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 26207 - Cells, Tissue and Crystalline Water $18.00   
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Presenter: Marty Michener, PhD

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Dr. Michener will elaborate on water and cell health. Dr. Gerald Pollack has recently demonstrated that water forms organized deep layers when faced against sulfonated surfaces, such as healthy cell membranes, much thicker than had been appreciated. This organized layer is electrically structured and is called the Exclusion Zone (EZ), as it excludes many solute molecules, as would ice. These in situ observations should not be confused with the ?vortex structured water? now frequently sold with claims for undocumented health benefits. Water in tissues needs to be carefully investigated, and findings integrated with the physiology of cells, especially of membrane health, an increasingly common factor in degenerative pathologies. Drs. Stephanie Seneff and Robert Davidson have recently provided several highly analytical papers suggesting that deficiency in sulfate metabolism may affect membrane signaling properties as a common basis for nerve and muscle dysfunction.


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