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 26798 - Taking Off the Training Wheels: Transitioning From Canned Scripts to Individualized Hypnotic Suggestions $16.00   
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Presenter: Sharon Spiegel, PhD

The focus of this workshop is on skill-building for creating individualized hypnotic metaphors. Scripts provide a valuable educational tool for practicing inductions, deepening, and hypnotic suggestions. In addition, published scripts can be an important resource when starting to work with a new population or treatment issue. With the benefit of knowledge, training, and clinical experience, however, practitioners strive to develop a more intuitive sense of how to craft suggestions that are tailored for a particular patient or therapeutic setting. Unfortunately, many clinicians find this transition difficult and and continue to rely on pre-tested scripts. A Google search for hypnosis scripts shows that hundreds of canned scripts are available. While scripts can be a valuable, they can be thought of as serving the same function as training wheels on a bicycle--very useful and helpful at the outset, but best removed when no longer needed. When practitioners continue to use sample scripts verbatim rather than as an example from which to build and personalize, they may be shortchanging their patients and missing the opportunity to develop their own internal resources. This workshop will help you assess internal barriers to becoming less script-dependent as well as provide a framework for transitioning to a more personalized approach. Participants will be offered case material and have an opportunity to practice by collaborating together to create hypnotic metaphors.


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