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 26805 - Exploring The Dynamics Of Meditative And Hypnotic States As A Means To Enhance New Learning Strategies $16.00   
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Presenter: Christopher Coslett, DC

Come join us as we explore the complementary and synergistic qualities of meditative and hypnotic ?state change?. There is a certain elegance which emerges as we trace both meditative and hypnotic shifts as they emanate from the baseline resting state or ?default mode network? in the brain. Meditative and hypnotic modulations become as two sides of a coin, incorporating distinct yet complementary attributes of learning and memory to provide a powerhouse of cognitive skill set building. This paradigm of meditative and hypnotic state change is supported with a synthesis of scientific research, world teachings and empirical utilization representing the breadth of therapeutic applications. Throughout the workshop we will incorporate group exercises to demonstrate distinct attributes of meditative shifts, as well as qualities that fall exclusively in the realm of hypnotic state change in the brain. Moving further into new frontiers,... we will identify the synergistic means by which employing meditative training facilitates improved hypnotic skills, and conversely, hypnotic modulations serve to enhance meditative skill set building.


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