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 Heartland Hypnosis 2023 - Full Confrence MP3 Audio Package $149.00   
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Full Conference MP3 Audio Recordings Set

The Heartland Hypnosis 2023 conference audio recordings from April 28-30, 2023.

This is the Complete Conference Audio Package of every presentation recorded live as MP3 audio files. Listen to the sessions, exactly as they happened live. Have the complete collection shipped to you on a USB flash drive, or download them today.


Speaker Title
Jennifer Norris-Nielsen Dynamic Metaphor Creation - Magic Ears for Clients
Charles Scot Giles Hypnotic Micro Practice
Joseph Onesta Hypnosis and The Metabolic Revolution
Christian Skoorsmith Tinnitus - A Problem That Often Falls on Deaf Ears
Doug "Howie" Jones Breaking Up With Food - Hypnosis For Weight Loss
Anna Margolina Building Energy Boundaries in Hypnosis
Peter Blum What? Confusion, Ambiguity, and Vagueness - Creating Uncertainty
Sean Michael Andrews Unusual Inductions
Grant Saunders Performing Hypnosis Don't Be a Chicken
Denis Ridgeway Increase Income or Clients with Stage Hypnosis
Erick Känd Travel Hacks for Stage Hypnotists
Dale Wittick CPCU Stage Hypnosis Insurance, Risk, and Liability
Terry Blome Every Hypnotist Should Have One Go To Rapid Induction
Brian Powers, Sailesh Jiawan, and Grant Saunders How to Handle the Tough Shows
Michael DeSchalit How to Produce Your Own Show - Four Walling in Vegas
Maggie Minsk Hypnosis to Soothe the Vagus Nerve - Polyvagal Theory to Heal Trauma with Hypnotism
Robin Gensburg Relaxation Techniques For Your Hypnosis Practice
Amber Rose Cox The Divided Mind
Connie Holmes How Your Clients Write Their Own Script - Ask the Right Questions
Jeffrey Richards Take Action Now with Dynamic Storytelling
Christian Skoorsmith Trance-Gender - Working with Transgender Clients
Jeffrey Richards The $100,000 Stop-Smoking Funnel
Jim Kellner Kill it on Social Media
Jeff Benink Working with Gen Z, the Largest Generation 27%
Eric Kendall Banks Practicing Safe Hypnosis - Minimize Your Risk
Caryn Bird Your Money Story and How It Holds You Back
Cheryl Kearns Our Connection to Spirit with Dowsing and Hypnosis
Charles Scot Giles Keynote - Accessing the Spiritual Core of Hypnotism - Hypnotism as Soul Medicine
Jeffrey Richards The Shamanic World of David St. Clair
Theresa Micheletti Experience the Hall Of Healing Meditation
Sandra Grace Integrative Kundalini Reiki and Hypnosis
Sharron Magyar Healing the Broken Hearted
Claudia Rickard An Interactive First Session Presentation
Charles Scot Giles Hypnotism and Cancer - How to Help and What NOT TO DO
Lisa Sigsworth Retrain for Reframe - Reframing Trauma, Grief, and Anxiety
Larry Garrett Transitioning From a Successful Stage Hypnosis Business to a Successful Clinical Practice
Brian David Gilbert How to Setup and Perform a Successful Prom Hypnosis Show
Mark Howell Mentalism and Stage Hypnosis - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Brian David Gilbert and Sailesh Jiawan Learn How to Do Rapid and Instant Inductions and Practice Sessions
Matt Dickson Making Metaphors in the Moment
Larry Garrett How to be Successful with Every Client
Anthony Gitch The Q.E.D Consult - Question Explain Demonstrate
William Mitchell Your Clients Want the WOW! The Magic! The Hypnotic Phenomena
Sandra Grace Why Add Integrative Coaching to Your Practice
Michele Burghardt Stop Trading Time for Money and Grow Your Practice
Gabrielle Fiorentino Grow Your Business with After Life Integration Counseling for the NDE and OBE Experiencers
Eric Kendall Banks Practicing Safe Hypnosis - Minimize Your Risk 2
Michael DeSchalit Hypnosis - How I use Hypnotic Techniques in Corporate Speeches and Consulting
Theresa Micheletti Mirroring, A Form of Channeling for Everyone
Caryn Bird My Spiritual Awakening Changed My Business - A Judgement Free Discussion
Sharron Magyar and Anastasia Lindsey Creative Shamanism - Accelerate Your Evolution
Christian Skoorsmith Tinnitus - A Problem That Often Falls on Deaf Ears 2
Jo Moon How I Do Successful Sports Psychology Sessions!
Sara Moore Improvisation in Hypnosis - Yes, And… Then What?
Amber Rose Cox ENERGY, ENERGY, ENERGY - Let's play!
Anna Margolina Reprogramming Emotional Body Imprints in Hypnosis
Stage Panel Hypnotists Share Their Experiences from Over 20 Shows Conducted Last Night
Terry Stokes Reflections of a Stage Hypnosis Legend
Connie Holmes How Your Clients Write Their Own Script - Ask the Right Questions 2
Mike Lips Countering the Belief Hypnosis is Demonic
Joseph Onesta Hunger and Cravings, a Cognitive Reframe
Jennifer Norris-Nielsen Imaginative Chair Therapy - Emotional Shift Space!
Mike Lips How to Have a Religious Hypnosis Practice
Karen Glavin How I Stayed In Business for 3 Decades - Don't Quit!
Doug "Howie" Jones Kinesthetic Inductions
Anthony Gitch Digital Marketing and the Social Media Monster
Peter Blum Tuning Your Clients
Leonid "Lenny” Khodosov Shamanic Techniques with Hypnosis
Peter Blum Myth Metaphor - Symbolic Unconscious Communication


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