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 *Wise Traditions 2015 Annual Conference - All sessions Audio Recordings - MP3 CD-ROM $169.00   
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Take the conference home with the Complete Conference Package!

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM features All sessions live Audio Recorded at Wise Traditions 2015 Annual Conference November 13-16, 2015!

Full Conference MP3 CD-ROM Set

Live Audio Presentations from all recorded sessions from the WiseTraditions 2015 Annual conference in MP3 format. This is the Complete Conference Package of every conference presentation recorded live as MP3 audio files. Listen to the sessions, exactly as they happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. (does not include PowerPoints).

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Item Friday, November 13, 2015  
26161 Introduction to Dr. Price’s Work and Healthy Traditional Diets, Fats and Oils in Traditional Diets, How to Change Your Diet for the Better Sally Fallon Morell, MA
26162 Gut and Psychology/Gut and Physiology Syndrome, Parts 1, 2, 3 Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, PhD
26163 Ancient Medicine and the Wheel of Health Philip Weeks, MH, Lac
26164 Holistic Management: Promoting the Restoration of Grasslands to Save Civilization, Parts 1, 2, 3 Allan Savory, Chris Kerston,
Spencer Smith
26165 Culturing a "Real Food" Fermentation Business Elaina Luther
26167 Detox and Fasting for Rejuvenation and Health Philip Weeks, MH, LAc
26168 Redeeming Bread:  How to Make Einkorn Sourdough Min Kim
26170 Adrenal Health, How to Get Your Mojo Back Philip Weeks, MH, LAc
26171 Continuous Kombucha John Moody & Hannah Crum
26172 Miracles of Magnetism Dean Bonlie, DDS
26173 Ask the Practitioners Panel Tom Cowan, MD;
Kim Schuette, CN;
Philip Weeks, MH, LAc
Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND
26174 The Greater Good: Another Look at Vaccines Leslie Manookian, MLC, Hom
26175 A Cancer Diagnosis for Your Child–What to Do? Season Johnson
26176 The Science of Kombucha Hannah Crum, Alex LaGory
Item Saturday, November 14, 2015  
26177 Introduction to the Work of Weston A Price Sally Fallon Morell, MA
26178 Understanding Your Own Blood Test Results, Parts 1, 2 Jim Marlowe
26179 Dirt Poor, Badly Bred and Improperly Prepared: Missing Nutrients in Modern Food John Moody
26180 Saturated Fat Does a Body Good: Exploring the Biological Roles of These Long-Demonized Yet Heroic Nutrients Chris Masterjohn, PhD
26181 The PHO  Public Health Disaster – the Complete Story Dr. Gerald McNeill, PhD
26182 How To Put NUTRIENT DENSITY Back Into Meat, Milk and Eggs—–We Have Gone from Aurochs to Shmoos Will Winter, DVM
Item Saturday, November 14, 2015  
26183 Resolving Inflammation and Creating Food Tolerance with Animal Fats: Arachidonic Acid as the Unsung Hero Chris Masterjohn, PhD
26184 Noninvasive Testing for Nutritional Deficiencies, Parts 1, 2 Donna Wild
26185 How to Have a Totally Organic Garden Celeste Longacre
26186 The Fat Soluble Activators Sally Fallon Morell, MA
26187 BioChar Production Mark Baker
26188 Keynote: Hope for Humanity in Holistic Management Allan Savory
Item Sunday, November 15, 2015  
26189 Folic Acid Supplementation: Why This is Not a Good Idea Stephanie Seneff, PhD
26190 Simple Support for a Complicated Disease: Nutritional Support for Lyme Disease Kim Schuette, CN, Cert GAPS Pract.
26191 Dental Focal Infections: The Silent Killer Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND
26192 The Extraordinary Properties of Water Tom Cowan, MD
26193 Light, Temperature, Sound, and Sleep: Understanding the Complex Interplay to Nourishing Rest John Moody
26194 Vaccines or Nutrition? Marty Michener, PhD
26195 Building a Strong Immune System Against Lyme and other Diseases Natasha Campbell-McBride, PhD
26196 Heart Rate Variability, What Does It Reveal? Beverly Rubik, PhD
26197 Most Americans Drink Treated Sewage; Are You One of Them? Norm Lemoine;
Tom DiGuiseppe, PhD
26198 Can FOOD be Addictive? As Addictive as Cocaine? Cigarettes? Alcohol? Tiffany Wright, PhD
26199 Methylation Nutrients: Balancing the Diet, Targeting the Needs of the Individual Chris Masterjohn, PhD
26200 Herbal Support for Lyme Disease Philip Weeks, MH, LAc
26201 Blood Flow and Cardiovascular Disease: A New Perspective Stephanie Seneff, PhD
26202 Is Water Nature’s Best Food?  Gerald Pollack, PhD
26203 Movement and Sleep: Myths and Truths that Impact our Health, Sandra VanGilder, DPT, FAFS
26205 Natural Approaches to Lyme Disease Jorge Moreno, DO
26206 Blood Microscopy:  Studies on Nutrition and Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Beverly Rubik, PhD
26207 Cells, Tissue and Crystalline Water Marty Michener, PhD
26208 Your Home as Safe Haven, Practical Ways to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Mary Cordaro
26209 Closing Ceremony - Raw Milk Nation Mark McAfee
Item Monday, November 16, 2015  
26214 Why Raw Milk? Sally Fallon Morell, MA
26215 Behind the Scenes: What’s Really Happening with Raw Milk in the USA? Mark McAfee
26217 Risk Beyond the Numbers: Understanding Data, Gaps, and Assumptions Bridging Them Peg Coleman
26218 Building, Managing, Marketing & Sustaining a Raw Milk Micro-Dairy Charlotte Smith


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