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Item Code Thursday, March 15, 2018
30401 TH300 A Trial of Early Palliative Care for Serious Illness: Results from the LifeCourse Lay Health Care Worker Intervention
30402 TH301 Harnessing The Power of Telemedicine in Palliative Care from Childhood to Adulthood: The Why and How
30403 TH302 Fetal Positions - Empowering the Role of Palliative Care in Maternal-Fetal Treatment Centers
30404 TH303 Should I Unplug the Phones Again: Understanding Government Hospice Audits and Pre-tecting"" Your Organization Through Robust Provider Documentation""
30405 TH305 Counting Sheep: A Rational Approach to Managing Insomnian
30406 TH306 Five Steps to build an effective Payer-Provider Partnership for Innovative Palliative Care Models
30407 TH307 Neurology 101: Wrapping a Palliative Head Around Neurologic Disease
30408 TH308A Improving End of Life Quality through the Implementation and Testing of a Ketamine Protocol for Reduction of Depression and Pain
30409 TH308C A Quality Improvement Project to Reduce Substance Misuse-associated Discharges in an Outpatient Palliative Care Clinic:  Establishment of the Interdisciplinary High Alert Risk Team (HART)  
30410 TH308D Reasons for Cancellation and No-Show in an Outpatient Palliative Care Clinic
30411 101 Good Enough Now: How Doing the Best We Can with What We Have Is Better than Nothing
30412 TH311 In Pursuit of Excellence: Post-licensure Interprofessional Education in Palliative Care
30413 TH312 California's End of Life Option Act: What Can We Learn from One Year of Legalization?
30415 TH315 From the Pre-Verbal Infant to the Non-Verbal Adult: Increasing Your Delirium Recognition and Treatment Skill Set in Challenging Pediatric and Adult Patients
30416 TH316 Taking Psychedelics Seriously
30417 TH317 Walking The Line Between Hope And Hype: Palliative Care In The Era Of New And Expensive Neuromuscular Therapies
30418 TH318 Joining Forces with the Emergency Department: Successful Programs, Initiatives and Emerging Practices
30419 TH319 A Year in Review: Six Hot Topics in Surgical Palliative Care
30420 TH320A The “Promoting Resilience in Stress Management” (PRISM) Intervention for Adolescents and Young Adults: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
30421 TH321A Assessing  The Palliative Care  Needs Of Elderly Patients Seen At The University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria  
30422 TH322A Anticipatory Grief in the Sister of a Boy with a Brain Tumor
30423 TH320B Changes Over Time in Good-Parent Beliefs Among Parents of Children with Serious Illness: Two Year Cohort Study
30424 TH322B Pediatric Home Visit Death: His Story, Our Lessons
30425 TH320C Family Satisfaction with Symptom Management Practices and Child Comfort During Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant
30426 TH321C Evaluating Disparities in Hospice Utilization for Cancer Patients Living in the Deep South
30427 TH330 The Practice of Palliative Medicine in Developing Countries—Part One
30428 TH331 Conversations that Matter: A Deeper Dive through Head, Heart, and Action
30429 TH332 Not on our turf – you have to get the patient out of here before he dies! Finding a place for The Good Death
30430 TH333 Cultivating Opportunities for Reflection: Teaching the Art of Debriefing 
30431 TH334 Hospice Collaboration and Integration within Large Healthcare Systems
30432 TH335 Developing Goals of Care "for Your Organization: Strategic Planning for the Palliative Care Professional"
30433 TH336 Drug Abuse and Diversion in Pediatric Palliative Care - What You Should Know, What You can Do, and What You Can Learn From Our Multi-site Experience
30434 TH337 Not just cutting it - A Successful Interprofessional Cooperation between Palliative Care, Pain and Neurosurgery in the Treament of Intractable Cancer Pain
30435 TH338 Winning Hearts and Minds: The Challenges and Successes of Outpatient Palliative Care for Patients with Heart Failure
30436 TH339 Where Palliative Care and Nephrology Meet--Complex Decisions in The Older CKD Patient
30437 TH342A Mindful Journeys: An Innovative Approach to Helping Parents Facing or Dealing with Loss of a Child
30438 TH340B Associations of Parental Demographic and Child Clinical Characteristics with Parental Perceptions of Communication with Children with Advanced Cancer
30439 TH341B Engaging Oncologists toward Integrating a Shared Mental Model (SMM) for Palliative Oncology within a Large Academic Oncology Practice
30440 TH342B Non-Beneficial CPR in Pediatrics – When to Compress? 
30441 TH341C Advanced Care Planning and End of Life Discussions Amongst Resident Physicians in the Primary Care Setting
30442 TH342C Fostering Trust with a Homeless Young Man Experiencing Advanced Cancer
30443 TH342D The Heart and the Storm: A Challenging Case of Treating Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity in a Teenager with Brain Injury and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
30444 TH340D Pediatric Palliative Oncology Patients: Demographics, Treatment, and End-of-Life Experiences of a Vulnerable and Understudied Population
30445 TH351 State of the Science in Pediatric Palliative Care
30446 TH352 Diversity and Inclusion Forum: Why Do You Want to Know and Why Should I Trust You?: Implicit Messaging in Cross-Cultural (Mis)Understandings
30447 TH354 The Road Less Traveled: Navigating a Career in Palliative Nursing
30448 TH361 Swimming Upstream Successfully: The Nuts and Bolts of Community-Based Palliative Care Programs Operated by Hospices
30449 TH362 iDeath: Goals of Care for our Social Media Image
30450 TH363 Going from Casual Dating to a Long-Term Commitment: Adding a Pharmacist to Your Team
30451 TH364 New Drugs and Drug News: The 411 and Implications for Palliative Care
30452 TH365 Finding Words That Matter: Rekindling Our Purpose in Healthcare Through Poem-Making
30453 TH366 Whose Decision is it Anyway: What To Do When Adolescents and Parents Don't Agree on a Medical Plan
30454 TH367 Circling the Dragon−Taming Health IT Systems to Measure What Matters
30455 TH369 Transplantation Ethics and the Role of Pallaitive Medicine
30456 TH371A Associations between Sociodemographic Characteristics and Unmet Supportive Care Needs in Adults with CF
30457 TH370A Association Between Pre-Dialysis Functional Status and Risk of Death at One Year After Dialysis Initiation Among Older Adults
30459 TH372B The Use of Pharmacogenomics to Determine a Pain Management Plan in the Case of Exteme Opioid Tolerance
30460 TH370B Opportunities to Improve Patient Engagement in Dialysis Decisions for Older Adults with Life-Limiting Kidney Disease
30461 TH371B Perceptions and Experiences of Patients and Informal Caregivers in Advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: an Exploratory Study
30462 TH370C The Patient's Lost Voice: Goals of Care Conversations During the Terminal Hospitalization
30463 TH371C Spare Ronnie from Drowning: Reducing Heart Failure Symptoms in Hospice Patients Utilizing a New Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy Algorithm 
30464 TH372C Opioid-Induced Chorea: an Atypical Presentation of Opioid Neurotoxicity
30465 TH370D Communication with Family Increases Likelihood of Having a Living Will
30466 TH371D Associations between Symptom Burden and Unmet Supportive Care Needs in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis
30467 TH372D Narcan or Narcan't?
Item Code Friday, March 16, 2018
30468 FR401 National Consensus Project (NCP) Community Based Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care
30469 FR402 #PallTech: Leveraging Digital Resources in Hospice & Palliative Care
30470 FR403 Up to the Minute Billing, Coding, and Compliance Updates for 2018 and Beyond
30471 FR404 If I Block His Dopamine and Stimulate His Serotonin Will He Feel Better? Palliative Psychopharmacology 101
30472 FR405 Hitting the Sweet Spot: Practical Tips for Navigating the Opioid Crisis in Outpatient Palliative Care
30473 FR406 Introduction to a Novel Social Media-Based Meaning Intervention for Caregivers of Children and Adolescents Receiving Palliative Care
30474 FR407 "This May be Recorded for Quality Assurance:" Approaches to Practice Fidelity in Telehealth Palliative Care
30475 FR408 Hot Topics over Hot Coffee
30476 FR409 It Takes a Village: Building a Culture of Mentorship
30477 FR410 PC-FACS: Year in Review
30478 FR411 Staying Inside the Lines While Thinking Outside the Box Challenges in Providing Pediatric End-of-Life Care on General Inpatient Units at Quaternary Children's Hospitals
30479 FR413 When Daddy is Dying: Facilitating Family Centered Adult Goals of Care Discussions
30480 FR414 Insuring Alignment of Our Practices and Personal Health Behaviors: An Employee Incentive Plan to Encourage Advance Care Planning
30481 FR415 "Neither Gone nor Here": Coping with Personality Change and Loss of Identity in Neurologic Disease
30482 FR416 What's Lost in Translation: A Structured Series of Dialogues Exploring Challenges Experienced by Medical Interpreters Providing End-of-Life Care and Offering Strategies to Overcome Them
30483 FR417 Substance Use Disorders 101 for the Palliative Care Specialist
30484 FR418 Being in Two Places at Once: Utilizing Clinical Video Telemedicine Technology to Provide Remote Hospice/Palliative Care Services
30485 FR419A Assessing Health Literacy in Outpatient Palliative Care: A Pilot Study Comparing Two Health Literacy Measures
30486 FR420A Integration of Advanced Care Planning into Primary Care: Use of an Electronic Health Record to Prompt Advance Directive Completion  
30487 FR421A The Role of an Outpatient Kidney Palliative Care Program: A Patient's Story
30489 FR422B Co-Modal Art Therapy: Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Create a Personalized Tool for the Emotional Assessment Toolbox
30490 FR420C Advance Care Planning Documentation Practices and Accessibility in the Electronic Health Record: Implications for Patient Safety
30492 FR421C Challenges and Lessons Learned in Supporting a Patient's Choice to Voluntarily Stop Eating and Drinking (VSED)
30493 FR420D The Associations between Parental Status, Treatment Preferences, and Advance Care Planning among Adults with Metastatic Cancer
30495 FR421D Synsepalum Dulcificum: Help for Patients with Alterations in Taste from Chemotherapy
30496 FR430 The Practice of Palliative Medicine in Developing Countries—Part Two
30497 FR432 Palliative Care: Bringing It Home
30498 FR433 Evolving from Individual Wellness to Departmental Wellbeing:  How to Achieve Resilience and Longevity in Palliative Medicine
30499 FR434 Pediatric Palliative Care: On the Road to...
30500 FR435 Sojourn's Scholars Present In the Expert's Studio: Communication Strategies
30501 FR436 View from the Other Side: What Can We Learn from Palliative Care Professionals Who Became Patients?
30502 FR437 Parenting with Life-limiting Illness: Strategies to Support Families with Dependent Children
30503 FR438 Am I Really Any Good At This? Exploring and Managing the Imposter Phenomenon in Palliative Care
30504 FR439 Behavioral and Psychotic Symptoms of Dementia vs. Delirium in Hospice: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management in the Long Term Care Setting: Part 1
30505 FR441A Is Fentanyl Patch End-Of-Dose Failure Associated with Body Mass Index?
30506 FR441B The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Patient-Reported Symptoms and Quality of Life: A Report from The PEDIQUEST Study  
30507 FR442B A Bridge to Family Healing: The Case of an Infant with Critical Congenital Heart Disease and Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia
30508 FR441C Disconnecting Pain: Neurosugical Interventions for the Treatment of Inctractable Cancer Pain  
30509 FR441D Universal Precautions for Opioid Prescribing in Ambulatory Palliative Care
30510 FR442D 'We Didn't Come All This Way for You': The Challenges of Providing Palliative Care for Children Who Travel to America Seeking a Cure
30511 FR450 The “R” Word (Retirement): Planning for Career Transitions and Life After Hospice and Palliative Care
30512 FR451 I Don't Qualify for a Liver Transplant - Now What? "What is the Role of Palliative Care in End-Stage Liver Disease?"
30513 FR452 Incorporating Bereaved Parents as Facilitators and Educators in Teaching Principles of Palliative and End-of-Life Care
30514 FR453 Documentation Design: Palliative Care Notes in the EHR Era
30515 FR454 Speed Dating: Now For Kids!
30516 FR455 Seizure Bootcamp: Everything You Ever Needed to Know to Manage Seizures in End Stage Disease
30517 FR456 When helping hurts: Iatrogenic effects on the patient-caregiver dyad
30518 FR457 Is there Accountable Care for Community Base Programs for the Seriously ill?
30519 FR458 Don't Limit Me"": Discussing Serious News with Intellectually Disabled Adults ""
30520 FR459 Not Quite There Yet: Striving to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Palliative Care Workforce
30521 FR460 Immunotherapy 101
30522 FR461A Palliative Care from Cancer Diagnosis for All: Memorial Sloan Kettering’s “One-Two-Three” Program
30523 FR462A Neuroaxial Analgesia as a Key Treatment to Achieve Staying Home for Cancer Patient with Pain from Malignant Psoas Syndrome
30524 FR461B Using a Best Practices Advisory (BPA) Alert Tool to Identify and Enhance Outpatient Palliative Care (OPC) Referrals for Stage 4 Cancer Patients  
30525 FR462B A Mind Numbing Tale of Two Tails: A Re-Emergence of Lidocaine Infusions for Refractory Neuropathic Pain Syndromes and Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia
30526 FR462D Tincture of Time: Consideration of a Time-limited Trial -- It's Not Always about Death and Dying!
30527 FR471 Cancer Immunotherapy: The Changing Landscape for Palliative Care and Hospice
30528 FR472 Your Prayers are Answered: A Simulation Based Interdisciplinary Curriculum
30529 FR473 Partnering with Payers to Meet the Needs of Pediatric Palliative Care Patients
30530 FR474 Behavioral and Psychotic Symptoms of Dementia vs. Delirium in Hospice: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management in the Long Term Care Setting: Part 2
30531 FR475 Speed Dating with the Pharmacy Ladies: PharmaOnly.com
30532 FR476 Tears in the Cloud: Facing Serious Illness and Grief in the Digital Age
30533 FR477 Coding and Billing Jeopardy-Play with the Experts
30534 FR478 Integrating Palliative Care for Patients with Hematologic Malignancies: Lessons Learned and Strategies to Ease Integration
30535 FR479 Scrappy and Resourceful: Multi-setting Palliative Care in Rural America
30536 FR480 Anticipating Death in Children and Adults with Childhood Onset Severe Central Nervous System Impairment: a Case Series Review
30537 FR481A A Retrospective Review of the Management of Malignant Bowel Obstruction at a Large, Teritiary Cancer Care Center
30538 FR482 An Interactive Educational Exchange
30539 FR481B Factors Predicting Platelet Transfusions at the End of Life in Cancer Inpatients
30540 FR481C Illness Understanding, Prognostic Awareness, and End of Life Care after Drainage Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy for Malignant Bowel Obstruction in Metastatic Gastrointestinal Cancer  
Item Code Saturday, March 17, 2018
30541 CAMBIA Emerging Leadership: Finding Your Voice and Highest Value Through Focused Leadership
30542 103 State of the Science: Update in Hospice and Palliative Care
30543 SA500 And Yet It Was a Blessing"": Psychodynamic Insights for Well-Being while Coping with Serious Illness ""
30544 SA501 Defining the Disease in DT-LVAD: A Comprehensive Approach to a Complex Continuum of Care
30545 SA502 2018: Targeting the Pusher: Beyond Going Beyond Senna and Colace for the Management of Constipation in Hospice
30546 SA503 Alternative Payment for Palliative Care: Getting from Here to There
30547 SA504 Opening the Black Box: How Interventional Radiology Can Help Our Patients in Hospice and Palliative Care
30548 SA505 Trauma-informed Palliative Care: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Assessing and Treating Patients and Families with Trauma- and Stress-related Symptoms
30549 SA506 Making the Case for the C Suite: Using Leadership Insights and Strategic Resources To Put Your Pediatric Palliative Care Program in Prime Time
30550 SA507 The SAFEST"" Way to Navigate Substance Abuse - A Talking Map for Difficult Situations""
30551 SA508A An Electronic Clinical Decision Support Tool to Assist Hospital Physicians with Prognosis: Development and Mixed Methods Evaluation
30552 SA508B Capturing Dignity
30553 SA508C Quality Improvement Yields Quality of Life:  A Palliative Care Tissue Donation Collaborative  
30554 SA508D Introduction of Triggers for Palliative Care Consultation Improve Utilization and Satisfaction within a Level IV NICU  
30555 SA511 The Practice of Palliative Medicine in Developing Countries—Part Three
30556 SA512 'What I really need right now is to hear from other parents with a child like mine'
30557 SA513 What Do You Mean You Are Going to Stop the Statin?!"": Communication Techniques for Deprescribing""
30558 SA514 "I have a terrible sore throat I'm itching and haven't slept in days": Pharmacopalliation of Mucositis Pruritus and Insomnia in Hospice and Palliative Care Patients
30559 SA515 Ketamine and Depression: Is It Ready for Primetime?
30560 SA516 A Guide for Palliative Medicine Clinicians Taking Care of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Patients Using a Whole Person Care Approach
30561 SA517 Air Out There: Options for Non-invasive Respiratory Supports and Safe Transitions from ICU to Hospice
30563 SA519A Tell-Tale Heart: Special Considerations for Total Artificial Heart
30564 SA518B Factors that Impact Family Perception of Preference-Concordant Care at the End of Life  
30565 SA519C Bending the End Trajectory: The Illusion and Disillusion of Euthanasia in Hospice
30567 SA521 Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking: Ethical Analysis and Clinical Approach
30568 SA522 I’m Confused! Should I Be Using Drugs to Treat Delirium or Not?  
30569 SA523 Watch Your Mouth: Expanding Awareness of Clinical Language to Promote Quality Care and Culture Change
30570 SA525 Global Palliative Care: Improving The Quality of Spiritual Care in Global Palliative Care
30571 SA526 Moving Forward Together: Enhancing the Oncologist-Palliative Care Clinician Relationship for Co-management Care Models
30572 SA527A The Experience of Healing for Family Caregivers following the Death of a Loved One in the Intensive Care Unit
30573 SA527B The impact of reiki versus massage on symptoms for hospitalized patients: a single rural academic center prospective cohort study
30574 SA527C Independent Hospice Home Visits by Hospice Fellows: Meeting Educational Milestones by Fostering Self-Reflection
30575 SA527D Characteristics of Persons with Severe Dementia in Home Versus Residential Care Settings


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