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 34030 - My Inner Critic Loves Aluminum - The Everyday Hidden Psychological Consequences of Vaccine Adjuvants - Louisa Williams $25.00   
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Presenter: Louisa Williams

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Mercury amalgam fillings have been clearly linked with depression, pesticides have been shown to induce anxiety, and pathogenic bacteria have been so conclusively correlated with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that it has spawned yet another acronym- PANDAS or PANS. In my clinical experience, the injection of aluminum at birth through the hepatitis B vaccine, or from two months to six years through DPT shots, or later from the Gardasil HPV vaccine, is by far the most injurious assault to our psychological well-being. The mental and emotional disequilibrium initially induced from this neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant readily fuels our inner critic, or ?monkey mind.? Over time this self-sabotaging inner voice subtly destroys our peace of mind, resulting in various disorders including intermittent anxiety and depression, chronically disturbing negative thoughts, or simply an ongoing sense of disquiet. A Wise Traditions diet, constitutional homeopathy, nutritional and herbal supplements, and quality psychological work can reduce the effects of this unsettling and destructive chatter, and help us achieve the inner sense of calm and quietude that characterizes optimal health.


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