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 Press Ganey 2018 Executive Leadership Conference- Audio Recordings $219.00   
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Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at Press Ganey Executive Leadership Conference Nov. 12-14, 2018!

This package includes all of the sessions from the Press Ganey Executive Leadership Conference, plus selected sessions from the National Client Conference.

MP3 audio files of every session. Captured LIVE during the conference. Plus also includes handouts of all the sessions.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.


Item Monday, November 12, 2018  
Executive Leadership Conference  
31261 From the Boardroom to the Bedside and Back: Reflections ​on My Patient Journey David W. Zaas
31262 Managing Through Disruption – The Evolving Role of Today’s Hospital Executive Vicki LoPachin
Item Tuesday, November 13, 2018  
Executive Leadership Conference  
31263 Every Moment Matters: Transforming Experience Through Culture & Innovation Michael J. Dowling
31264 Partners in Excellence: Redefining Your Patient Experience Strategy with Nursing Leadership Lyn Ketelsen, Jane D. Englebright
31265 Delivering on the Promise of Humankindness Tracy Sklar
31266 Cultivating Resilience: A Strategic Discussion on Reducing Clinician Burnout Thomas H. Lee, Emily L. Sedgwick
31267 Cultivating “Systemness” to Lead Transformational Change Christina Freese-Decker
Item Wednesday, November 14, 2018  
National Client Conference Breakout Sessions  
31236 Organizational Culture: Reinvigorating and Sustaining Your Safety Coaches Ann Marie Stein, Nancy Billington
31237 Safety Starts with Me: A Hybrid Approach to Error Prevention Training Nikki Polis, Nancy Billington
31238 Patient Experience and Engagement Through Team Rounding Strategies Suzanne Smith
31239 Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Building a Culture of Excellence Geralyn Karpiscak, James Demetriades
31240 ​Reducing Wait Times in the ER with an Effective Admission Strategy Dawn Moeller, Yvonne Miller
31241 Building a Partnership between Nursing and Support Services Deborah Fulbrook, Tammy Razmic
31242 Leveraging the Organization’s Core Identity to Develop a Cultural Strategy  Joan Zoltanski, Jennifer Lorenz
31243 Common Threads: Aligning Your Workforce Around the Patient Promise Joseph Cabral, Mary Jo Assi, Linda McHugh, K. Kelly Hancock
31244 Support Services Workers: The Unsung Heroes in Patient Experience Thomas "Dusty" Deringer
31245 How to Give Your Safety Coaching Program More Muscle Nancy Curdy, Michael Todd, Deborah Armstrong
31246 ​Engaging Executive Ownership of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Steve Mrozowski
31247 Patient Comments: Is Your Organization Listening? Margaret Muir, Victoria Orto, Heather Mitchell
31248 Building Team Engagement to Improve Patient Experience David Perez, Radha Mahale
31249 Rewards and Recognition in an Era of Improvement Opportunities  Rebecca Guess
31250 Involving Nursing in the Design and Implementation of Workflow to Reduce LWBS Elizabeth Tedesco, Jonathan Landis
31251 ​Improving Access and Adopting Innovation With Shared Medical Appointments Marianne Sumego
31252 Integrating a Comprehensive Workforce and Engagement Strategy Tammy Wright, Greg Johns
31253 Situational Awareness: Crucial Circumstances That Lend Themselves to High Reliability Hazel Pennington, Teresa Anderson
31254 ​Improving Your Serious Safety Event Rate® (SSER) When Reductions Have Flatlined Terrie Van Buren, Giselle Krieger
31255 Beyond Rounding: Creating a Culture of Connection Catherine Sokoloff, Jenny Rozenberg, Catherine Manley-Cullen
31256 Working With Health Care Teams to Improve the Experience of Patients Summer Allen, Sheryl Nemec
31257 Journey to Engagement: Strategies to Improve Patient and Staff Experience Cassandra Cuesta, Roxana Taveira
31258 Improving Communication With Nurses through the Compassionate Connected Care Model Kellie Barr, Katie Starkey
31259 Patient Experience: Making Performance Improvement More Meaningful through Cultural Transformation Nikole Devries
31260 Using Transparency to Enhance the Patient-Doctor Experience Barry Goldberg


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