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 31361 - Tracy Birdsell: Light for the Shadow: Unlock the Mystery of your Shadow $10.00   
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Presenter: Tracy Birdsell

There’s a reason why we turn away from our shadow. It’s uncomfortable. It’s confusing. It’s mysterious, strange and at times downright frightening. It seems like it speaks a totally different language and trying to have a conversation with it often feels like an exercise in frustration.

What if we took the mystery out of how to communicate with our shadow and went on an adventure exploring the beauty, wisdom, humor and power of your shadow instead?

The phrase “Light for the Shadow” originates from my work as a photographer. It means to add light in reverence of the shadow so that light and shadow meet and blend in a beautiful transition. That space is truly where the magic lies, not only in art, but in your life as well.

Shadow is literally the stuff that gives shape to form. Without your shadow, you are flat, one-dimensional and un-relatable. And cultivating a meaningful relationship with your shadow is perhaps the most important key in manifesting lasting and meaningful change in your life.

in this class you will learn powerful techniques to better see and understand the dance between light and shadow in your life through the different lenses of:

Visual ? There is no form without shadow
Story ? There is no relate-ability, community or connection without shadow
Energy ? You cannot move past the blocks in your life without your shadow
Somatic ? You cannot steer the ship of your life consistently in the direction you want without your shadow
Intellectual ? You cannot be the person you were meant to be in this life without the shadow
Spiritual ? You cannot heal nor be healed to your greatest potential without your shadow

You will walk away from this workshop with simple and profound techniques to continue building and evolving your relationship with your new best friend?your shadow!


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