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Presentations recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences. Includes audio and slides on a USB flash drive - play video files on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Includes the presentations live audio synchronized with PowerPoint slides recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences!

Watch and listen to the leading experts in the Weston A. Price philosophy of achieving optimal heal through proper nutrition.


Molecular Degeneration: The New Paradigm
presenter: : Chris Masterjohn I format MP3 audio I runtime 87 minutes
deecrlptlon: Chris describes how foods like liver and egg yolks have become penalized and missing from the American diet and colorfully portrays them as "prisoners" of the war for a low-cholesterol diet. The result? Physical degeneration and a loss in mental function. Chris puts forth how to restore a healthy relationship with our body and heart.

Fat Myths
presenters Chris Masterjohn I formats WMV video - slide & camera+ MP3 audio I runtime 75 minutes
description: The use of vegetable oils likely promotes heart disease despite lowering cholesterol. Saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids play essential roles in our bodies, but we can synthesize them from carbohydrate, an option on which many healthy groups have relied. Fats provide essential nutrients and aid in the absorption of nutrients from other foods. It is the overall nutrient density and nutrient bioavailability of the diet, however, and not the specific content of fat, that produces health.

The True Cause of Heart Attacks
presenter: Tom Cowan.MD I format MP3 audio I runtime 70 minutes
description: Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in this country. Tom Cowan, the author of ''The Fourfold Path to Healing." offers a new approach to treatment and cure. Whether you are a patient or practitioner, this session offers an understanding of what causes heart attacks and how they can be treated effectively.

Reading Hair Tests
presenter: Andrew Cutler, PhD, PE I format MP3 audio I runtime 131 minutes
description: Andrew is the Author of "Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment" as well as "Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities." Hair tests can be very complicated to interpret but Andrew discusses his own twist on how to do so. His presentation is concluded with a generous QA that helps to address specific concerns and questions in real-life practice.

preeentar April Renee I formats WMV video - slide & audio+ MP3 audio I runtime 70 minutes
deecription: April Renee is dedicated to educating parents, doctors and the community on the dangers of our childhood vaccine program. Topics discussed are: , The Autism/ADD/ADHD epidemic, Vaccine ingredients, Over 20 years of research, Exemption laws, Congressional Hearings, Conflicts of interest and cCause of ALL disease "labels.


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