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This interactive multimedia DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at Press Ganey National Client Conference Nov. 1-3 2017! This package includes all of the sessions from the Press Ganey National Client Conference plus the preconference sessions.

MP3 audio files of every session. Captured LIVE during the conference. Also includes handouts of all the sessions.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

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Item Wednesday, November 1, 2017  
Academic Medical Center/Major Teaching Hospital Preconference Meeting  
29691 Forward Together: Educating Interporfessional Teams Pamela B. Davis
29692 An Innovative Way to Improve Communication between Clinical Trainees and Patients Virgie Mosley, Alan Chin
29693 Improving Engagement and Patient Experience in a High-Volume, High-Acuity Academic ED Jennifer Koebel, Christy Klein
Nursing Leadership Preconference Meeting  
29694 Nurse Engagement: What Is It and How Can You Achieve It?  Karen S. Hill
29695 Fatigue and Engagement: The Impact of Shift Work Schedules Susan M. Reese
29696 The Role of Nursing Leadership in Transforming Organizational Culture Laura J. Wood
Rural and Small Community Hospital Preconference Meeting  
29697 Maximizing the Impact of Huddles at a Small Rural Hospital Glenn Sommerfeld
29698 Moving HCAHPS in a Rural Setting Lisa Loughran, Sherilyn Skokan
29699 Leadership Development to Create Sustainable Nurse Leader Rounds Ashley Bauer, Kimberly Tyler
29700 Improve Caregiver-Patient Communication Using Lean Methods Patricia Baise, Tom Tull
29701 Outpatient Provider Shadowing: A Catalyst for Culture Change Kelley Dillon, Matt Jernigan, Carol Bridges
29702 Tier 3 Rx: ​A Prescription for Healthy Teams Amy Walker
29703 Engaging Front-Line Staff in Innovative Nursing Strategies Elena Memoracion, Mary Anne McNamee
29704 ​Creating a Culture That Supports Your Physicians’ Pursuit of Excellence Thomas H. Lee, Deirdre Mylod
29705 Creating a Culture of Safety: An Organizational Transformation Kim Hollon
29706 The Pursuit of a Robust Management System Skip Steward
29707 Improving Communication Skills with Communicate with H.E.A.R.T.® Carol Santalucia, Jessica O’Connor
29708 Fulfilling the Patient Promise: The Convergence of Safety, Quality, Experience and Caregiver Engagement Jim Merlino, Nell Buhlman
29709 Building a Culture of Service: Service Bundles to Improve the Patient Experience Holly Ivy, Jamie Generals
29710 Engaging Leaders, Physicians and Staff in the Transparency Journey Mendy Goonan, Dawn Robbins
29711 Improving Ambulatory Patient Experience with a Multidisciplinary Team Natalie Sanchez, Kimberly Hermis
29712 Innovating with Generational Diversity to Develop Leaders at All Levels Carol Jennings, Shannon Vincent
29713 Senior Nurse Leader Rounding to Create a Culture of Engagement and Trust Lynn Hennessy, Jennifer Dynia
29714 Update - Physician Burnout: Why Improving Patient Experience Is the Answer Thomas Howell, Deirdre Mylod
29715 Continuously Improving Service (and All Measures) at BSWH: A New Model Steve Hoeft
Item Thursday, November 2, 2017  
29716 Teaching Medical Residents and Nurses to Communicate More Effectively Laurie Rack, Carla Spagnoletti, Jennifer Corbelli, Jill Allenbaugh
29717 A Kaizen Approach to Improving Communication about Medication Side Effects Sara Sluder
29718 A Systematic Approach to Guarantee Exceptional Patient Experience Annamari Dietrichson, Karen Pollard
29719 Involving Team Members to Construct and Execute Engagement Initiatives Allen Coulter, Michelle Wiles
29720 Practices at Top-Performing Hospitals: The Role of Nurse Managers on Patient and Nurse Outcomes Mary Jo Assi, Nell Buhlman
29721 Relationship-Centered Care: Building Up Physicians to Better Engage with Patients Dale Glenn
29722 Developing a Patient and Family High Reliability Toolkit Yolanda Milliman-Richard, Julie Kirby, Courtney Cannon
29723 Significant Increase: An Introduction to the Statistics of Patient Experience Kristopher Morgan
29724 Positioning Workforce Safety and Engagement as a Core Element of Patient Experience Shannon Vincent, Emily Halu
29725 Cultivating Patient Experience Leaders and Influencers Sven Gierlinger, Agnes Barden
29726 Creating a Centralized Discharge Center Ida Anderson, Robert M. Lubitz
29727 Changing the Cultural Narrative through Story-Based Recognition Erika Diaz, Maggie Weimer
29728 Improve Patient Experience with a Comprehensive Leadership Structure Stephen Miller, Dawn Neuhauser
29729 Connecting with Millennials: The Key to Sustained Nursing Improvement Chrystal Moore, Stacey Young
29730 Back to Basics: A Hospitalist and Clinical Nurse Lead Collaboration Rosalind Washington, Adam Myers, Aisha Hicklen
29731 An Innovative Approach to Addressing Serious Consequences of Opioid Substance Use Disorder Ann Quinlan-Colwell, Sarah Arthur
29732 Improve Communication and the Patient Experience with Welcome Rounds Suzanne Smith
29733 Creating a Culture of Compassion for Patients, Families and Caregivers Sean Keyser, John Linkous
29734 Improving Discharge Readiness and Utilization Outcomes Martha Kronk, Ryan Abernethy
29735 How to Make an Online Physician Ratings and Reviews Program a Reality Karina Jennings, Sunita Mishra
29736 A Journey to the 90th Percentile: How Leadership, Brand and Culture Catapulted Result Elaine Page, David Gill
29737 Nurse Greeter Role in the ED: A Patient Safety and Experience Transformation Carlyn Murray, Minelly Ayala
29738 Relationship-Based Care at Work: Actualizing Mission and Values Laura Walczak
29739 Incorporating Patient Experience into Physician Clinical Competencies Ryan Flint, Travis Bernardy
29740 What Does It Really Take to Get to Zero? Craig Clapper, Gary Yates
29741 Starting Over: Achieving Excellence from the Bottom Decile Mitchell Winnik, Kim Colonnelli
29742 Managing Multiple Priorities to Maintain Focus on the Patient Experience Karen Byrnes, Sandra Rush
29743 Achieving an Exceptional Patient Experience for Inpatient Rehabilitation Jennifer Torosian, Anastasia Luby
29744 Comprehensive Online Reputation Management at an Academic Subspecialty Practice Samantha Reeves, Jeffrey Downing
29745 Bringing Engagement Front and Center: Involving Leaders to Drive Accountability Edwin Trouba, Dawn Faucett
29746 Improving Nurse Communication through Accountability: Identifying the “Always” Nurse Cathy Ward, Renee Appleby
29747 The Antidote to Suffering: How Compassionate Connected Care Can Improve Safety, Quality and Experience Christy Dempsey
29748 Putting the Patient at the Center of Physician Onboarding and Training: A Personal Care Experience Rana Awdish
Item Friday, November 3, 2017  
29749 Positively Impact Connections in the Radiology Department Becky Allen
29750 Leveraging ED CAHPS to Improve the Patient Experience Walter Stewart, Erin Cornman
29751 The Quest for High Reliability: Everyone Is a Caregiver Thomas "Dusty" Derringer
29752 The TEAM (Teach, Engage, Appreciate, Motivate) Approach to Improving Patient Experience Kristen Barboza, Tammy Adkins
29753 Maintaining Patient Satisfaction in a Collaborative Outpatient Setting Erin Kistler, Frank Gullotto
29754 An Economical Approach to Effectively Engaging Caregivers Donna Geiss, Christopher Mastromano
29755 Reconnecting the Passion in Health Care: Model Unit Training Suzanne Sterchi, Laurel Ris, Katie Moore
29756 A Panel Discussion on Building Physician Resilience  Thomas H. Lee, Deirdre Mylod, Thomas Howell, Dale Glenn, Ghazala Sharieff, Rana Awdish
29757 Predictive Analytics for Patient Experience Improvement Iyue Sung
29758 Creating a Strategic and Sustainable Patient Experience Plan Kira Bowers
29759 Sustaining High Patient Experience Scores in the Emergency Department Heather McKenzie, Brenna Born
29760 Extending Patient Experience to Mission, Vision and Values Karla Schardin, Chris Matuseski
29761 Identifying Burnout and Building Resilience to Reduce Caregiver Suffering Sandra Tobar, Ashley Guidroz
29762 Using Nurse Leader Rounding to Take Your Organization to the Next Level Andrea Truex
29763 Improving Patient and Provider Experience with Relationship-Centered Communication Alpa Sanghavi, Janet Chaikind
29764 Using Emotional Intelligence Training and Coaching to Build Nurse Resilience Phyllis Quinlan, Lincy Philip
29765 CAHPS ​across the Continuum Jodie Cunningham, Kaycee Glavich
29766 Evidence-Based Strategies to Achieve Quiet at Night Laura McNicholl, Julie Hudtloff
29767 Improving Communication about Medication Using Lean Methodology Brianne Monahan, Bonnie Edwards
29768 Culture: The Catalyst to Improve Workforce Commitment in the Post-Acute Setting Lois Bentler-Lampe, AJ Querciagrossa
29769 Shadow Coaching to Improve Medical Practice Performance and Patient Experience Joanne Skorupski, Elan Melamed
29770 Cultivating and Preserving Workplace Culture to Achieve Success Ramona Basnight
29771 Development and Implementation of a Pain Management Program in an Acute Care Setting Misty Curtiss, JoEllen Maurer
29772 A Multispecialty Physician Group’s Transparency Journey Kim Croft, Brian Schack


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