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 25532 - Accelerating Acceptance: Living In Harmony With What Is - Panache Desai $15.00   
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Presenter: Panache Desai

A human being’s natural energetic state is harmony and flow.? At some point in your human experience, you’ll encounter deep sorrow, fiery rage, or gripping fear. Even the passionate love and boundless joy can be unsettling to some. These feelings are an ordinary part of the life. However, when you analyze and evaluate these emotions and experiences, brand them as “positive” or “negative,” and cement them into your identity, you begin to grow distant from your flowing natural state.

No matter how high you evolve in your consciousness and conscious development, you will always be human. By embracing your humanity and removing the need to label whatever’s unfolding in life, your greater potential and possibility ? your soul signature ?can be fully realized.

Acceptance restores your optimal vibrational state of harmony and flow with everything that’s authentically happening in every moment. The more you accept reality, the easier it is to meet and receive all of life with spaciousness and peace.? When you embrace acceptance fully, you’re not accessing your experience through simply the conscious or the unconscious. You’re accessing it through your soul.

In truth, life is not about learning lessons. It’s not meant to be an analytical process or journey. It’s time to drop the struggle and judgment, reconnect with the flow, and move through life in resonance and harmony with who you truly are.

Panache’s 90 Minute Workshop will help you:

Help restore you to your natural state of flow
Make practicing acceptance a healing daily routine
Help you lessen self-scrutiny and honor your sacredness
Discover two simple words that will change your life


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