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 31364 - Past Live Present Miracles $50.00   
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Presenter: Denise Linn

Did you know that there is a powerful correlation between your present day challenges and your past lives? ?Like mowed dandelions that keep popping back, unless you get to the root of a problem, it will keep coming back. It is only when you go to the source, which dwells in a past life, that you can clear a challenge forever.

Prosperity struggles in your present life might mean misuse of finances in a past life (or having taken vows of poverty). Being overweight in your present life might mean having starved to death in a past incarnation. In this workshop, you’ll experience deep healing and rejuvenation by regressing back into your past lives and releasing deeply rooted blockages at their source. When you clear your past lives, miracles abound!? In this deeply empowering, experiential seminar:

  • experience (and heal) the past lives most influencing you today
  • learn lifetimes that you have shared with loved ones
  • release karma that you received from your parents and ancestral family
  • meet your master guide
  • discover your soul agreements
  • activate talents and abilities that you once possessed in a past lives.

In a safe and comforting environment, people have gotten remarkable results from Denise’s regressions,?even if they didn’t believe in past lives!

Bonus:?Space Clearing?You’ll also be gifted with a very special space clearing tool that has been energized and blessed personally by Denise (the author of three books about the space clearing) You’ll also learn how to do super-charged auric and chakra clearing for yourself, friends and family

(Please drink extra water before you arrive and place anything with a magnetic strip?i.e. credit cards, hotel keys?further than 6 inches away from your body during this workshop.? The energy generated during the processes often erases the magnetic strip if it’s near the body.)

Denise Linn, the author of?Past Lives/Present Miracles?teaches professional certification courses in past life regression in four continents, and she is only one of a handful of people in the world that periodically successfully regresses three thousand people at a time.


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