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 31392 - Fourfold Path to Making 100% Grass-fed Milk $18.00   
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Presenter: Will Winter, DVM

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Feeding dairy cattle any kind of grain in order to make milk is just as wrong as feeding grain to beef cattle. Milk from grain-fed animals just plain comes out wrong. Even small amounts of grain will mess things up. Right now, the only two varieties of milk that are selling profitably are 100% grass milk and A2 milk. Everything else in the dairy market, especially organic milk production, is going backwards. For a variety of reasons, and for the first time in history, organic milk sales are actually dwindling. The big distributors will lose over $200 million this year alone. It won?t improve. On the other hand, the demand for 100% grass-fed milk, just like the demand for 100% grass-fed meat, is skyrocketing. Making grass-milk enables small dairies to create a delicious, wholesome milk that the mega-dairies will never be able to match. It?s very profitable as well. There are four major steps to graduating your dairy to 100% grass milk production. Anyone who is willing to follow these basic guidelines will soon be on the road to making perfect milk! Here?s how to go against the grain!


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