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 . Complete 2012 ILTCI Conference DVD-ROM -All sessions PowerPoint with Synchronized Audio

Complete 2012 ILTCI Conference DVD-ROM -All sessions PowerPoint Synchronized with Live Audio

Take the conference home with the Complete Conference Package on DVD-ROM !

This interactive multimedia DVD-ROM features All sessions live Audio Synchronized with PowerPoint slides from the 2012 The 12th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference! Watch the slides while listening to the synchronized audio, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource. All presentations in Windows Media Video format.


Academy Practice Note Revisions and NAIC Model Regulation Issues
Session Description:
Many individuals have volunteered their time to help revise the Academy Practice Note and to discuss pricing, moderately adverse experience and rate increase issues associated with the NAIC Model Regulations. Attendees of this interactive forum will get the latest updates and have the chance to add their own commentary. Discussions will include efforts from the following work groups and more.

- Academy Practice Note
- SOA/Academy Pricing Work Group
- NAIC Rating Subgroup
- SOA/Academy Refinement Work Group
Session Speakers:
Dave Hippen, FSA, MAAA 
Life & Health Actuary, Missouri Department of Insurance Warren Jones, FSA, FCA, MAAA 
Vice President and Actuary, Transamerica Life & Protection Tomasz Serbinoski, Ph.D., FSA, MAAA 
Actuary, Utah Insurance Department Missy Gordon, FSA, MAAA 
Actuary, Milliman

After Further Review: Independent Review of Benefit Eligibility Denials
Session Description:
Discuss the origins of Independent Review in health care and how it has moved to long-term care. We will discuss the law, the requirements that IROs and insurance carriers must follow when conducting an independent review. We will give advice on how insurance carriers can prepare a case for review and educate a review organization to the nuances of long-term care insurance before they submit their case for review.
Session Speakers:
Stephen La Pierre, MBA, NHA, HFA 
President & Director of Review, LTCI Independent Eligibility Review Specialists, LLC Marie Roche
Assistant Vice President, John Hancock Life Insurance Company Mark Allyn
Director, Risk Management, MedAmerca, LTC Operations

An Insider's View of Home Office Marketing
Session Description:
Learn how marketers of 3 leading carriers view LTC marketing challenges and opportunities.
Session Speakers:
Carrie Haubensak
Product & Distribution Marketing Manager, Mutual of Omaha Joel Mier
Vice President of Product & Services Marketing, Genworth

Applying Technology to Compliance
Session Description:
Helping compliance officers better understand how technology can assist in the protection of documentation versus a paper world.
Session Speakers:
Stephanie Eades
Director, LTC Regulatory Compliance, Transamerica Life and Protection Mike Bridges
President, PaperClip, Incorporated

Approaches to Address Middle Market LTC Needs
Session Description:
In recent years, national conversations on long-term care financing have been frequent. Few have studied the needs, means and purchase behaviors of the middle mass market. This session will focus on the solutions that currently exist for the middle mass, review affordable examples of those that would be better meet their risk profile and needs, and examine the reasons consumers do not purchase coverage.
Session Speakers:
Dr. Mark Meiners, PhD 
Professor of Health Policy, George Mason University, College of Health and Human Services Steve Schoonveld, FSA, MAAA 
Head of Linked Benefit Product Solutions, Lincoln Financial Group Dr. Gopi Shah-Goda
Research Scholar and Coordinator of the Postdoctoral Fellows Program, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)

Are Your Reinsurance Operations in Jeopardy?
Session Description:
This session will provide the opportunity to discuss with a panel of experts from various functional disciplines the key 'data' elements needed from a Reinsurers perspective to Price, Underwrite, Reserve, and Pay Claims on an assumed block of risk.
Session Speakers:
Kevin Darter
Business Leader A&H, GE Employers Reassurance Company Joseph Furlong, LTCP 
Associate Director of Claims, RGA Reinsurance Company Gretchen McRae
Chief Risk Officer, AEGON USA Melissa Svoboda
Internal Audit & Corporate Governance Departmen, LifeCare Assurance Company

Can you Hear me Now?
Session Description:
Implementing a Voice of the Customer program creates value for your organization and a satisfied customer. Complaint mitigation, first call resolution and surveys are just part of the call center tools to improve performance.
Session Speakers:
Sharon Reed
Senior Vice President, Corporate and Policyholder Services, Penn Treaty Network America DeDe Maddox
Director of LTC Customer Service, Genworth Tonya Gray
Director, Policyholder Services, Transamerica Life & Protection

Claims Roundtable
Session Description:
This session will be an open forum where audience participation is not only welcomed but encouraged. The session will be moderated with a selection of key expert participants to initiate conversations but the goal is to provide a venue for open dialogue. We will broach a number of industry related topics on practice and process which are conducive to promoting long term financial health for your company. Topics will include Leveraging Technology, Operations Management, Developing Quality Controls, Claims Forecasting, and Personnel Development.
Session Speakers:
Christine Michals-Bucher
Vice President, CNA Jenny Goodyear
Director of Operations, Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (SHIP) Rita Bennett
Director of Training, Consumer Relations and Quality, Bankers Life and Casualty

Clash of the Titans: Moses vs Gordon on Medicaid and other Dark Matter
Session Description:
Watch two of the foremost experts on long term care insurance financing and public policy debate the most important challenges facing the private long term care industry. The speakers will begin from the point of whether Medicaid has crowded out the market for private long term care insurance by providing a safety net for millions who can afford to protect themselves, or whether in fact Medicaid makes it easier for the adept seller of private long term care insurance to frame the sale to its true intended target market, the relatively affluent upper middle class. They will then move on to debate why more people dont buy private LTCI, how Medicaid and other entitlements should be structured, and what must be done to ensure that the country as a whole is prepared for unprecedented LTC demand.
Session Speakers:
Paul Forte
Chief Executive Officer, Long Term Care Partners, LLC Harley Gordon
President, CLTCC Stephen Moses
President, Center for Long Term Care Reform, Inc.

Cognitive Impairment: You Already Told Us That Story
Session Description:
1) Review the recently published new diagnostic criteria of MCI, pre-AD and AD
2) Describe potential impact new criteria might have on clinical medicine over the next several years
3) Update the current status/direction of Alzheimer's research
4) Discuss the role of screening for cognitive impairment in the primary care setting - tools used and value
Session Speakers:
Dr. Bruce Margolis, DO, MBA 
Medical Director, Long Term Care Division, Genworth Financial Dr. Maria Carrillo, PhD 
Senior Director, Medical & Scientific Relations, Alzheimer's Association

Combos Marketing/Pricing Synergy
Session Description:
This session will examine the approaches/considerations, product features, and a general market impression of the combo market value proposition to potential and existing policyholders. We will discuss insurance products that combine life insurance or annuities with long-term care insurance, which are quite different from the stand-alone long term care insurance product in terms of its product features, markets and financial characteristics. This session will also review results from an SOA/ILTCI-sponsored research paper that is scheduled to soon be published, titled "Pricing Synergies of Combination Plans Featuring Life or Annuities with LTC."
Session Speakers:
Carl Friedrich, FSA, MAAA 
Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman Michael Hamilton, FSA, MAAA 
AVP, Linked Benefit Product Leader, Lincoln Financial Group James Allen
Lincoln Financial Distributors Linda Chow, FSA, MAAA 
Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Inc.

Emerging Areas of LTCI Litigation
Session Description:
With humor and whimsy, this session uses a game show format to identify and analyze new and emerging areas of litigation in the field of LTC insurance. While litigation is no laughing matter, putting some fun in the topic draws in the audience and educates while it entertains.
Session Speakers:
Vice President, LTC Risk Management, Prudential Insurance Company of America Patrick Reeder, Esquire 
Attorney, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young LLP Michael Rafalko
Attorney, Drinker, Biddle & Reath LLP

End of Life Care: LTCI Impact
Session Description:
Many elderly people spend their final days in nursing homes. For them, high-quality end-of-life care is an important component of their overall care. Unfortunately, the Medicare hospice benefit - the primary source of palliative care coverage for Medicare beneficiaries - is a poor fit with the nursing home setting. This sessions explores options for creating a separate end-of-life Medicare benefit and the implications of that for nursing homes, other providers and the LTC insurance industry which provides a hospice care benefit to coordinate with Medicare.
Session Speakers:
David Stevenson, PhD 
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School Gretchen Alkema
Vice President, Policy and Communications, The SCAN Foundation Dr. Stephen Holland
Cheif Medical Officer, Univita

Funding Longevity Using Reverse Mortgages
Session Description:
Still surrounded by misinformation and half truths the reverse mortgage has emerged as a truly one of the few legitimate options in assisting seniors with affording their LTCi. Eliminating a seniors monthly mortgage payment gives them financial freedom to purchase the LTC products and services they so badly need says Michael Banner, President of the American C.E. Institute. This session will separate myth from reality.
Session Speakers:
Peter Gelbwaks, CLTC 
Chairman, Gelbwaks Executive Marketing Corp William Comfort, CSA, CLTC 
Owner, Comfort Assurance Group, LLC Michael Banner
Founder, American CE Institute, LLP Dr. Barbara Stucki, Ph D. 
Vice President, National Council on Aging

Future Actuarial Tools: Defining Moderately Adverse Experience w/Simulation
Session Description:
Insurance companies and regulators struggle to define and agree upon what moderately adverse experience means in an LTC context. Is this caused by the industry relying upon outdated tools? In this session, the presenters will discuss the advantages of using Monte Carlo simulation to quantify the risks inherent in LTCI, with emphasis on how it can provide a framework for defining moderately adverse experience.
Session Speakers:
Peggy Hauser
Senior Vice President, Actuarial Services, Univita (formerly LTCG) Amy Pahl, FSA, MAA 
Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Inc. Roger Loomis, FSA, MAAA 
Systems Development Actuary, Actuarial Resources Corp. (ARCVAL) Dr. Stuart Klugman, FSA, CERA, PhD 
Staff Fellow, Society of Actuaries

Future Actuarial Tools: Understanding and Refining Simulation Models
Session Description:
Monte Carlo Simulation models provide a wealth of detailed results, including statistical distributions of cash flow and reserve projections. However, these distributions can be misleading if the models parameters are misestimated. Given the uncertainty in the models parameters, what do Monte Carlo models really tell us? In this session, panelists will present advanced techniques to correctly represent uncertainty in the models parameters. Presenters will discuss the implications, strengths, and weaknesses of simulation models.
Session Speakers:
Peggy Hauser
Senior Vice President, Actuarial Services, Univita (formerly LTCG) Amy Pahl, FSA, MAA 
Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Inc. Roger Loomis, FSA, MAAA 
Systems Development Actuary, Actuarial Resources Corp. (ARCVAL) Dr. Stuart Klugman, FSA, CERA, PhD 
Staff Fellow, Society of Actuaries

Future of Genetic Testing
Session Description:
1) Review types of genetic testing and inheritance patterns
2) Overview what's available today and how used
3) Describe concept of genomewide association studies
4) Overview of current direct-to-consumer genetic testing
5) Describe potential timeline to personalized medicine
Session Speakers:
Dr. Wayne Heidenreich, MD 
Medical Director, Northwestern Mutual Dr. Bruce Margolis, DO, MBA 
Medical Director, Long Term Care Division, Genworth Financial Dr. Robert Stout, PhD 
President/Associate Director, Clinical Reference Laboratory

Healthcare Reform and the Future of Long Term Care
Session Description:
National thought leaders discuss the impact of Health Care Reform from varying perspectives including private Long Term Care insurance, the provider community and the employer.
Session Speakers:
Gary Jacobs
Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Universal American Financial Corporation Mark Parkinson
President & CEO, American Health Care Association Jeff Ellis
Vice President and CFO, Corporate Benefits, MGM Mirage

How to Associate with Associations
Session Description:
Who are the best prospects? Is the larger or smaller target better? What's the cost, and how does it work?
Session Speakers:
Steve Dozier
President/CEO, AIMS Benefit Solutions Joseph Pulitano, CLTC 
President, Advanced Resources Marketing

How to Become a Billion Dollar Industry Again
Session Description:
Key marketers recommend new selling models. How do we change public perceptions about LTCI? Can our product appeal to middle class markets?
Session Speakers:
Steven Cain, CLTC, CSA 
Executive Vice President, National Sales Leader, LTCI Partners, LLC Buck Stinson
President of U.S. Insurance Products, Genworth Financial Marianne Harrison
President and General Manager - Long Term Care Insurance, John Hancock Life Insurance Company

International Perspectives
Session Description:
How are other countries dealing with LTC financing issue
What are the various public and private experiences
What lessons can be learned for the U.S. system
Session Speakers:
Pamela Nadash
Assistant Professor f Gerontology, University of Massachusetts Peter Bootsma, M.D. 
Counselor for Health, Welfare and Sports, Royal Netherlands Embassy

Keynote Speaker David Smith
Session Description:
David challenges, informs and entertains his audiences on many of the key issues of the near future, in order to stimulate 'out-of-the-box' thinking to help organizations generate new visions, strategies, products and services.

A futurologist, and Chief Executive of Global Futures and Foresight (GFF) - a strategic futures research organization, David's 30 year diverse business career has made him recognizable as one of the world's leading futurists. GFF prepares views of the future on many topics including the Middle East Travel and Tourism industry, the world Insurance markets and visions of the future for the food, real estate, information technology, IT, and communications industries.

Since founding GFF, David has worked with many of the world's largest organizations as well as academic institutions and industry associations. Their insights have led many organizations to embrace change and prepare innovative strategies to renew themselves and generate new growth.

In his 30 year business career he has held senior management positions in large and small organizations. He has been involved in public sector, commercial and financial markets and has held sales, marketing and general management positions in companies such as the UK based DRG group and The US Unisys corporation. Whilst at Unisys he held the position of Strategic Marketing Director for their $2bn global financial services business.
Session Speaker:
David Smith
Chief Executive, Global Futures and Foresight

Lions and Tigers and Nursing Homes OH MY - Fear and the Sale of LTCi
Session Description:
What are we doing right and what's wrong with how we market LTCi to boomers? Hear from an expert in marketing to the baby boomer segment how boomers see themselves and the types of messages to which they do and do not respond.

This session features a lively debaet and dialogue among experts and with the audience on current long term care awareness campaigns in light of suggested messaging approaches.

1) To hear from an expert in marketing to the baby boomer segment about how boomers see themselves and the types of messages to which they do and do not respond.
2) To discuss status of current long term care awareness campaigns in light of suggested messaging approaches.
Session Speakers:
Dr. Jeremy Pincus, PhD 
Principal, Forbes Consulting Group Eileen Tell
Senior Vice President, Product Development and Analytic Services, Univita (formerly LTCG) Laura Vail Wooster
VP, Marketing & Communications, John Hancock Long Term Care Division Cassandra Oshinnaiye
AARP Hunter McKay
Social Science Analyst, Department of Health & Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation Matt Thornhill
Director, Boomer Project Jonas Roeser
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, LTC Financial Partners, LLC

Managing Regulatory Change
Session Description:
This session explores the challenges of tracking relevant legislative and regulatory changes with implications for LTC insurance including the regulatory requirements and administrative challenges of managing a closed block.
Session Speakers:
Jane Brue
Compliance Director, Univita Barbara Llanos
Regulatory Compliance Administrator, LifeCare Assurance Glenn Daly
AVP, LTC Contracts & Legislative Services, John Hancock

Meeting the Needs that CLASS Intended
Session Description:
In the absence of the CLASS, program, how can the LTC financing needs of the working disabled and the middle class be met?
Lessons learned from the CLASS experience
What role can LTC Partnership products play? How has Partnership coverage grown since its availability has expanded to more than 40 states?
In light of the countrys current fiscal situation, what changes to the Medicaid program are likely to occur in the future?
How might these changes impact the appeal of Partnership coverage or of private LTC insurance?
Can we learn something from how other countries have provided for their citizens LTC needs? Has a public/private solution worked elsewhere?
Session Speakers:
Dr. Mark Meiners, PhD 
Professor of Health Policy, George Mason University, College of Health and Human Services Bob Yee, FSA, MAAA 
Fellow, Society of Actuaries Dr. Yair Babad, PHD, CPA ,FILAA 
Professor (Emeritus), College of Business Administration and the Liautaud Graduate School of Business University of Illinois at Chicago

New Frontiers in Filing
Session Description:
Now that filings have begun, what has the experience been with the Interstate Compact? What are the implications of Compact filing procedures with respect to Partnership certification, CLASS wrap and other new product concepts?
Session Speakers:
Marie Roche
Assistant Vice President, John Hancock Life Insurance Company Charles Rapacciuolo
Development Consultant, IIPRC Mary Keim
Manager, L/H Contracts & Compliance, State Farm Maureen Perry
Product Review Consultant, IIPRC

Opposite Opinions or on the Same Page? Part III
Session Description:
This live polling session will focus on relative topics of today such as International Coverage, Does Non-TQ have a place, Linked Benefits and the Forever Free Look and Full Return of Premium. Frank and open conversation between the audience and panel makes this a can't miss session.
Session Speakers:
Denise ListonRN, MBA 
Vice President, LifePlans, Inc. Grace Nogueira, RN 
Vice President of Risk Management, Ability Resources Julie Gelbwaks Gewirtz
Executive Vice President, Gelbwaks Executive Marketing Corp.
Session Producer:
David Swaim
Director of Underwriting/Chief Underwriter, Transamerica Long Term Care

Outsider's View: The State of the LTCI Industry
Session Description:
This session will look at how outsiders (rating agencies, investors/analysts, maybe legislators) view the LTCI industry.
Session Speakers:
Laura Bazer
Vice President-Senior Credit Officer, Moodys Investors Service Stephan Christiansen
Managing Director of Insurance Research, Conning & Company Sean Dargan
Vice President and Senior Analyst, Macquarie Capital (USA), Inc.

Private Caregivers - Turning Lemons into Lemonade
Session Description:
Previously, Private Caregiver (PCG) claims were so difficult to manage and had so much fraud that most LTCIs try to make it difficult for claimants to use PCGs and try to drive them towards using formal providers. Hear how some LTCIs are using innovative new programs that make PCG claims a cost-effective and claims-friendly option. Who ever thought that PCG claims could be good for the claimant, and good for the insurer?
Session Speakers:
Cheryl Bush
Sr. Vice President of Operations, MedAmerica LTC Mary Lou McGuinnessRN, MS 
Director, Care Coordination and Claims, Long Term Care Partners Cheryl Robertson, LPN 
Manager, Benefits Department, MedAmerica LTC Michael Gilbert
President, HireFamily LLC

Recruiting & Retaining the Best
Session Description:
Can we recruit and retain younger agents? What incentives work best? Recruiting career specialists vs. general brokers.
Session Speakers:
Dennis Sunderman
President, ElderCare Insurance Services, Inc. Denise Gott, MBA, CLTC 
National Sales Manager, LTC Financial Partners, LLC

Reducing A Caregiver's Burden: Report on 2 Programs
Session Description:
While the emotional rewards of caregiving are many, it comes with significant burdens in terms of caregiver health, depression, stress, and other factors. This session explores two new initiatives aimed at reducing caregiver burden and strengthening the ability of informal caregivers to continue to provide care with diminished risk to their own health and welfare.
Session Speakers:
Sheila Quirke
Specialist / Dementia Content Expert, Alzheimers Association Dr. Stephen Holland
Cheif Medical Officer, Univita

Regulation and Innovation: Expediting Change
Session Description:
Update from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) LTC Refinement Work Group. The group's purpose is to recommend innovative solutions that encourage further LTCi sales from current and prospective LTCi insurers. The findings will be presented to the NAIC.
Session Speakers:
Perry Kupferman
Supervising Life Actuary, California Department of Insurance Ronald Hagelman, Jr., CLTC, CSA, LTCP 
President, Republic Marketing Group, Inc. Cary Lakenbach, FSA, MAAA, CLU 
President, Actuarial Strategies Heather Majewski, F.S.A. 
AVP and LTC Product Manager, John Hancock Financial Services R. Preston Pitts, CPA, FLMI 
President, Legacy Marketing Group

Regulators for Regulators
Session Description:
Come speak directly with state insurance department representatives on current issues affecting long term care insurance.
Session Speakers:
John Rink
Actuarial Assistant, State of Nebraska Department of Insurance Dan Honey
Deputy Commissioner, Life & Health, Arkansas Department of Insurance Scott Kipper
Commissioner, Nevada Division of Insurance

Reverse Mortgages?
Session Description:
Everything you ever wanted to know about Reverse Mortgages and their relationship with long term care
Session Speakers:
Karim Hatata
Compliance Leader, Genworth Home Equity Access Jim Novack
Jim Milano
Member, Weiner Brodsky Sidman Kider PC

Sales Ideas That Work
Session Description:
Take a Cruise to Success: Innovative Ways to Increase Sales
Session Speakers:
Margie Barrie, LTCP 
National Marketing Coordinator & Principal, Hagelman-Barrie LTC Sales Training Solutions Peter Gelbwaks, CLTC 
Chairman, Gelbwaks Executive Marketing Corp Jonas Roeser
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, LTC Financial Partners, LLC Scott Williams
Vice President of Sales, John Hancock Financial Services Steve Dozier
President/CEO, AIMS Benefit Solutions Katie O'Rourke
Managing Partner, California Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc. Nathan Sanow
Business Development Manager, MasterCare Solutions Inc.

Smart Homes, Robotics, and Changing Care
Session Description:
Hear from a Smart Home expert who has participated in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition projects!
Hear from and elder care robot expert and how robots are serving the disabled today!
Session Speakers:
Pamela Gheysar
Director of Marketing, Gamma Two Robotics Ian Sanders
Director of Sales, SimplyHome, LLC

Smart Tools & Technology - Transforming Aging-in-Place
Session Description:
This session will provide an overview of aging-in-place technologies and highlight the models of care these technologies support ; as well as provide a futuristic insight to aid in the development of LTC product design.
Session Speakers:
Beth Ludden
Senior VP of Product Development, Genworth Financial Dr. William Mann, OTR, PhD. 
Professor, University of Florida Paul Burnstein
Associate Director, LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies

State Scorecard on Long Term Services & Supports
Session Description:
Some states significantly out-perform others in the delivery of long term care services and supports (LTSS) to older adults and people with disabilities. This session discusses a newly released study that examines four key dimensions of state LTSS system performance: affordability and access; choice of setting and provider; quality of life and care; and support for family caregivers. The study assesses each states performance as a whole and on 25 individual indicators, some of which were measured for the first time. The session discusses ways in which this scorecard can help states make and sustain targeted improvements so that people can live and age with dignity in their own homes and communities.
Session Speakers:
LaRhae Knatterud
Director of Aging Transformation, MN Dept of Human Services (DHS) Dr. Susan Reinhard, RN, PhD 
Senior Vice President, AARP Dr. Bruce Chernof, MD, FACP 
President and CEO, The SCAN Foundation Gretchen Alkema
Vice President, Policy and Communications, The SCAN Foundation

Stats You Can Confidently Use
Session Description:
70% of people age 65 will need long-term care - Really? This session is a general topics session and will demysify commonly used statistics and offer data points that you can confidently use. This session will provide relevant and actuarially sounds statistics that you could use and ask the question, are there other statistics worth researching?
Session Speakers:
Dr. Chris Murtaugh, Ph.D. 
Associate Director, Center for Home Care Policy and Research Juliet Spector
Consulting Actuary, Milliman

Straight Through Processing - One Year Later
Session Description:
At last years conference a panel talked to the art of possible technologies in the claims space that enable straight through processing. This year we will engage in an open panel that will look at how technologies have advanced over the year in both the underwriting and claims space for LTC . We will discuss the competencies these technologies have enabled, and the corresponding benefits for LTC. Particular focus will be on what we can learn from other product lines and how to sell the straight through processing concepts in the LTC space.
Session Speakers:
Kevin Kelly
Corporate Vice President & Chief Information Officer, New York Life Insurance Company Pranav Patel
Director of IT Application Development, LifeCare Assurance Company Karen McMahon
Assistant Direct for Long Term Care Operations, Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company

Tech Choices: Where to Place Your Bets
Session Description:
Savvy LTC providers know that despite a lag in technology adoption by the industry, investments in mobility, data sharing and capture can drive down operational costs while improving staff morale, retention and policyholder satisfaction. Our session will take a look at the technologies shaping the LTC landscape, the ones providers should focus on and the business value they can expect when implementing them.
Session Speakers:
David Smith
Vice President, Insurance Consulting Group Camilla Camburn, MSN, RNBC, CCM, CPDM 
Owner, Care Options PLLC

The 1, 2, 3's of STP
Session Description:
Insurance companies run on DATA - and LTCi involves some of the most detailed data of any insurance product. While the industry has brought much focus to data security, very little time has been spent on making sure consistent data is available at the right level of detail across the organization. No insurance business process will be effective if IT has not married that process to the right information workflows. This session aims to discuss a variety of tools and methodologies that have been employed in the industry to make business processes more effective.
Session Speakers:
Laurene Polignone
Assistant Vice President, John Hancock Financial Services Sheila Silva
Chief Technology Officer, Ability Resources Stacey Gabaldon
Account Executive, PaperClip, Inc. Susan Nelson, LTCP 
Director, Project Management Office, LifeCare Assurance Company

The New Dynamics of Group LTCI
Session Description:
Recent dramatic changes have turned the once solid group LTCi market upside down. Market exits by two of the leading carriers followed by substantial rate actions on existing customers and plan closures to new customers have left as many as a 1,000 plan sponsors without an active group long- term care offering. Remaining carriers have become more conservative in their underwriting assumptions and willingness to accept transfer business. Yet the consumer demand for a private financing of long-term care services may be stronger than ever with the demise of the CLASS Act and tightening Medicaid funding. What does the future hold? A panel of industry experts will examine that question from the actuarial, distribution and product perspectives and provide their insights on whether and where the future will be.
Session Speakers:
John O'Leary
President, O'Leary Marketing Associates Loretta Jacobs, FSA, MAAA 
Senior Manager, Ernst & Young Frank Fimmano
Senior Vice President, Aon Consulting Guy Bertsch
Vice President of Long-Term Care Operationns, UNUM

The No Holds Barred Truth on How to Market & Recruit Today!
Session Description:
What's your value proposition? How are you managing your business? How can you better accomplish your goals?
Session Speakers:
Mark Goldberg
President, ACSIA Long-Term Care, Inc. Michael Klein
Director of Marketing, Prudential Insurance Company of America Lisa Barram
Insurance Media Services

Underwriting and Claims: From The Outside Looking In
Session Description:
In this workshop session you will have an opportunity to shape future industry process; underwriting through claims. You will hear from different constituent groups (consumers, providers, agents/brokers) what they would like to see the industry do differently. Take these ideas back to your respective companies and make an impact. Following the session, all ideas generated will be documented and emailed to those in attendance.
Session Speakers:
Kay Huth
Caregiver/Retired Health Operations Director, American Family Insurance Gary Boldizsar
National Accounts Executive, Maxim Healthcare Services Lisa McAree, LTCP, CLU 
President, The McAree Company Angela Palo
VP-Sales/Marketing, Pinnacle Financial Services

Washington Watch
Session Description:
The latest installment in this ever popular session which critically examines 'goings on' in Washington and their implications for our industry. Witty and insightful analyses, commentary and thoughtful speculation.
Session Speakers:
Karl Polzer, MPA 
Senior Director of Policy, National Center for Assisted Living/American Health Care Association Sam Morgante
VP Government Relations, Genworth Financial Bob Blancato
President, Matz, Blancato & Associates, Inc.

What Products Are In Your Toolkit?
Session Description:
Examine products with long term care solutions, what about critical illness, Medicare Supp, Disability? Does life insurance with accelerated benefits work?
Session Speakers:
Barry Fisher, LTCP 
CEO, Barry J. Fisher/Paradigm Insurance Marketing Jay Drucker
Vice President, AIG/American General Mark Pellicano
Director of LTC, Pacific Life

What's Driving Your Product Portfolio: The Dashboard Experience
Session Description:
One cannot build a long-term care insurance product, place it on the shelf and then observe risk free. This session will reach across the actuarial and management lines to share best practices for monitoring and managing your block of business. Audience participation will be expected to build the dashboard while the panel provides industry best practices to support such a robust tool.
Session Speakers:
Steve Schoonveld, FSA, MAAA 
Head of Linked Benefit Product Solutions, Lincoln Financial Group Ross Bagshaw
Principal, DaVinci Consulting Group, LLC Dawn Helwig, FSA, MAAA 
Consulting Actuary and Principal, Milliman, Inc.

Why Get In? Why Get Out?
Session Description:
Many companies have entered and exited the market over the years. Some have even decided to come back after leaving. What factors influence the decision to stay or leave the business? What are the primary concerns of executives in LTC insurance?

This session will examine quantitative and qualitative information that influence this decision. Information from company financial data from the NAIC LTC Experience Forms will be examined and external views of rating agencies and reinsurers will be explored.
Session Speakers:
Mark Costello, FSA, MAAA 
Assistant Vice President and Actuary, Munich American Reassurance Company Allen Schmitz, FSA, MAAA 
Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Inc. Douglas eyer, CFA 
Managing Director, Fitch Ratings

Yellow Pad or iPad?
Session Description:
Examining the various sales tools available today. What tools are best to use when? Advantages and disadvantages of remote selling.
Session Speakers:
Richard Hicks
VP, Marketing LTC, Transamerica LTC Honey Leveen
Owner, Your LTCI Specialist

You and Your Customer: Get Personal
Session Description:
Smart LTCi marketers are getting ahead of the game by combining a deep understanding of prospects' buying habits, personalized interactive social engagement, and high touch customer "UX". Connecting with today's demographically fragmented LTCi customers isn't easy. It takes a commitment to upfront learning that transforms data into information, and information into actionable intelligence - identify specific consumers, their wants and needs, and enter into a personal conversation that addresses their preferences in ways that turn prospects into customers. It also means delivering a superior customer experience, something that's challenged the LTCi industry for years.
Session Speakers:
Lindsay Resnick
Chief Marketing Officer, KBM Group: Health Services Deborah Stewart
Vice President, Strategic Planning, KBM Group: Health Services


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