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 17571 - Dirty Electricity - Jules Klapper $15.00   
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Dirty Electricity
Jules Klapper

Jules Klapper: Dirty Electricity: The 21st Century Scourge
Up until recently, 60 Hz fields supplied by the power company were thought to be a major culprit for stressing the body. While these fields do cause problems for some people, they "fall off the square of the distance," which means that simply moving yourself away from the field, and/or the source away from you, can solve that problem. Yet many people were still stressed out by EMFs. A more recent discovery found out why: There is another, much more dangerous field: radio frequency or "dirty electricity," caused by an interaction between items people plug into an outlet and the 60 Hz fields supplied by the power company. These fields do not fall off the square of the distance and use your entire wiring system as an antenna. We will explore dirty electricity, how it affects the body and how we can mitigate the problem.

Jules Klapper is President of the Cutting Edge Catalog, which he founded in 1991. He has lectured at events and appeared on TV and radio all over the country, speaking about keeping the immune system fit by reducing environmental stressors. He has devoted many years to studying how various environmental factors can affect the body and how to protect yourself from them.



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