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 23045 - Enhancing Resiliency While Increasing Hope and Expectancy, With and Without Formal Trance $16.00   
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Enhancing Resiliency While Increasing Hope and Expectancy, With and Without Formal Trance
John Lentz, DMin
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This advanced workshop is designed to show methods of using hypnotic devices and hypnotic states to enhance effectiveness and increase hope for resiliency. These approaches can be used with pain management, overcoming trauma, gender issues, habit control, or almost any other issue that someone would struggle with. The reasons these devices are so flexible is that they are about increasing expectancy and hope as well as enhancing effectiveness in general, and as such are about motivation, and utilize any and all resistance and issues as grist for the mill to be transformed for the clients benefit of achieving their goals. These approaches were accumulated and tested while the author worked in a prison, but they come from Erickson, Hayley, Zeig, Rossi, Langton, Barber and others. They also came from studying enhancing motivation and from clinical observations in his private practice. It is the author's contention that all hypnotic devices and all hypnotic phoneme such as association, dissociation, amnesia, etc. can be used to enhance effectiveness, and increase hope and expectancy.

During and at the conclusion of this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Recognize that all hypnotic devices can be used to enhance expectancy and instill hope;
  • Recognize ways they can use hypnotic language devices to enhance expectancy and hope, and be more likely to use them to enhance effectiveness of whatever treatment they are using; and
  • Recognize slight changes in their language and emotions in how they discuss issues with their patients will impact the patient's positive expectancy.


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