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 *Complete INS 2016 Conference -All sessions Audio Slides with Synchronized Audio, Plus MP3 files $339.00   
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This interactive multimedia product features video of All sessions PowerPoint slides with Synchronized live Audio from the International Neuropsychological Society 2016 Annual INS Meeting! Watch the slides while listening to the synchronized audio, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource.

BONUS: Also includes MP3 audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened live. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.


Item Wednesday, February 3, 2016  
26591 CE 1. Functional MRI: The History, Basics, Cutting Edge, and Future Peter A. Bandettini, PhD
26592 CE 2. Science and Practice Considerations for Bilingual Neuropsychology: A Focus on the Hispanic/Latino Community Melissa Lamar, PhD
Maria T. Schultheis, PhD
26593 CE 3. Advancing Developmental Science Through the Application of Pediatric
Neuropsychology in Africa
Michael Boivin, PhD
Bruno Giordani, PhD
26594 INS Student Liaison Committee Workshop Event: Social Competence in Pediatric
Neurological Disease & Injury
Keith O. Yeates,
Miriam Beauchamp
26595 CE 4. Characterizing and Guiding Brain Plasticity Across the Lifespan Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD
26596 CE 5. Cognitive Aging in the Digital Era: Role of Global Partnerships Rhoda Au, PhD, MBA
26597 CE 6. Dynamic Considerations in Neuropsychological Assessment of Depressive Disorders: State, Trait, Scar and Burden Scott A. Langenecker, PhD
26598 Plenary A. The Human Brain Connectome and Cognitive and Affective Function: Normal
Individual Variability, Aging, and Neurodegeneration
Brad Dickerson, MD
Item Thursday, February 4, 2016  
26599 CE 7. Chemical Exposures and the Nervous System:
Clinical Findings and Research Evidence
Roberta White
26600 CE 8. Mild Cognitive Impairment and Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease: Concepts in Need of Input from Neuropsychology¹ Mark Bondi
26601 Paper Session 1. Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Adult Ethan Johnson, Brian Biekman,
Denise Krch, Alexandra Clark,
Joshua Sandry, Benjamin Hill
26602 Paper Session 2. Medical/Neurological Disorders, Adult Katherine Possin, Michael
Kopelman, Mitzi Gonzales,
Roy Kessels, Sarah Villard,
Theone Paterson, Keenan Walker
26603 Symposium 1. Malformations of Cortical Development and Cognition Karen Blackmon, Albert Galaburda,
Rod Scott, Brandon Korman,
Bernard Chang
26604 Symposium 2. Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging in Alcohol Use Disorders: a Better
Understanding for a Better Treatment
(Does not include Donald Bliwise presentation - Not authorized for recording)
Anne Lise Pitel, Pierre Maurage,
Hélène Beaunieux, Edith Sullivan,
Marsha Bates
26605 Plenary B. There’s More There: Extracting New Information From the Functional MRI signal using Novel Acquisition and Processing Methods Peter A. Bandettini
26606 Invited Symposium 1. The Contributions of Neuroimaging to Understanding Autism Deborah Fein, Inge-Marie
Eigsti, Vinod Menon, Robert
Schultz, Adriana Dimartino
26607 Symposium 3. Neuropsychology’s Role in Preventing, Understanding, and Treating Alcohol and Marijuana Use in Adolescents and Young Adults Lindsay Squeglia, L. Bidwell, Joanna Jacobus, Joseph Schacht, Staci Gruber
26608 Symposium 4. Chaotic Order, Language Connectivity, and a Generalizing Treatment of
Stephen Nadeau, Diane Kendall, Anastasia Bohsali
26609 Paper Session 3. Aging Emily Shaw, Kevin Manning, Laiss Bertola, Laura Zahodne
26610 Plenary C. Modulating Brain Networks to Promote Recovery from Brain Injury Alvaro Pascual-Leone
26611 INS Arthur Benton (Mid-Career) Award Presentation: The Evolving Role of Neuropsychological Investigations in Multiple Sclerosis Ralph Benedict
26612 Invited Symposium 2. Sleep and Cognition Ian Colrain, Mark Aloia
26613 Paper Session 4. HIV/AIDS Kathryn Devlin, Laurie Baker,
Kaitlin Casaletto, J.Anitha Menon
26614 Symposium 5. Genes, Neuropsychology, and Child Psychopathology Alysa Doyle, Erik Willcutt,
Christie Burton, Nicoletta Adamo,
Larry Seidman
26615 Symposium 6. Elucidating Depressive Symptom, Cognitive, and Affective Dimensions through Integrated Neuropsychological and Cognitive Neurosciences Shawn McClintock, Vonetta Dotson, Scott Langenecker,
Michael Treadway
Item Friday, February 5, 2016  
26616 CE 10. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and the Postconcussion Syndrome: How Does the Science Translate to Clinical Practice? Michael McCrea and Grant Iverson
26617 Paper Session 5. Dementia 1 Annie Racine, Kathryn Papp, Caitlin Watson, Timothy Hohman, Belinda Yew, Stephanie Schultz, Elizabeth Boots
26618 Paper Session 6. Medical/Neurological Disorders, Child Jamie Piercy, Johanna Calderon, Shannon Scratch, Rachel
Wasserman, Michelle Fox,
Christine Mrakotsky,
Christy Casnar
26619 Symposium 7. Advances in Understanding the Organization and Cognitive/Behavioral
Functions of the Cerebellum
Carol Armstrong, Catherine
Limperopoulos, Karin Walsh,
Daniel Smith, Mark Mahone
26620 Symposium 8. Deployment Trauma: Insights from the TRACTS Cohort on the Clinical,
Cognitive, and Neuoranatomical Effects of Mild TBI and its Comorbidities in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans
Catherine Fortier, Alexandra Kenna, Melissa Amick, Victoria Poole,
Benjamin Trotter, Grant L. Iverson
26621 Plenary E. The Statistical Crisis in Science Andrew Gelman
26622 Invited Symposium 3. Genes, Environments and their
Interplay in Cognitive Aging and Dementia
Nancy Pedersen, William Kremen, Matt McGue, Margaret Gatz, Sudha Seshadri
26623 Paper Session 7. Imaging and Neuropsychology Tawny Meredith-Duliba, Erin Bigler, Alissa Butts, Arnab Roy, Robert Bilder, Lisanne Jenkins, Alyssa Ailion
26624 Symposium 9. Social Cognition and Function After Child TBI: Relation to Imaging Harvey Levin, Nicholas Ryan, Miriam Beauchamp, Talin Babikian, Brian Biekman
26625 SLC Panel Discussion Event, Presented by the INS Student Liaison Committee: The Internship & Post-doctoral Match: An Insider’s Guide for Trainee Success Jeff Baker, Amy Heffelfinger, Kelly Jones, Kristina Patrick
26626 Symposium 10. Risk and Protective Factors for Outcomes in MS and Sports-Related mTBI Peter Arnett, Victoria Merritt,
Dede Ukueberuwa,
Jessica Meyer, Margaret Cadden
26627 Symposium 11. Neurotoxicants and the Etiology of Neurodevelopmental Disorders:
A Multidisciplinary Approach
Amy Margolis, Julie Herbstman,
Virginia Rauh, Larry Seidman
26628 INS Early Career Award Presentation: Non-pharmacologic Treatment of Memory Deficits in Mild Cognitive Impairment Ben Hampstead
26629 Paper Session 8. Executive Functions/Frontal 1 Brianne Bettcher, Mario Dulay, Ashley Miller, Jennifer Donelan
26630 Paper Session 9. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Katherine Bangen, Corinne
Pettigrew, David Libon,
Brianne Bettcher
26631 Paper Session 10. Cancer Yin Ting Cheung, Heather Conklin,
Stefanie Vuotto,
Adrienne Studaway
26632 Plenary F. The Development of Executive Functions: Principles and Strategies for Aiding that and Differences by Genotype and Gender Adele Diamond
26633 Plenary G (The INS Presidential Address). Developing Neuropsychology in
Developing Countries: An African Perspective
Ann D. Watts
Item Saturday, February 6, 2016  
26634 CE 11. War and the Brain: Neuropsychological Alterations among Returning Veterans Jennifer J. Vasterling
26635 Invited Symposium 4. Cognitive Rehabilitation and Neuroimaging in Clinical Populations John DeLuca, Nancy D.
Chiaravalloti, Natalia Ojeda,
Matcheri S Keshavan, Erin Bigler
26636 Paper Session 11. Pediatric Neuropsychology Carolyn Denton, J. Cobb Scott, Raul Gonzalez, Veronica
Hinton, Kathryn Mangin,
Lara-Jeane Costa, Eva Troyb
26637 Symposium 12. Health Factors Related to Cognitive and Neural Plasticity Elizabeth Leritz, Andreana Haley, Scott Hayes, Michelle Voss, David Salat, William Milberg
26638 Symposium 13. Risk Factors in the Development of Executive Functioning in Children Rachel Weber, Susanne Duvall, Theresa Lafavor
26639 Paper Session 12. Executive Functions/Frontal 2 Paul Cirino, Kelly Jones, Peter Isquith, Jennifer Greene
26640 Paper Session 13. Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Child Jessica Faber, Elisabeth Wilde, Ilirjana Hyseni, Ashley Ware, Soheil Afshar, Chelsea Morse, Sharon Nichols
26641 Symposium 14. Driving is More than Cognition: Integrating Evidence Across
Neuropsychological Populations
Maria Schultheis, Kristina Patrick, Anna Graefe, Ann-Marie Raphail, Elizabeth Whipple
26642 Symposium 15. Resilience to Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease: Evidence from Imaging and Biomarker Studies Ozioma Okonkwo, Prashanthi
Vemuri, Anja Soldan, Dorene Rentz, Stephanie Schultz,
Sylvie Belleville
26643 Paper Session 14. Dementia 2 Anna Blanken, Jason Hassenstab, Mehul Trivedi, Alexandra
Minor, Neelesh Nadkarni, Benjamin Coleman, Angela Jefferson
26644 Symposium 16. Disentangling Autism Symptomology Across Pathologies: Investigations of Shared Phenotypic Traits Brian Willoughby, Drew Coman,
Jill Pineda, Kimberly Dooley
26645 Symposium 17. Predictors and Outcomes of Pediatric Concussion: Insights from the
Prospective, Multicenter 5P Project
Miriam Beauchamp, Brian Brooks, Michelle Keightley, Keith Yeates


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