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 . Complete 2011 ILTCI Conference DVD-ROM -All sessions PowerPoint with Synchronized Audio

Take the conference home with the Complete Conference Package on DVD-ROM !

The 2011 ILTCI Complete Conference DVD-ROM is now available for a limited time only at the special price of $119 (regular price is $179). This price includes FREE shipping and handling.

This interactive multimedia DVD-ROM features All sessions live Audio Synchronized with PowerPoint slides from the 2011 The 11th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference! Watch the slides while listening to the synchronized audio, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource. All presentations in Windows Media Video format.

Synchronized PowerPoint and Audio - Video Sample:     (Keynote Speaker Steven W. Mosher)


Sales Pt1 LTCI Sales & Marketing Training Marathon Exhibitors - Part 1

A training marathon dedicated to those who want to do a full dive into long term care insurance from recognized experts: Margie Barrie, Harley Gordon, Skip Liddell, Jesse Slome. Each of these experts brings years of experience and insight into the LTCI marketplace.

Margie Barrie, Skip Liddell, Jesse Slome - Overview of LTCI insurance as an essential, relevant product for today a mid and the impact of Health Care Reform, the Class Act and the Pension Protection Act.

Harley Gordon - Establishing need and estate conservation for your clients, recognizing the financial impact of long term care costs on retirement planning and the impact of government programs.

Margie Barrie - Ins and outs of LTCI: how it works, its essential features, the meaning of Partnership programs, and the market LTCI best serves. Includes case studies and action plans.

Skip Liddell, Margie Barrie - Challenges of incorporating LTC into the Agency.

Jesse Slome - Growing your LTC clientele through on-line and social marketing.

Jesse Slome, Margie Barrie - The Marketplace: How to get more prospects, generate referrals and close more sales.
Sales Pt2 LTCI Sales & Marketing Training Marathon Exhibitors - Part 2

Sales Pt3 LTCI Sales & Marketing Training Marathon Exhibitors - Part 3

Sales Pt4 LTCI Sales & Marketing Training Marathon Exhibitors - Part 4

Welcome Conference Welcome

Keynote Keynote Speaker Steven W. Mosher

Steven W. Mosher is an internationally recognized authority on population issues, an acclaimed author and speaker, and the president of the Population Research Institute (PRI). Steve has appeared numerous times before Congress as an expert in world population growth trends. Steve has made TV appearances on Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, 20/20, EWTN, FOX News, and CNN, as well as being a regular guest on talk radio shows across the nation. Articles by Steve have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, The New Republic, The Washington Post, National Review, Reason, The Asian Wall Street Journal, Freedom Review, and numerous other publications. Steven Mosher lives in Virgina with his wife, Vera, and their nine children

01 CLASS 101

With the passage of CLASS, a major milestone in reforming LTC financing has emerged. What is the status of this new initiative and how will it impact our industry? This session offers a primer on basics of the history of CLASS, key components to date, implementation status update and key issues confronting the program.
Speakers: Lawrence, Laura   Tell, Eileen   Garner, Connie  
Producers: Cutler, John  
Specialty Fields: Policy and Providers
Session Type: Panel Discussion
02 Long-Term Care: Setting Short-Term Goals

This session will walk through top conditions for Long-Term Care claim, effects of co-morbidities and prognosis for change.(e.g. improvement, recovery, stability, etc.) There will be a focus on best practices for setting claimant expectations and recovery, and managing positive claim outcomes through ongoing care coordination.
Speakers: Heidenreich, Wayne   Watson, Lori   Wagner, Carey  
Producers: Cummings, Claudia  
Specialty Fields: Claims Managers, Care Managers, Actuaries, Claims Customer Service
Session Type: Panel Discussion
03 Hepatitis B & C: What is the Long Term Care Risk?

- Understand the progression of liver disease with hepatitis B & C
- Describe the impact of co morbid factors on the progression of hepatitis B & C
- Describe the long term care risk of chronic hepatitis B & C
- Describe the impact of hepatitis B & C on long term care claims
Speakers: Margolis, Bruce   Rahn, Shelley  
Producers: Brown, Robert  
Specialty Fields: Underwriting
Session Type: Case Studies
04 Partnership Packs a Punch

Round Table Discussions with State Insurance Regulators: Interactive: YOU and Industry Representatives, Field Experts
and Regulatory Overseers

Table 1: States that Say YES, and how they did it
Table 2: Telling Reports at HHS
Table 3: Partnership Goes Group
Table 4: Out in the Field
Speakers: Rink, John   Carswell, Tom   Honey, Dan  
Producers: Hamby, Kathy   Perkins, Rod  
Specialty Fields: Compliance professionals, Marketing staff, Operations staff, Group staff, Regulatory Reporting, State Regulators, Law, Goverment Relations, Trade Professionals
Session Type: Interactive Forum
05 Self-Service

How do you make the business case for self-service tools? What tools are available and used in LTC as well as other industries? Self-service for insureds, Employers, Brokers - How do you effectively roll it out and keep it useful?
Speakers: Snavely, Laura   Grassie, Barbara  
Producers: Snavely, Laura  
Specialty Fields: Compliance,Group,Operations
Session Type: Panel Discussion
06 Marketing Linked Benefits - 1035 Exchanges

Discuss views on 1035 exchanges and how to market Linked Benefits from experts in the industry.
Speakers: Pellicano, Mark   Burkle, Doug   Friedrich, Carl   Hamilton, Michael  
Producers: Reilly, Tom  
Specialty Fields: Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Panel Discussion
07 After the LTCi Think Tank

The 2010 LTCi Think Tank was held following the conference last year where leaders from within the industry discussed current challenges facing the industry and potential solutions. During this session panelists will share the results of the Think Tank session within the following key areas:

- distribution,
- environment/government interaction,
- market perception, and
- product design and affordability.

Audience participation is encouraged through discussions and the use of live polling. This session is designed for attendees from all tracks.
Speakers: Pahl, Amy   Schoonveld, Steve   Loomis, Roger   Teppema, Sara  
Producers: Schoonveld, Steve  
Session Type: Interactive Forum
08 Moderately Adverse Experience and Pricing Implications - Interactive Forum

This session is intended to gather pricing actuaries and regulators together to address premium adequacy under the Moderately Adverse Experience requirement. The audience is encouraged to participate in the discussion.
Producers: Bushey, Jason  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial - Pricing and Valuation
Session Type: Interactive Forum
09 STP - Straight Through Processing: Let's kick it into gear

The LTC industry takes an indepth look at how Straight Through Processing (STP) can provide solutions to our business needs.We'll show you how to eliminate redundancies; decrease cycle time and NIGO while increasing effeciences & placement ratios.
Speakers: Riekse, Tom   Sykora, Scott   Slades, Michael   Chartrand, Chris  
Producers: Latham, Sandra  
Specialty Fields: Claims,Operations
Session Type: Interactive Forum
10 Understanding Our Client Base

How can you increase sales to senior clients? How can you ensure career growth in a senior-focused industry? What can we learn to help us better serve our clients with dignity and respect? Come to this innovative session that looks at seniors/elders from a different perspective; presented by Ms. Kay Huth (Caregiver/Retired Health Operations Director for American Family Insurance) and Mr. Chris Perna (Eden Alternative). These two speakers will share insight into what is important to seniors/elders and their families, in order to help us serve our clients better.
Speakers: Perna, Christopher   Huth, Kay  
Producers: Bencomo, Jacqueline  
Specialty Fields: Sales Managers, Agents, Claims Managers, Claims Customer Service, Operations, Customer Service, Call Center Managers
Session Type: Panel Discussion
11 Medical Directors Forum

Selected Medical Directors field topics from a moderator and the attendees for open discussion
Speakers: Heidenreich, Wayne   Margolis, Bruce   Lovejoy, David  
Producers: Liston, Denise   Swaim, David  
Specialty Fields: Claims, Underwriting, Actuarial, Field Marketing, Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Open Forum
13 CLASS Act and the Employer Group Market

The offer of CLASS poses both challenges and opportunities for employers. THose without a current LTCI offering will have to decide whetehr to offer CLASS and how to handle its mandatory opt-out feature. Employers with a LTCI program will have to decide whether to offer CLASS as an alternative, supplement, or not at all. What is the level of interest and awareness among employers?
Speakers: Goldstein, Peter   Lucas, Peter  
Producers: Lucas, Peter  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial,Compliance,Field Marketing,Group,Operations,Policy and Providers
Session Type: Panel Discussion
14 Is 5% Enough?

Participation rates for GLTC programs continue to hover around the 5% mark. But is that enough to sustain a program for the long term? Our panel of experts will discuss this issue from three perspectives - risk, sales and implementation - as well as share their insights into ways to measure and improve participation in the future.
Speakers: Levin, Jeff   Jones, Dianne  
Producers: Ames, Cathi-Lynne  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial,Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Panel Discussion
15 Pricing and Assumption Setting in the Current Environment

This session will address the many questions pricing actuaries regularly face:
- What are the recent trends in lapse, interest and the claim cost curve?
- What is the impact of inflation, spousal discount levels, claim utilization and claim payment approaches?
- How broad are the industry definitions for the provision for moderately adverse deviations?
- Improving morbidity and mortality - is there an industry trend and does it apply to your insured population?
- How has aggregate industry experience changed in recent years?
- What considerations are necessary when applying industry tables and studies to your line of business?
- What are the actuarial tools and techniques best practices?
- How should the actuary provide, demonstrate and maintain support for pricing and valuation assumptions?
- Would a standard valuation table benefit the industry?
Speakers: Gagne, Roger   Helwig, Dawn   Schoonveld, Steve   Hanes, Robert   Koklefsky, Barry  
Producers: Schoonveld, Steve  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial
Session Type: Panel Discussion
16 Homecare Providers & LTC Insurers: Working Together to Meet Claimant Needs

This session will look at the relationship that currently exists between the insurers and homecare providers. What are insurers' concerns about utilizing a homecare provider for their members (record keeping, billing practices, care plans, etc.)? What challenges do homecare providers run across when looking to service an insurer's member (verifying benefits, HIPAA, etc.)? What are the compliance concerns/implications from both sides?
Speakers: Forsell, Angela   Boldizsar, Gary  
Producers: Boldizsar, Gary  
Specialty Fields: Policy and Providers
Session Type: Panel Discussion
17 Unique Challenges of Managing Cash Benefits

This session will explore the nuances of risk management of an LTC cash benefit.
Speakers: Vestergaard, Brian   Forsell, Angela   Robertson, Cheryl  
Producers: Bush, Cheryl  
Specialty Fields: Claims Managers, Risk Managers, Claims Customer Service, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Underwriting Managers
Session Type: Panel Discussion
18 Panacea or Problem: Point/Counterpoint on CLASS

Opinions about CLASS are highly divergent. Some say it will raise the bar on long term care awareness and make coverage accessible to those who previously could not qualify or could not afford it. Others see CLASS as a non-viable initiative facing insurmountable problems with consumer acceptance, adverse selection and employer participation. So is CLASS the best thing or the worst thing to emerge out of health care reform? Will it be the boon or bain for the LTC insurance industry?
Speakers: Goldstein, Peter   Greene, John   Moses, Stephen   Garner, Connie   Richards, Rhonda  
Producers: Greene, John  
Specialty Fields: Policy and Providers
Session Type: Debate
19 Comparing LTC, Life and DI Underwriting Outcomes

Comparing the underwriting outcomes in selected vascular cases for LTC, Life and DI.
Speakers: Markes, Ann   Holowaty, Carl  
Producers: Diffley, Pete  
Specialty Fields: Underwriting, Actuarial, Field Marketing, Home Office Marketing, Compliance
Session Type: Interactive Forum
20 Compliance Monitoring of Social Media

Social media is a rapidly growing form of communication that presents both business opportunities and compliance and legal risks. This session will provide a foundation of the benefits and risks associated with the use of social media by employees, producers, policyholders, claim examiners, investigators and others. Hear tips and strategies for addressing and mitigating these risks and best practices for practical implementation.
Speakers: Cercelle, Timothy   Foudree, Bruce   Mills, Howard  
Producers: Smyth, Karen  
Specialty Fields: Compliance Professionals, State Filers, Advertising Compliance staff, Marketing Materials Creative Staff, Home Office Marketing, State Regulators, Law, Market Conduct Staff, Claims Staff
Session Type: Panel Discussion
21 What Keeps Marketers up at Night

Three passionate and experienced marketers discuss the state of the industry…the challenges and the opportunities…from a marketing point of view. Questions will be posed to each marketer. Possible solutions to the challenges will be offered. Ideas on how to take advantage of the opportunities will be proposed.

Some of the questions: Do we have viable products, or do we need a basic product redesign? Will the current actuarial assumptions be validated and allow carriers to stay in the game? What changes are needed to increase distribution and sales? What new marketing directions are going to lead to greater industry health? How significant will be: the employer market, relationship building, distributor alliances, internet selling, the 3in4 campaign, selling with or against CLASS, social media, etc.

What thoughts keep you up at night? Allow your thinking to be refined by insights revealed in this session.
Speakers: Goldberg, Mark   Gelbwaks, Peter   Williams, Scott  
Producers: Brownstone, Louis  
Specialty Fields: Field Marketing,Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Panel Discussion
22 Hot Topics in LTC

Join in as the panel discusses and debates current topics facing long term care insurers and producers. The panel will provide their opinions from different perspectives including Management, Actuarial, Sales, Marketing, Claims and Underwriting.

Topics will include cash/indemnity benefits, assisted living facilities, remote selling, simplified underwriting, calendar day elimination period and more.
Speakers: Jones, William   Sullivan, Phillip   Plumb, David   Cook, Cam   Burns, Keith  
Producers: Burns, Keith  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial, Claims, Field Marketing, Underwriting
Session Type: Debate
23 Dramatic Changes in LTCI Industry: How Reverse Mortgages May be the Answer

Speakers: Banner, Michael   Bell, Peter   Stucki, Barbara  
Producers: Banner, Michael  
Specialty Fields:
Session Type: Panel Discussion
25 Straight Thru Claim Processing

There has been much progress in advancing straight through processing (STP) in the acquisition space – imaging, workflow, electronic apps. But, how much progress has been made in the claims space, and how much is possible?
Speakers: Gross, Chad   Dampier, Bob   Grosner, Rich   Sykora, Scott  
Producers: Capizzi, Terese  
Specialty Fields: IT Professionals, Claims Executives, LTC Administrators, Compliance Professionals, Requirements Managers
Session Type: Panel Discussion
26 Enabling Claimants to Maximize Independence

This session summarizes key findings from the Long-Term Care Admissions Cohort Study. The study provides comprehensive demographic, health and attitudinal profiles of individuals with private long term care (LTC) insurance policies at the time that they begin using LTC services and follows them through the decision-making process with regard to how and why to use services in particular care settings (i.e. the home, assisted living or nursing facilities). The study illuminates how and why people transition between care settings throughout their course of disability and also what role care management plays in that process.
Speakers: Ruddock, Joyce   Miller, Jessica   Holland, Dr. Stephen  
Producers: Tell, Eileen  
Specialty Fields: Claims,Policy and Providers
Session Type: Workshop
27 The Challenge of Identifying Early Cognitive Impairment

A neurologist who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and management of Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders (ADRD) and a clinical neuropsychologist who oversees activities related to the behavioral health aspects of DI & LTC underwriting provide their insights into cognitive case issues.
Speakers: Lovejoy, David   Shankle, William  
Producers: Chambers, Amy  
Specialty Fields: Underwriting, Claims, Actuarial, Field Marketing, Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Lecture
28 Oops!

Mistakes. They happen. At every company. Every day. Rules – laws, regulations, industry standards, internal policies – are broken. Usually unintentionally. Usually out of ignorance. But they happen. Every day. What separates companies, their advisors and leaders is how they react to the mistakes. In this course, attendees will work through several interactive case studies to learn how to help their clients handle mistakes. – identify them, scope them, solve them, admit them and prevent them.
Speakers: Reeder, Patrick  
Producers: Reeder, Patrick  
Specialty Fields: Compliance Staff, State Regulators, Management, Law, Government Relations
Session Type: Case Studies
29 CLASS: Friend or Foe?

Assuming that the audience is familiar with the CLASS Act, this session will first discuss the pressure groups and political forces that created CLASS, and more importantly, how critical they will be in deciding: (1) will CLASS be implemented at all, and (2) how and when would CLASS be implemented if it remains the law of the land. What changes in the law are being contemplated by Secretary Sibelius and the Congress? What predictions can we make now, as more details are revealed and discussed about CLASS?

This background will be utilized to discuss how to position CLASS in our marketing efforts, assuming that it is implemented. Should we sell with it or against it? What will be the effects of CLASS on the employer market? On the individual market? Should carriers design a "CLASS supplement" policy? Should they illustrate an apples and apples comparison? Will the federal funds used to market CLASS help us or hurt us? Can we take advantage of CLASS to sell more private LTCI and revitalize our industry?

A leading actuary and two leading distributors will have a frank and open discussion, and differing views will be encouraged. They will attempt to reach "the bottom line" of the CLASS debate.
Speakers: Comfort, William   Schoonveld, Steve   Fisher, Barry  
Producers: Brownstone, Louis  
Specialty Fields:
Session Type: Debate
30 How to Sell to Boomers: Life Stage Planning

The nation's 78 million baby boomers have $2.5 trillion and control 75% of total household net worth. They represent a treasure trove of opportunity for the Long Term Care insurance market. Boomers are educated, tech-savvy and convenience-driven. Health is their most important asset, with financial security a close second.

Marketing and selling to boomers requires new skills. This is not a throw-it-up-against-the-wall audience. Their confidence in advertising has been eroded to an all-time low, and as tomorrow's digital consumers, they trust recommendations of friends more than brand messaging.

Successfully marketing and selling Long Term Care insurance to boomers relies on three core principles:

1. Actionable Intelligence A capacity to gather, analyze and interpret consumer data to create a complete snapshot or predictive understanding of LTCi prospect characteristics-purchasing habits, lifestyle or lifestage attributes, and psychographic profiles.

2. Engagement Marketing Telling prospective LTCi customers what you stand for, why you are different, and what value you deliver compared to competitors means moving from brand monologue to customer dialogue, with low-engagement traditional marketing overtaken by "tradigital", interactive social engagement.

3. Solution Selling Leading LTCi companies will claim a market position as the trusted, expert advisor providing value-based solutions: a focus on consumers' pain points that can connect with them logically and emotionally with relevant, personalized LTCi solutions.
Speakers: Gale, Janet   Resnick, Lindsay  
Producers: Noonan, Terry  
Specialty Fields: Field Marketing,Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Lecture
31 Maximizing the Outcome of Your Rate Increase Filing

LTCI rate increases can be time-consuming and costly, sapping the energy and resources of many departments across your organization. This session will focus on helping you maximize the positive outcomes of your efforts for your organization.
Speakers: Benz, David   Pahl, Amy   Carswell, Tom  
Producers: Benz, David  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial
Session Type: Panel Discussion
32 Social Media

Social media has received a lot of attention but it hasn't necessarily been presented in a way that connects the technological innovations with our traditional customer base. While it's important to note how the millennials prefer to receive information, they aren't currently the primary purchasers of LTCi. Within Social Media, what is available that will help you grow your business or service your customers. Other topics could include: Compliance and Filing implications of using Social Media, Social Media and the changing demographics of LTCi Customers, Web/Phone Self-Service.
Speakers: Cercelle, Timothy   Foldenauer, Adam   Foudree, Bruce   Mills, Howard   Sanders, Jack   Graham, Howard  
Producers: Foldenauer, Adam  
Specialty Fields: Field Marketing,Group,Home Office Marketing,Operations
Session Type: Panel Discussion
33 Marketing LTC in the Current Environment

2010 was probably the most turbulent year in the history of the LTCi industry. This turbulence has created new marketing barriers to overcome and new marketing ideas to take advantage of in 2011. These issues will be discussed by the leader of a major carrier, an expert on LTCi and consumer behavior, and a leading distributor.

The issues include: concerns about industry confidence; actuarial problems; product redesign potential; CLASS competition with private LTCi; the overall market potential; influences on consumers; the role of the media; consumer perceptions of the need, the products and the carriers; the individual market vs. multi-life; alternative distribution; and finally, the view from the trenches.

The purpose of this session is to discuss new marketing ideas which you can use and help lead the industry to success in 2011.
Speakers: Cheung, Malcolm   Hagelman, Ronald   Wooster, Laura  
Producers: Brownstone, Louis  
Specialty Fields: Field Marketing,Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Interactive Forum
34 Washington Watch: What's up in Washington DC?

Having reached the half-way point in the Obama administration, with a looming new health care reform bill having passed Congress, there is lots going on in Washington that has important implications for consumers, insurers, providers and employers. This session looks critically and current events in Washington and what they mean for our industry.
Speakers: Morgante, Sam   Blancato, Bob  
Producers: Cutler, John  
Specialty Fields: Policy and Providers
Session Type: Open Forum
35 Interstate Compact "101": A Primer

An educational session regarding how the Interstate Compact will support long term care insurance, including the development and approval of contract language, supporting actuarial documentation and associated advertising material.
Speakers: Krol, Miriam   Schutter, Karen   Roche, Marie  
Producers: Roche, Marie  
Specialty Fields: Compliance Professionals, State Filers, Pricing Actuaries, Advertising Compliance, Marketing Material Creative Staff, Home Office Marketing, Law, Government Relations, Trade Professionals
Session Type: Workshop
36 Group Policy and Account Management

Typically carriers focus on implementing a case more than the follow-on relationship/account management. What are some best practices to keep an account satisfied and growing. If you don't take care of them, be prepared to lose them. Transfer cases present a complex choice for a certificateholder - Do I stay with what I have or move to a new carrier? How do Employers support that communication? How does Compliance play a role? How do carriers work together to best support the customer? Might want to use case studies and examples (Employer changes carriers, Carrier leaves the business, Customer with claims during the transfer period, etc.)
Speakers: Turro, Diane  
Producers: Levin, Jeff  
Specialty Fields: Group,Management,Operations
Session Type: Panel Discussion
37 Designing the Right Product to Increase Market Penetration

As an industry we have only tapped into less than 10% of the market for Long Term Care Insurance. We must find a way to reach the remaining 90% of the market so that they are protected against the costs of future Long Term Care events. We have 3 experts willing to share their perspectives on innovative product designs to increase market share.
Speakers: Abraham, Loida   Drucker, Jay   Swanson, Mary  
Producers: Noonan, Terry  
Specialty Fields: Field Marketing,Home Office Marketing,Policy and Providers
Session Type: Interactive Forum
38 Prevention Management: Potential Impact on LTC Claims Experience

Part of the recent health care reform legislation includes a variety of programs designed to support health and wellness as well as new initiatives to manage individuals with chronic conditions. Health insurers and managed care companies are exploring new models to deliver higher quality and more efficient care to elders. The purpose of this session is to explore some of these innovations and determine if there are opportunities for LTC carriers to either adopt or partner with some of these organizations for the betterment of policyholders and claims cost improvements.
Speakers: Cohen, Marc   Carbonell, Josefina  
Producers: Cohen, Marc  
Specialty Fields: Claims
Session Type: Interactive Forum
39 Morbidity Improvement

Improvement in LTC morbidity in combination with declining mortality rates can have profound consequences for lifetime disability and associated LTC/LTCI costs. Eric Stallard will report the results of his recent LTC Morbidity Improvement Study which updated and extend the prior analyses.

A morbidity improvement study based on the most recent National Long Term Care Survey is being conducted. The focus is the changes over time in activities of daily living and critical illness morbidity rates and their impact on changes on lifetime disability.
Speakers: Stallard, Eric   Kastrup, Laurel  
Producers: Kastrup, Laurel  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial
Session Type: Lecture
40 Claims Experience for Carriers with Large In-force Blocks

This session will cover the original pricing expectations and differing actual claims results for five hot topic items in the LTC industry:
- Medical Necessity Trigger,
- ALF coverage,
- Informal Caregiving,
- Alternate Plan of Care, and
- Restoration of Benefits.

We will also review how operational decisions impact claim reserves, financial results, capital needs and experience analysis and premium re-rating decisions. This session will be of interest to both LTC pricing and valuation actuaries and to both clinical and operational Claim Department professionals.
Speakers: Jacobs, Loretta   Polignone, Laurene   Klever, Dave   White, Jennifer  
Producers: Jacobs, Loretta  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial,Claims
Session Type: Panel Discussion
41 Critical Findings in LTC Insurance Buyer and Non-Buyer Behavior

This session summarizes key findings from the 4th generation of AHIP’s buyer and non-buyer studies, including results from a general population survey as well. This study provides us with a 20-year perspective on factors motivating and inhibiting purchase behavior. Key trends which have sustained over time are identified, as well as new emerging factors of importance in reaching our target markets. This year’s survey provides unique insights into consumer attitudes about health care reform, the CLASS Act and the new DRA Partnerships for long Term Care.
Producers: Tell, Eileen  
Specialty Fields: Policy and Providers, Field Marketing
Session Type: Panel Discussion
42 Opposite Opinions or on the same Page Part II

- 1st Day Home Care - How important is it? Do people get underwritten differently with and without it? How do the claim payments actually work?
- 90 Day Precertification - How is that being handled at claim time? How is it being marketed? Has the underwriting philosophy changed over the past decade with this provision?
- Preferred vs. Standard - are we giving discounts where appropriate? How does that influence claims?
- Policies with a partial cash benefit - How are the claims handled when the insured can switch back and forth from reimbursement to cash each month? Is it the newest trend in LTC? How is Underwriting different or the same?
Speakers: La Pierre, Stephen   Liston, Denise   Gelbwaks Gewirtz, Julie  
Producers: Swaim, David  
Specialty Fields: Claims,Field Marketing,Underwriting
Session Type: Interactive Forum
43 Mock Deposition

Only three things are guaranteed in life: death, taxes and the fact that sooner or later you or someone you work with will be deposed in a legal action. This is not an episode of Law & Order; this is the real thing. Your testimony matters. Carriers get sued everyday, and eventually those carriers must designate witnesses to testify on the company's
behalf. When your name is called, will you know what to expect? The simplest changes in your day-to-day routine can mean the difference between a win and a loss. We will present you with a number of mock deposition scenarios so you can give effective testimony on the company's behalf when your name is called.
Speakers: Smyth, Karen   Rafalko, Michael   Reeder, Patrick  
Producers: Serfass, Stephen   Rafalko, Michael  
Specialty Fields: Management Staff, Law, Compliance Professionals, Claim Adjudicators, Risk Management Professionals
Session Type: Interactive Forum
44 Effective Management of Supplier Relationships

Effectively managing third-party relationships (i.e. vendors, TPA's)
Speakers: Corbett, Jim   Cuneo, Tom   Bellin, Chad   Bauer, Barry   Ilyas, Adil  
Producers: Corbett, Jim  
Specialty Fields: Management,Operations
Session Type: Panel Discussion
45 Tapping into a New Distribution Channel - Health & Benefit Brokers

As the CLASS Act inches closer and Heath Care Reform is likely to impact benefit brokers, an opportunity for LTC Insurance has been created. Join this session to learn more about working with health & benefit brokers and learn about all of the "do's and don'ts" as it relates to this distribution channel.

- Worksite marketplace update
- A benefit firm's view of healthcare reform
- Relationship-building techniques
- Best practices for working with benefit brokers
- Marketing to benefit brokers
Speakers: Skeins, Mike   Manning, Jerry   Covill, Christopher  
Producers: Cain, Steven  
Specialty Fields: Field Marketing,Home Office Marketing
Session Type: Interactive Forum
46 Assisted Living in the LTCI World

This session will focus on how claim adjudicators can work through evolving issues and the changing model of care that is seen in ALFs.
Speakers: McGuinness, Mary Lou   Bersani, Maribeth   Kusel, Allison  
Producers: McGuinness, Mary Lou  
Specialty Fields: Claims Managers, Executives, Actuaries
Session Type: Panel Discussion
47 Advanced Topics Related to Valuation: I'm an IFRS, I'm a PBR, I'm a GAAP

• Implications/calculations/issues of IFRS on LTC GAAP reserves and PBR for LTC Stat reserves
• Should active life reserves be held for disabled policies?
• Waiver of premium reserves
• When a rate increase occurs, what are the implications to reserves?
• Under what circumstances should stat ALR’s increase? Can they ever decrease?
• What happens to tax reserves if stat reserves are changed?
• What is the general impact of tax reserves and changes to them?
• When would tax reserves change?
Speakers: Schmitz, Allen   Kastrup, Laurel   Berger, James   Gustafson, Tim  
Producers: Berger, James  
Specialty Fields: Actuarial
Session Type: Panel Discussion
48 Rate Increases - Reality in Today's LTCI Marketplace

In today's environment, in force rate increases have become a reality. This session will have a panel made up of a third party administrator, a company executive and a successful LTCI producer who will all talk with you about in force rate increases. They will share best practices, lessons learned and policyholder behavior. See if you know how policyholders reacted through audience participation.
Speakers: Anatole, Jodi   Brownstone, Louis   Kent, Lane  
Producers: Werner, Louise  
Specialty Fields: Marketing, Operations
Session Type: Panel Discussion

The CEO Forum is open to all conference attendees and provides a backdrop to interact with individuals who lead the LTCI line of business at their respective companies. The panelists include the following individuals:

Brad Buechler, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
Mike DeKoning, Munich American Reassurance Company
Jim Glickman, LifeCare Assurance Company
Marianne Harrison, John Hancock Life Insurance Company
Matt Sharpe, Genworth Financial
Steve Sperka, Northwestern Mutual

Attendees will hear the CEO perspective on various topics of interest facing our industry today and will also have the opportunity to share their views with the CEOs through Q&A and live polling. Potential discussion topics include the following:

- Successes and lessons learned over the past year
- The future viability of LTCI
- Update on CLASS
- Challenges facing our industry - Outcomes from the 2010 LTC Think Tank
- Perspectives from industry representatives (providers, TPAs and agents)
- New product initiatives

Please join us for an interesting and informative session that you will not want to miss.
Speakers: Glickman, James   Harrison, Marianne   Buechler, Brad   Sharpe, Matt   Sperka, Steve   DeKoning, Mike  
Producers: Kerr, David  
Specialty Fields:
Session Type: Panel Discussion


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