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 22215 - A4M December 2013 World Congress - Full Conference Synchronized Presentations $229.00   
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A4M May 2014 World Congress on Angi-Aging, Regenerative & Aesthetic Medicine conference recordings

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22220 The Use of T3, Botanicals & Nutrition to Optimize Thyroid Function, Peripheral T4 to T3 Conversion & Well-Being E. Denis Wilson, MD
22221 New & Revolutionary Concepts in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Hypertension Mark Houston, MD, MS, ABAARM, FACP, FAHA, FASH
22222 Opening Remarks Ronald Klatz, MD, DO & Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO
22223 Testosterone Therapy in Men:
Panacea, Scourge, or the Next Big Thing In Medicine?
Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS
22225 Our Time has Come Suzanne Somers
22226 Introduction to Bio-Identical Hormone Deficiencies Thierry Hertoghe, MD
22227 Testosterone-Low Testosterone or Andropause in Men Ronald Rothenberg, MD
22228 Hypothyroidism Ronald Rothenberg, MD
22229 Estrogens, Progesterone, Testosterone for Women Jennifer Landa, MD, OB/GYN
22230 A Comprehensive Approach to Common Clinical Conditions in the Peri/Menopausal Woman Filomena Trindade, MD
22231 A Clinical Application to Hormone Testing & Nutrition Jim LaValle, RPh, MS, CCN
22232 Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Cancer Profile EK Schandl, MD, PhD
22233 Pain Management with Transdermal Technology Gus Bassani, PharmD
22234 Immunotherapy: A Physician’s Scientific Guide to Cow Colostrum & Its Uses Andrew Keech, PhD, DSc
22235 The Development of Mitochondria-Targeted Therapies for Age Associated Diseases Michael Murphy, PhD
22236 Aging and the Short Telomere Connection William Andrews, PhD
22237 Rehabilitation of Age-Related Pulmonary Function Decline James Lineback, MD
22238 More than just Rickets: The Newly Rediscovered Anti-Aging Properties of the Amazing Sunshine Vitamin D Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH
22239 The Unifying Theory on Beauty Steven Dayan, MD, FACS
22240 Groundbreaking New Information on Delaying Skin Aging Patrick Bitter, MD
22241 Cosmetic Applications of Platelet Rich Plasma Robert Bowen, MD
22242 Clinical & Aesthetic Innovations: Low Level Laser Therapy Mark Nestor, MD, PhD
22243 Managing & Marketing your Cosmetic Practice in Today’s Economy Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C
22244 Detoxify for Life John Cline, MD
22245 Pellet Therapy: Symptoms & Survival James Mahoney, MD
22246 Healing the Mind With Food Tana Amen, BSN, RN
22247 Anti-Aging Benefits of Novel Marine Oil (Omega 3) From New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Sharon McQuillan, MD
22248 Should you Allow your Child to Play Football? Update on Concussion Management, Prevention and Treatment Joseph Maroon, MD
22249 Telomeres, Aging and Disease Mark Rosenberg, MD
22251 The Importance of BHRT on the Cardiovascular System Thierry Hertoghe, MD
22252 Neurotransmitters & BHRT Effects on the Brain & How they are Used in Treating Psychological Disorders Eric Braverman, MD
22253 Update on State’s and Congress’s new laws regarding compounded prescription drugs John Grasela, RPh
22254 How to prescribe Anti-Aging medicine. The nuts and bolts for optimal hormone replacement therapy. Labs, algorithms, follow up testing Ronald Rothenberg, MD
22255 Cutting Edge Concepts for the Regenerative Medicine Physician in the Use of Stem Cell & PRP Injections Joseph Purita, MD
22256 The Role of Nitric Oxide in Cellular Aging: Telomeres, Mitochondria & Stem Cells Nathan Bryan, PhD
22257 Could Metabolic Syndrome, Lipodystrophy, & Aging be Mesenchymal Stem Cell Exhaustion Syndromes? Eduardo Mansilla, MD
22258 Current Review of the Role of Stem Cell Banking in Preventive Medicine Terry Grossman, MD
22259 Resolving Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Alan Christianson, MD
22260 Physiologic Dosing & Laboratory Findings for Women on BHT Paul Savage, MD
22261 Man Boob Nation: An Integrative/Solutions Based Strategy to Low Testosterone Nathan Goodyear, MD
22262 Interactive Patient Case Reports David Zava, PhD
22263 Toxin Complications Edward Zimmerman, MD
22264 Clinical Signs of Aging Skin Facial Wrinkles: Aesthetic Role of Equol Isomers for Aging Skin Edwin Lephart, PhD
22265 Three Dimensional RF Technology Utilization-A New Paradigm for Face & Neck Rejuvenation Daniel Man, MD
22266 Incorporation of Men into Your Aesthetics Practice Keith Jeffords, MD, DDS
22267 Top 20 Marketing Strategies Manon Pilon
22268 Infinity Award Recipient Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
22269 Genetic Susceptibility & Targeted Interventions for Genetic Integrity, Obesity, Diabetes, Lipid n Dysregulation & Inflammatory Pathways Chris Meletis, ND
22270 Regenerative Techniques for Non-Surgical Joint & Spine Repair Peter Fields, MD, DC
22271 Learning How to Talk to Patients Erika Schwartz, MD
22272 Leveraging Lifestyle Medicine Thomas Guilliams, PhD
22273 Stem Cells: Understanding Aging as a Platform to Enhance Tissue Regeneration Massimo Dominici, MD
22274 How to Maintain Memory at Any Age Pamela Smith, MD, MPH, MS
22275 Pharmaceutical Approaches to Treating Aging: The Sirtris Story Christoph Westphal, MD, PhD
22276 Brain Fitness: Every Little Aging Part of the Brain & Repairing It Eric Braverman, MD
22277 Cognitive Function in Middle Age Thomas F. Collura, PhD, MSMHC, BCN, NCC & Christen Stahl, MA, NCC
22278 Prevention & Treatment for the Aging Brain Andrew Campbell, MD
22279 Integrating Neuroscience Methods into Peak Performance & A Functional Medicine Practice David Hagedorn, PhD & Nicole Hagedorn, DO
22280 Adrenal Slumber: Measuring & Managing the Consequences of Adrenal Insufficiencies on Sleep Pathology Kelly Olson, PhD
22281 Simplifying The Complex Patient Deborah Matthew, MD
22282 Weight Loss Utilizing Food Sensitivity Testing, Elimination & Treatment of the Gut: A Case Study Shelena C. Lalji, MD, FACOG
22283 Avoiding Pitfalls & Picking the Right Lab Test Mark Newman, MS
22284 The Vitamin Conundrum Theadore Piliszek, MD
22285 The Revolutionary Microcannula Injection Technique Anil Rajani, MD
22286 Orthostatic Liposuction: A Must for Abdominal Contouring John Hamel, MD
22287 Successful Treatment of Acne Vulgaris with Probiotics Sharon McQuillan, MD


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