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 20950 - The Use of Hypnotic Phenomena for Test Anxiety: Brief Solutions at Work $12.00   
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Presenter: Antoni J. Bustillo, PhD

Traditionally, therapeutic interventions with problems of test performance anxiety have been limited to relaxation or stress management hypnosis. While there are benefits with this approach, it hinders the clinician’s ability to utilize and maximize the client’s internal resources based on his/her total life experience. This is a clinical workshop of a five step model for tailoring hypnotherapy intervention in test anxiety cases.

From a utilization perspective (Erickson, M. & Rossi, E. 1985) and a solution-oriented approach (de Shazer, 1988; O’Hanlon & Weiner-Davis,1989) this five step model has been designed to utilize whatever the client brings to therapy and whatever exception to the problem, specifically, his/her spontaneous manifestations of hypnotic trance phenomena. The importance of hypnotic phenomena in the induction, ratification and intervention phases in hypnotherapy in order to achieve effectiveness cannot be overemphasized. Usually, the clients’ exception to a problem (its solution) is contained within one or several aspects of specific hypnotic phenomena.

In this presentation, a five step model of intervention will be explained through a series of clinical cases, for clinicians to expand their range of intervention. In this way, the main approach revolves around the importance of:
1) Evaluating the exceptions to the problem (i.e. solutions) and identify spontaneous hypnotic phenomena;
2) Connecting the phenomena with possible therapeutic goals while;
3) Tailoring and developing the specific trance induction;
4) Delivering the intervention; and
5) Addressing post-hypnotic suggestion, and keep follow up of changes and calibration.
During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:
-> Identify natural/spontaneous manifestations of 3 hypnotic trance phenomena in test anxiety problems;
-> Assess the utility of the spontaneous trance phenomena as a possible solution to the test anxiety response;
-> Demonstrate knowledge in the five step model of hypnotherapy intervention with test anxiety; and
-> Demonstrate in practice an easy two-step technique utilizing trance phenomena manifestations in the context of trance induction for test anxiety.


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