor Hill, Carter Harkins
Item Code Wednesday, February 5, 2020  
33140 WE01 Successful Strategies To Re-Energize Your Business!  George Hedley
33141 WE02 Today’s Asphalt Shingles: Product Performance and Installation Excellence (Steep Slope) Mike Fischer, Chadwick Collins
33142 WE03 How to Make Your Online Presence Your Top Sales Person Brandon Stanton
33143 WE05 Reroofing in the Sky: Special Considerations for High-Rise Roof Replacement Jason Wilen, Keith Post, George Patterson, Jay Tulley, David Rabin
33144 WE06 5 Pricing Strategies That Can Drastically Improve Profits  John DeRosa
33145 WE07 Essential Employment Policies for Every Roofing Contractor’s Employee Handbook Philip Siegel
33146 WE08   Understanding Metal Roofing: Part I  Rob Haddock
33147 WE10 5 Financial Horror Stories - Don't Let These Happen to You Leslie Shiner 
33148 WE11 A Radical Approach to Sales Process Engineering Gregg  Wallick
33149 WE12 NRCA Update on Roofing Industry Technical Issues  Mark Graham
33150 WE13 Understanding Metal Roofing: Part II Rob Haddock
33151 WE14 How to Get Women on the Roof – Successful Strategies & Case Studies  Jennifer Stone, Mardee Billingsley, Michelle Boykin
Renae Bales, Hilary Morgan
33152 WE15 Legal Issues Surrounding Diversity in the Workplace Roscoe Green, Marci Britt
33153 WE16 Beyond Shingles: Selling More Than 'Just the Shingles' (Steep Slope) Nick Nobbe, Amanda Williams
33154 WE17 How Leaders Achieve Bottom-Line Results Thru People! George Hedley
33155 WE18 Overcoming Common Hurdles to Growth: Young Contractor Roundtable Brad Sutter, Brenna Driver, Matthew Leonard, Bob Morgan,  J.J. Smithey, Lance Van Winkle, Tupac De La Cruz, Sherri Miles, Geoff Mitchell, Monica Murphy, Derric Stull
33156 WE19 Recent OSHA Activity and How It Affects Contractor Compliance  Harry Dietz
  Code Thursday, February 6, 2020  
33157 TH01 Effective Accident Investigation & Reporting Techniques for the Roofing Industry  Frank J. Marino, MBA, CSP
33158 TH02 Top 5 Immigration Issues for Roofers Trent Cotney, Ben Briggs 
33159 TH03 Is the Roof Leak Really the Masonry? Glen Clapper
33160 TH04 The Strength of Company Culture in Recruiting Heidi J. Ellsworth, Charles Antis, Rudy Gutierrez, Martin Stout, Wendy Marvin
33161 TH06 The Contractor’s Sales Boot Camp© Part 1 of 2 Brad Humphrey
33162 TH07 Roofing is a Team Sport Gregg Wallick
33163 TH08 Wind Resistance of Retrofit Single-Ply Roof Systems Installed Over Structural Metal Panel Roof Systems Jim Kirby
33164 TH09 When Common Sense Isn't So Common: Managing 20-Somethings Without Pulling Out Your Hair (Generation Z) Joyce Atayde, M.Ed
33165 TH10 Storm Damage Assessment Don Lamont
33166 TH12 Winning the War for Talent 2.0 Chris Czarnik
33167 TH13 Open Forum: Technical & Design Observations from the Field Experts Mark Graham, Helene Hardy Pierce, Dane Bradford, Stephen Teal
33168 TH14 The Contractor’s Sales Boot Camp© Part 2 of 2 Brad Humphrey
33169 TH15 Moisture Infiltration: Causes & Cures Brian Chamberlain
33170 TH16 Up Your Marketing Game Anna Anderson


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