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 25165 - Using Hypnosis to Improve Focus, Attention and Emotional Intelligence $16.00   
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Presenter: Thomas Barr, PhD

Neuroscience has shown that different patterns of brain circuitry are required to master different skills. Focus is directly connected to excellence in both our personal and professional lives. Studies have shown that in business management and leadership, Emotional Intelligence is a better predictor of success than Intelligence Quotient. The ability to understand which brain circuitry patterns are required for different types of skill building and to elicit these patterns at the appropriate time can be invaluable in promoting personal and therapeutic excellence.

Participants will learn how to assess which patterns are most relevant for the particular skill they are attempting to develop and how to use hypnosis to facilitate this skill development. One way to conceptualize hypnosis is to think of it as focused attention. A negative side effect of modern technology in the digital age is that it appears to be producing a lower level of emotional intelligence in younger adults. Participants will learn specific ways to utilize hypnosis to improve focus, attention and emotional intelligence.

Participants will learn how to asses and determine the type of brain circuitry required for specific types of learning. They will learn how to utilize hypnosis to alter brain circuitry to match the desired learning requirement to address both mental health and medical diagnoses. Understanding how to elicit the appropriate neurological circuitry to produce maximum learning and performance can patients to follow instructions and medical advice. Participants will also learn how to use self-hypnosis to increase the attunement to their patients.


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