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 26810 - The Poetry of Language: Hypnotic Rhythms of the Body-Mind $25.00   
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Presenter: George Glaser, MSW, DAHB

This workshop offers methods for discovering, analyzing and utilizing rhythmic components inherent in the hypnotic/therapeutic process. One might consider the processes of hypnotic induction and deepening as ?musical? or ?poetic? experiences complete with shifting tempos and rhythms, regardless of whether we are speaking of a rapid induction or a more leisurely psychotherapeutic session. It is the presenter?s contention that awareness of such rhythms offers the professional a valuable tool in individualizing the therapeutic approach, especially in reference to elements of hypnotic deepening. Another concept proposes that deepening is best approached in an individualized manner, precipitated by the hypnotist?s use of naturalistic/somatic language based on the patient?s cognitive and emotional styles. This approach promotes the notion that hypnotic response and deepening is likely to be highly responsive to the quality of the hypnotist-client/patient relationship. In this view, the match between the therapist?s style and language and the client/ patient?s needs and response styles, are of utmost importance.

We will examine two forms of deepening: one involving a formal induction containing both standard and naturalistic hypnotic elements; the other involving an examination of how to utilize a person?s existing meditative and imaginal rhythms as a starting point in the hypnotic experience.

Teaching will be accomplished through lecture, demonstration/video, audience involvement and participant practice. These ideas and practices are relevant in a variety of healthcare environments. The presenter?s primary clinical experience has been in public and private outpatient settings dealing primarily with anxiety, depression and chronic pain issues.


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