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 *Wise Traditions 2022 Annual Conference - All sessions Audio Synchronized with Slides, plus MP3 $279.00   
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Full Conference Presentation Slides with Synchronized Audio. Many sessions also include video of the presenters! Available on DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive.

DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive: $279
Live and On-Demand Streaming: $169

Order the Live and On-Demand Streaming of the entire conference here

Includes all sessions live Audio Synchronized with PowerPoint slides Recorded at Wise Traditions 2022 Annual Conference October 21-23, 2022! Includes slides and video of the presenter for selected sessions and audio with slides for all other sessions.

Plus also includes Bonus MP3 audio files of every session!

Includes all of these presentations:

Friday, October 21, 2022   Format
Dynamic Breathing: Healing Life And Lungs Betsy Thomason Video & Slides
Detoxification Of Mercury And Other Heavy Metals Through Upregulation Of The Glutathione System Chris Shade  Audio & Slides
Gaps Concept: What Causes All Chronic Disease Natasha Campbell-McBride  Audio & Slides
Get Creative With Bone Broth Sally Fallon Morell  Audio & Slides
The Most Toxic Nutrient: How Iron Overload Is Killing Us And What To Do About It Leland Stillman Video & Slides
Connect To Your Food For Better Health Mike Dickson  Audio & Slides
Cancer: A Wound That Can Heal Brandon LaGreca  Audio & Slides
Reducing Direct And Indirect Toxicity From Covid Shots — Details Louisa Williams Video & Slides
Picky Eating—All You Ever Wanted To Know Christine Muldoon  Audio & Slides
Mercury: A Biochemical Train Wreck Underlying Many Chronic Illnesses Kristin Homme  Audio & Slides
Waves Of Health And Illness: The Deep Roots Of Biological Life And Emf Protection Robert Gilbert Video & Slides
Human? Move. Older Human? Move More. Injured Human? Move Most Tommy John III Audio Only
Ask The Practitioners Panel Natasha Campbell-McBride, Tom Cowan, Brandon LaGreca, Larry Palevsky and Anke Zimmermann with moderator Sally Fallon Morell  Audio & Slides
Saturday, October 22, 2022   Format
Nourishing Traditional Diets Sally Fallon Morell  Audio & Slides
What Doesn't Make You Sick Tom Cowan  Audio & Slides
Exhausted Adrenals: Root Cause Or Just A Symptom? Kristen Files  Audio & Slides
Eating Like A Human In The Modern World Bill Schindler Video & Slides
What Does Make You Sick Tom Cowan  Audio & Slides
Wireless Communication Radiation And 5G: Health Impacts And Practical Solutions Beverly Rubik Video & Slides
Moving From Medicine To Health Care Larry Palevsky  Audio & Slides
Sulfur Metabolism: How It Goes Wrong And How To Get It Working Again Greg Nigh and Maria Zilka  Audio & Slides
Own Your Self: Why Sovereignty Is An Inside Job Kelly Brogan Video & Slides
Confidently Cooking Organ Meats Janine Farzan  Audio & Slides
High Lysine Ancestral Foods Diet Joan Tendler  Audio & Slides
Homeopathy For Children With Developmental And Behavioral Challenges Anke Zimmerman Video & Slides
Banquet Keynote - The Wise Traditions Of Building Family Wealth Catherine Austin Fitts Video & Slides
Sunday, October 23, 2022   Format
Mastering Sourdough Courtney Queen  Audio & Slides
Cardiac Metabolism: Why Cancer Of The Heart Is So Rare Stephen Hussey Video & Slides
We Are Winning: Let Me Count The Ways​ Mary Holland  Audio & Slides
The Type Of Cow Weston A. Price Would Have Been Proud Of Steve Campbell  Audio & Slides
Fearless Fermenting: How To Boldly Craft Fermented Foods To Feed Your Gut, Nourish Your Community And Heal The World Austin Durant  Audio & Slides
Transcending The Plandemic Narrative Andrew Kaufman Video & Slides
Vaccines And Diseases — How The Public Has Been Manipulated From The Past To The Present Curtis Cost  Audio & Slides
Stress As The Ultimate Cause Of Illness: Steps To Prevent And Recover John Kozinski  Audio & Slides
The Importance Of A Small Farm Diet For Our Electric Health Eileen Day McKusick  Audio & Slides
The Oral Cavity Entrance To Regenerative Health James Bronson  Audio & Slides
Know Your Rights And Why You Must Fight For Them In Your Community And In The Courts Leslie Manookian  Audio & Slides
The Societal Cost Of Autism Toby Rogers Video & Slides
Closing Ceremony: Random Thoughts On Local Food And Good Health And Passing Legislation To Promote The Two Sally Fallon Morell with Frank Niceley, Tennessee State Senator Video & Slides

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