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 30044 - Working with Suffering from the Untoward Medical Events That Effect Our Lives $16.00   
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Presenter: Philip Appel, PhD, FASCH

Working with Suffering from the Untoward Medical Events That Effect Our Lives

This workshop will explore one model for the treatment of suffering as it relates to lasting medical illness and injury. We will explore concepts of suffering and look at a multi?stage model for restoring a sense of self that transcends the "Narrative self" to promote an identification with the "Agent self" to repair the narcissistic wound that arose in the face of disability. We will look at the self?regulation skills necessarily not only in the sensory, cognitive and affective realms but in awareness training as well to promote acceptance. We will discuss the involvement of ego?states and how the transforming power of empathy and compassion directed towards self brings about a rapprochement within and does much to ameliorate the experience of suffering.


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