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 25139 - Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy for Relief of Hot Flashes and Improving Sleep $16.00   
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Presenter: Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH, FASCH

Hot flashes are a highly prevalent symptom experienced by menopausal women and breast cancer survivors. Further, hot flashes can also be experienced by men following prostate cancer surgery. While most common at mid-life, hot flashes can last for decades and are associated with disturbed sleep, depressed mood, poorer memory function, and lower quality of life. Hot flashes are a leading reason mid-life women seek health care. In the past hormone therapy was the standard treatment for hot flashes, however it is now known that hormone therapy is associated with significant health risks such as increased risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease for some women. Research has shown that hypnotic relaxation therapy can significantly reduce hot flashes by 80% on average and improve sleep. This workshop will review contemporary research on hypnotic relaxation therapy and provide the fundamentals for treatment of hot flashes and associated menopausal symptoms. Methods for assessment of hot flashes, individualizing hypnotic relaxation therapy and resources for effective treatment will be covered. A variety of teaching methods will be used: lecture, demonstration, and practice.


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