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Audio recordings in MP3 format of the presentations from the 2021 International Roofing Expo held February 1-3, 2022 in New Orleans.

Includes all recorded sessions plus all available slides!

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from these sessions, and follow along with the PDF slides from the sessions.

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34231 TU01   ELECTRIFYING NEWS – Steep-slope Contractors Plug Into Integrated Photovoltaic Roof Systems: Things You Should Know Right Now Ken Kelly, Helene Hardy-Pierce, Mark Stevens, John Schehl, Tommy Rodrigues
Moderated by: Jon Goodman
34232 TU02  Casting the Net for Your Future Workforce Heidi Ellsworth, Josey Parks, John Peck, Christee Holbrook, Charles Antis
34233 TU03  Top Safety Training/Certifications for the Roofing Industry Steve Sohasky
34234 TU04 Coffee is for CLOSERS! John DeRosa
34235 TU05 State of the Industry Research – The Deep Dive Jill Bloom, Art Aisner, John Kenney
34236 TU06  Avoid Common Financial Pitfalls and Business Structure Mistakes Monroe Porter
34237 TU07 The Business Case for Challenging the Status Quo – Improving Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Culture Ellen Thorp, Jess Cress, Rae July, Mandy McIntyre
34238 TU08  How to Leverage Fluid Applied Roofing Systems to Scale your Commercial Business Chad Hedrick
34239 TU09 Protecting Yourself & your Customers from Insurer Fraud Doug Quinn
34240 WE01 NRCA Update on Roofing Industry Technical Issues  Mark Graham
34241 WE02  Stop Training Start Coaching   John DeRosa
34242 WE04 The Four Ways Drone Technology Improves Your Bottom Line Ethan Kirk,Kevin Wunder 
34243 WE05  Understanding Metal Roofing: Part I  Rob Haddock
34244 WE06  Job Hazard Analysis: How Can They Help With Your Company’s Safety? Richard Trewyn
34245 WE07  Resilient Asphalt Shingle Roofs (Steep Slope) Aaron Phillips, Brian Davis, Steve Hern, Stephanie Kiriazes
34246 WE08  The Economics of Roofing: The Market Ahead Mischa Fisher
34247 WE09 Production Mastery System Scott Siegal
34248 WE10 How to Prevent Embezzling in Your Roofing Business Steve Little, Kyrah Coker
34249 WE11   Estimating the Right Way John Kenney
34250 WE12  Understanding Metal Roofing: Part II Rob Haddock
34251 WE13 Revolutionary Marketing - From NASCAR, to Football, to the Rackley Army Anna Anderson, Curtis Sutton
34252 WE14 Why Roofers Should be Installing Solar Susan Stark
34253 WE15 Killer Contract Clauses Philip Siegel 
34254 WE16  Fundamentals of Insulation Vapor Retarders, Air Barriers and Attic Ventilation Mark Graham
34255 WE17 GEN Z: The Roofing Industry’s Future Has Arrived Nick Sabino, Sherri Miles Foley, Tim Stephens, Matt Miller, Moderator: John Esbenshade
34256 WE18 Financial Mastery and Key Performance Indicators Scott Siegal
34257 WE19   Proven Durability, Natural Slate (Steep Slope) Tucker Adamson
34258 TH01  OSHA IS HERE!! Tools and Techniques for Surviving an OSHA Inspection Frank Marino
34259 TH02 How to Leverage your Distributor as a Partner for Success in Today’s Environment Greg Bloom, Erik Zadrozny 
34260 TH03  Commercial Flat Roofing: Components and  Damage Assessment Andrew Behrens
34261 TH04 Adapting to Material Price Increases and Shortages Trent Cotney, Leo Ibarra, John Kenney, Craig Brightup, Jason Stanley
34262 TH05 Tired of Losing Jobs Based on Price? Learn How to Make Your Proposals Stand Out Dr. Dhaval Gajjar
34263 TH06 Unlocking Service Growth-Live! Ryan Groth, Greg Hayne, Michelle Boykin, Jim Bush, Kyrah Coker, Jimbo Spann
34264 TH07 Managing Customer Expectations Brad Humphrey
34265 TH08 Metal Deck 101 - Metal Deck Replacement Michael Polizzi
34266 TH10  The Top 5 Mistakes Roofing Companies Make with Sales Data (and How to Earn Big by Fixing Them) Josey Parks
34267 TH11 Building up Industry & Legacy Together, (Watching Brand & Culture Soar)! Honorable Reid Ribble, Charles Antis, Jill Bloom, Facilitated by Susan DeGrassi
34268 TH12 Blueprint for the Future: Building a Successful and Resilient Company Robert Balfanz, Nick Sabino, Shashi Bellamkonda, Panel, moderated by Erika Mosse
34270 TH14  How a Great Commercial Service Department Can Drive Your Entire Company Greg Hayne
34271 TH15  2021 I-codes: Roofing-Related Changes Mark Graham 
34273 TH17 Boot Camp for Field Leaders—Four Corners of Field Leadership Excellence  Brad Humphrey


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