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 26198 - Can FOOD be Addictive? As Addictive as Cocaine? Cigarettes? Alcohol? $18.00   
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Presenter: Tiffany Wright, PhD

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Food addiction is real. It is as real as cocaine or alcohol addiction. Food, namely sugar and flour, affects the brain and the pleasure centers of the brain in exactly the same way as drugs. But addiction has two components, physical and mental. Sugar and flour are physically addictive at a chemical and cellular level, but you also have a system of neural pathways that represent learned associations, habits and reactions to stress and life. The neural pathways in your brain develop according to what you have done in the past, making breaking a habit difficult. To combat this process, new neural pathways must be created and old pathways eliminated. Part One of the Skinny Coach?s two-part workshop will present scientific evidence demonstrating that sugar is an addictive substance affecting the opioid and dopamine pathways and how this leads to addiction.


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