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 28698 - Reorienting Hypnosis Education: Relearning What You Always Knew That You Didn't Know That You Always Knew $16.00   
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Presenter: Laurence Sugarman, MD, ABMH; David Alter, PhD, ABPH; David Reid, PsyD

Remember learning how to do an induction and prescribe suggestions at your first introductory workshop? Remember practicing the order of induction-deepening-suggestion-re-alerting? Was that the best way to start learning hypnosis? How well did it fit into practice then? How well does it now align with our evolving understanding of psychobiology? How well does it fit with how people actually change their minds? Wouldn?t it be great to emerge from an introductory workshop with more neurobiologically-based, client-focused skills that are usable across the spectrum of clinical practices? Come join us to discuss and experience new models of introductory education and training in clinical hypnosis. As described in?Reorienting Hypnosis Education? (AJCH, 59(3)), we will engage in experiential learning of newly proposed basic skills through the lenses of new learning foci intended to drive the psychophysiological plasticity that helps people change their minds in therapy. Together we will discuss and explore how to make clinical hypnosis education more relevant, practical and accessible. Like first learning to walk, draw and sing, hypnosis rests on the pursuit of the novelty, curiosity and uncertainty in each moment. This workshop builds these characteristics into clinical hypnosis training. Are you interested in changing your mind? Come play with us.


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