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 34048 - Eat Grass-fed Meat--Save the Planet and Enjoy Doing It! - Will Winter $18.00   
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Presenter: Will Winter

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The WAPF leaders and teachers spend a lot of time unravelling prevailing medical myths about food taboos, food pyramids and other erroneous thinking about what we should be eating. These days we are inundated with dubious data from random sources warning us that if we are to save the planet, the climate, even the family farm, we must turn away from eating meat and learn to enjoy manufactured fake meat on our way to becoming grain-eating vegans. In fact, few things could be further from the truth, both nutritionally as well as environmentally. ?Grass is the forgiveness of Nature--her constant benediction...? wrote Kansas Senator John J. Ingalls back in 1872. We need grass, and grass needs ruminants. This is what our modern world needs to know. It?s all about biodiverse grassland ecology, protecting our water, building carbon-sequestering rich soil. These are also humane alternatives to factory farming. Agriculture is the #1 cause of environmental destruction but it doesn?t have to be, it can be the opposite. All we need to do is learn from Mother Nature and merely mimic her wisdom. Now we can feel good about supporting, raising and eating delicious grass-fed beef, bison, goats and sheep, as well as forest pigs and fully-pastured poultry. Here?s how to save the planet and enjoy doing it!


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