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 16455 - Consciousness and Disease: An Energy Paradigm $25.00   
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Consciousness and Disease: An Energy Paradigm
Dolores J. Bjorkman, BSN, MSW

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Experiments in physics over the past century demonstrate a universe made of only energy. The energetic mechanisms by which matter exists and communicates are being explored. All matter is energy. Our minds and bodies are energy. In this workshop, scientific concepts that support the understanding of consciousness as energy will be introduced. The anatomy and physiology of human consciousness will be identified and described in energy terms. The relationship of consciousness to physical and psychological disease will be explored. Intention and the transpersonal self will be described and explored from an energy perspective. The relationship of hypnosis to energy consciousness will be discussed. The design of hypnotic inductions using energy imagery will be discussed. Four hypnotic inductions that invite energy to manifest healing on each level of consciousness will be presented. Resources that use energy modalities to promote healing will be introduced and explained.

By perceiving the universe as a vast sea of energy that can be influenced by consciousness, participants will gain a new perspective on how hypnosis heals disease. This perspective can stimulate new ways to design hypnotic inductions. Participants in this workshop will learn exercises that will help them to manage their own energy consciousness. They will learn how management of their energy consciousness will influence their relationships with their clients.

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to…

- Name the four dimensions of human consciousness and describe the function of each;
- Experience each dimension of consciousness using the exercises introduced in the
workshop; and
- Describe the relationship between energy, consciousness, and disease.


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