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 22710 - Complete INS 2014 Conference -All sessions Audio Slides with Synchronized Audio, Plus MP3 files $339.00   
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This interactive multimedia product features video of All sessions PowerPoint slides with Synchronized live Audio from the International Neuropsychological Society 2014 Annual INS Meeting! Watch the slides while listening to the synchronized audio, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource.

BONUS: Also includes MP3 audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened live. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource.


FileName Title Speaker
22711 CE Workshop 1: Clinical Trials in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: Challenges and Solutions T. Hart, J. Whyte
22712 CE Workshop 2: Defining Neuropsychological Deficits Associated with ADHD and Response to Stimulant Medication: A Decade of Progress Based on Studies of Neuroanatomy, Neurochemistry, and Neurodevelopment J. Swanson
22713 CE Workshop 3: Aging and Everyday Functioning: Measurement, Correlates and Intervention M. Schmitter-Edgecombe, S. Farias
22714 Student Lecture: Function and Anatomy of the Temporal Lobe Memory System R. Bauer, E. Bigler
22715 CE Workshop 4: Clinical fMRI: New applications for Neuropsychological Research and Practice S. Bookheimer, A. Lenartowicz
22716 CE Workshop 5: Ethical, Clinical, and Research Considerations for Cultural Neuropsychology J. Manly
22717 CE Workshop 6: Behavioral Interventions to Prevent or Delay Dementia G. Smith, M. Chandler Greenaway, J. Fields, D.Locke
22718 Invited Address: Toward the Development of a Rehabilitation Treatment Taxonomy: A Conceptual Framework  J. Whyte
22719 CE Workshop 7: Prism Adaptation, Motor Training, and Spatial Neglect A. Barrett
22720 CE Workshop 8: Cognitive Aging and Dementia: Is White Matter what Matters? A. Brickman
22721 Invited Address: Mild Cognitive Impairment Comes of Age G. Smith
22722 Symposium 1: The Changing Nature of Executive Control in Preschool: Using Statistical Modeling to Situate Neuroscience in Development K.A. Espy, J.P. Garza, C.A. Clark, J.M. Nelson, A.R. Schutte
22723 Paper Session 1: Language and Aphasia (Progressive and Non-progressive) D.Szeles, S.M. Antonucci, M.L. Henry, N. Milano
22724 Invited Address: Hemodynamic Factors Underlying the Pathogenesis and Clinical Expression of Alzheimer’s Disease A. Jefferson
22725 Invited Address: Update on Acute Effects and Early Recovery after Mild TBI: Lessons from Sports Concussion Research M. McCrea
22726 Invited Symposium: Ecologically Valid Assessment in Neuropsychology D.R. Dawson, T.D. Parsons M.Schmitter-Edgecombe, E. Bromley
22727 Symposium 2: Diffusion Tensor Neuroimaging and Cognitive Development from Birth to Young Adulthood J. Williams, K. Osipowic, K.E. Patrick, J. Zamzow, A. Tart-Zelvin
22728 Paper Session 2: Aging and Dementia V.A. Guzman, G. Weissberger, J.S. Skinner, B.M. Bettcher, B. Reed
22729 Featured Debate: Best Practices for Enhancing Cognitive Recovery: Restoration, Compensation, and Can we Tell the Difference? J. Whyte
22730 Paper Session 3: Child and Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer S. Na, B.C. McDonald, T.M. Brinkman, L.M. Jacola, K.R. Krull, H.M. Konklin
22731 Symposium 3: Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease: Biomarkers, Functional Relevance, and Preventative Strategies O.C. Okonkwo, D. Rentz, C. Roe, C. Pettigrew, K. Rodrigue
22732 Birch Lecture: A Social Neuroscience Perspective on Adolescent Risk-Taking L. Steinberg
22733 Student Panel: Presented by the INS Student Liaison Committee Panel
22734 CE Workshop 9: This is Your Brain on Weed: The Neuropsychological Impact of Marijuana and Alcohol Use in Adolescence S. Tapert
22735 CE Workshop 10: Neuropsychology and Real World Functional Assessment Success, Barriers and What the Future may Bring M. Schultheis
22736 Invited Address: Why is Autism More Common in Males? S. Baron-Cohen
22737 Symposium 4: Global Neuropsychology D.J. Schretlen, S.M. Hofer, A.L. Gross, C. Sullivan
22738 Paper Session 4: Child and Adolescent TBI A. Arenivas, M. Amaya-Hodges, S. Jivani, S. Heverly-Fitt, C.L. Hendrix
22739 Symposium 5: Item Response Theory and Rasch Analysis in Neuropsychology: Modern Methods for Refining, Calibrating, and Interpreting Measures C.E. Tyner, S.R. Millis, L.E. Gibbons, M.L. Thomas
22740 Invited Address: Age-related Memory Decline: New Insights from Imaging, Genetics, and Biomarkers A.J. Saykin
22741 Invited Symposium: Clinical Trials of Behavioral Interventions in Neurologic Patients : Developing Evidence S. Dikmen, D.M. Ehde, J.R. Fann, K. Bell
22742 Symposium 6: Neuropsychology, Technology, and the 21st Century R. Kane, T.D. Parsons, E.D. Bigler, A.J. Chen, M. Cullum
22743 Symposium 7: Early Life Experience and Late Life Cognitive Change B. Reed, D. Mungas, R.J. Melrose, L.Barnes, L.B. Zahodne, P. Boyle
22744 Presidential Address: Traumatic Brain Injury - The Challenge to Improve Outcome J. Ponsford
22745 Ceremony to honor INS Executive Secretary Robert Bornstein: Reflections on a Quarter Century
22746 CE Workshop 11: Assessment and Enhancement of Decisional Capacity and Informed Consent: Ethical, Methodologic, and Pragmatic Considerations B.W. Palmer
22747 CE Workshop 12: Individual, Social-environmental, and Treatment related Influences on Long-term Functional Outcomes of Early Childhood TBI: Implications for Intervention S.L. Wade
22748 Invited Symposium: Sifting through the Smoke: Uncovering the Impact of Marijuana Use on Neurocognition R. Gonzalez, T.D. Marcotte, S.F. Tapert, K. Lisdahl
22749 Symposium 8: Big-C, little-c: Brain-Behavior Bases of Exceptional and Everyday Creativity R.M. Bilder, S.B. Kaufman, O. Vartanian, R.E. Jung
22750 Paper Session 5: Adult TBI J.E. Douglas, K.S. Chiou, S. McDonald, J.D. Medgalia, E.W. Twamley
22751 Symposium 9: Vascular mechanisms contributing to the pathogenesis and clinical expression of Alzheimer’s disease A.L. Jefferson, M.W. Bondi, A.M. Brickman, D.J. Libon, R. Au
22752 Paper Session 6: Psychopathology, Emotion and Motivation J.G. Keilp, J. Scott, M. Calamia, S. Terzyan, Y. Noniyeva, E. Dobryakova
22753 Paper Session 7: Executive Functions M. Feigon, N.T. Bott, D. Whiteside, K. Carbine, K.F. Hoth


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