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 22043 - Radical Nutrition: Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies that Treat the Root Causes of Disease $55.00   
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Radical Nutrition: Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies that Treat the Root Causes of Disease
Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND
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Adopting an organic and nutrient-dense Weston A. Price diet is essential for restoring and maintaining optimal health. However, it is also just as vital to remove any significant blocks to healing. In her presentation, Dr. Williams will discuss these blocks including the proper removal of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, now incontrovertibly linked in the research literature to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Another essential measure, which is relatively easy and painless, is to replace your conventional soaps and cosmetics with non-toxic alternatives, since toxic chemical exposure has been associated with 98% of all cancers by the National Cancer Institute. Other important "obstacles to cure" include avoiding your primary food allergy, diagnosing and clearing what the Europeans refer to as chronic "focal infections" (dental, tonsil, sinus, etc.), and reducing the neurological "noise" in the body from scar interference fields. Finally, the very real autoimmune dysfunction and disease from excessive antibiotic use will be covered and effective treatments such as constitutional homeopathy according to the new Sensation Method will be described. This presentation will include both lecture as well as demonstrations utilizing energetic testing (Matrix Reflex Testing or MRT) on audience volunteers.


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