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Item Code Saturday, June 15, 2019 Speaker
32101 SA -111 Plenary Session  Bill Cole, MA, Master of Ceremonies
32102 SA -121 Residential Registration in Germany Roger P. Minert, PhD, AG
32103 SA -123 Höfefolgen (Farm Lists): A Source and a Case Study Ben Hollister
32104 SA -124 Genealogy Around the World - Following People with German Roots  Dirk Weissleder
32105 SA -126 From Church Archives to KGB Archives Carolyn Schott
32106 SA -131 How Advertising Brought our German-Speaking Ancestors to the Midwest  Annette Burke Lyttle
32107 SA -132 Help! German Ancestry But I Don’t Speak German! Kim Ashford
32108 SA -134 History & Records of the German Aid Societies (NY, PA, MD, SC)  Debra A. Hoffman
32109 SA -136 I Fight Mit Sigel: Germans in America’s Civil War  Michael L. Strauss, AG
32110 SA -141 Keynote - Forget What You’ve Heard!  The Real “Gold Rush” - A Woman’s View Ingeborg Carpenter
32111 SA -151 Life on the Farm: Understanding Your German Peasant Ancestors  Baerbel K Johnson, AG
32112 SA -152 Organize Like an Archivist Nancy E. Loe, MA MLS
32113 SA -154 Demystifying DNA  Nathan Machula
32114 SA -156 Darmstadt to Gold Fields: One German’s Epic Success in America  Dr. Gerald Pershbacher (LLD)
32115 SA -161 Meyers Gazetteer Now Online, Indexed and Fully Searchable! Fritz Juengling, PhD, AG
32116 SA -162 Fact and Fiction in the German American Migration Experience  Wolfgang Grams
32117 SA -165 Evangelisch oder Evangelikal—German Baptists on Three Continents  Ben Hollister
32118 SA -166 Coming to Your Census: Using State Census Records  Daniel Earl, MS
Item Code Sunday, June 16, 2019 Speaker
32119 SA -213 The Fisherman Who Wanted to Marry the Executioner’s Daughter: German Marriage Sources  Warren Bittner, CG
32120 SU -214 Finding Germans in the Habsburg Empire: Austro-Hungarian Geography  Fritz Juengling, PhD, AG
32121 SU -215 Tracing German Immigrants Using City Directories  Daniel Earl, MS
32122 SU -216 Digging Deeper: Foreign Language Sites and Social Media  Kim Ashford
32123 SU -221 Emigration from Hamburg and Bremen in the 19th Century -Causes, Conditions, and Certificates  Andrea Bentschneider
32124 SU -223 Starting your German One-Name Study  Ben Hollister
32125 SU -224 Family History Research in the Territories of Modern Austria Since 1500  Roger P. Minert, PhD, AG
& Charlotte N. Champenois 
32126 SU -225 Make Sense Out of the US Federal Census: Fact or Fiction?  Bill Cole, MA
32127 SU -231 Leaving a Paper Trail: German Sources Besides Church Books and Civil Records  Andrea Bentschneider
32128 SU -232 Hurra wir fahren nach Amerika I; Travel Patterns During the Age of Sail  Wolfgang Grams
32129 SU -233 Case Study: Using atDNA to Find a German Hometown  Ute Brandenburg
32130 SU -234 Sister Ports: Philadelphia & Baltimore  Debra A. Hoffman
32131 SU -235 Tips and Tricks of Deciphering Old German Handwriting  Katherine Schober
32132 SU -236 Tools to Track German Jewish Refugees: The Lehman Family Story 1933–1945  Karen Franklin
32133 SU -251 Researching Former German Provinces in the East  Nathan Machula
32134 SU -252 Timelines: A Path to Your Next Research Steps  Annette Burke Lyttle
32135 SU -254 German Dialects and What They Mean for the Researcher  Fritz Juengling, PhD, AG
32136 SU -255 Deciphering German Handwriting: The Intermediate to Advanced Student  Katherine Schober
32137 SU -256 Records & Resources for Schleswig-Holstein in Germany & Denmark  Mike Mansfield, MSLIS
32138 SU -261 The Secrets Behind Using FamilySearch: Finding German-Language Records  Michael Provard
32139 SU -262 Hurra wir fahren nach Ameika II; Travel Patterns During the Age of Steam  Wolfgang Grams
32140 SU -264 Connections 2 German Grammar  Ken Weaver, BS, MA
32141 SU -266 Voyages of the Donauschwaben Carolyn Schott
Item Code Monday, June 17, 2019 Speaker
32142 M-312 Prisioners, Thieves, & Scoundrels; Your Black Sheep Ancestors  Michael L. Strauss, AG
32143 M-313 Complex Thinking: Solving Research Problems Outside the Parish Records  Daniel R. Jones
32144 M-314 German Phonetics and Spelling  Fritz Juengling, PhD., AG
32145 M-315 Beyond Ethnicity Estimates: Using Mitochondrial and Y-DNA for Genealogy  Janine Cloud
32146 M-322 Discovering your Family History with MyHeritage’s Unique Technologies  Mike Mansfield, MSLIS 
32147 M-323 No Camera Icon on FamilySearch! What Now?  Baerbel K Johnson, AG
32148 M-326 German Immigration in Brazil - Historical and Cultural Aspects André Hammann
32149 M-331 Finding Living Relatives of your Emigrant Ancestors from Germany Today  Andrea Bentschneider
32150 M-332 Expect the Unexpected: Exploring Digitized Book Sites for Germanic Genealogy  Diane Schmidt
32151 M-334 Breathe More Life into Your Genealogy: Storytelling Tips and Writing Techniques  Bill Cole, MA
32152 M-335 Emigration to 18th-Century America as a Career Move for Young Men  Marianne S. Wokeck
32153 M-341 Keynote - Marriage and Courtship in Germany from 1500 to 1871  Roger P. Minert, PhD, AG
32154 M-351 They Rarely Came Alone  Ute Brandenburg
32155 M-352 Researching Baden-Württemberg  Nathan Machula
32156 M-353 Understanding and Researching Illegitimacy: The Bittner Bastards of Bavaria  Warren Bittner, CG
32157 M-355 Sources and Structures for Successful Genealogical Research in Germany  Dirk Weissleder
32158 M-356 The Stedman Story - Intrigue, Adoption and DNA: Unraveling a German-Jewish Family Mystery  Karen Franklin


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