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 18272 - Bringing it Home: Steps for Successful Transition to Traditional Foods - Jennifer McManamee $12.00   
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Bringing it Home: Steps for Successful Transition to Traditional Foods
Jennifer McManamee

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Steps guaranteed to make your transition to a traditional diet easy, lasting, and fun. Now you can dream of deep yellow butter, bright plump egg yolks, and a loaf of sourdough the size of a small child. And your thoughts can dwell on properly prepared whole grains, bone broths, fermented veggies, organ meats—and even cod liver oil! This seminar is for you whether or not you're new to the preparation of real foods and Dr. Weston A. Price. Jennifer's step-by-step action plan guides your adventure in evolving to a more traditional diet. Her tips and resources help you shop for new foods, find pastured meats and dairy, make fermented veggies, and more. This motivating program will inspire your excitement as you become ready—with tools in hand—for your journey to a more nutrient-dense whole foods way of life.

Jennifer McManamee, NTP Ms. McManamee is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with more than 20 years in the healthcare profession serving acute and chronically ill clients.  After incorporating the healthful principles of traditional diets into her practice—based on the works of Drs. Weston A. Price and Francis M. Pottenger—Jennifer's clients experienced a noticeable improvement.   Her nutrition practice now focuses on providing techniques and resources that empower others to take an active role in managing their own lives by benefiting from healthful foods for natural healing. She supports her clients by teaching them how to integrate these preventive health tools into their own unique lifestyles, allowing food literacy to become their key to a healthier, happier life.

Ms. McManamee leads workshops, seminars, and one-on-one sessions—in person and on the phone—focusing on easing the transition from a standard American diet to a more traditional nutritious regimen.  She is especially interested in guiding those struggling with obesity, blood sugar imbalance, leaky gut, and autoimmune disorders to achieve excellent, life-long health.

As the current chapter leader for The Weston A. Price Foundation in Chicago, Jennifer continues to support the community through education by incorporating her knowledge of preventive health—with an emphasis on nutrient-dense whole foods. 


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